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6 Insanely Ridiculous Things That Have Happened Since The Evans Kidnapping Case Began


If you’ve been alive in Nigeria in the last couple of weeks, then you’ve definitely heard that alleged kidnapping kingpin, Evans, has been arrested by the Nigerian police.

He got arrested on the 10th of June at his home in Magodo.

And since his arrest, many MANY ridiculously weird things have happened regarding his case. Some things that have left us like

So we decided to list out all these things in attempt to try and make sense of them.

1. Evans’ wife sharing a picture of her and her kids crying in attempt to get the Nigerian police to pity and free her husband.

Evans’ wife granted an interview a couple of weeks ago where she claimed to have NO IDEA that her husband was a kidnapper and that he had so much money. She then proceeded to release a picture of her and her kids crying. This is particularly infuriating because the picture above was taken in their lavish home in GHANA. She even talks about how they went on vacation to South Africa last Christmas! IMAGINE! We however refuse to believe that anybody can be that clueless. Even more infuriating/hilarious are the parts of the interview where she begged the authorities to forgive her husband because the Devil definitely made him do all those terrible things (the most cliche excuse in the history of the planet) and that she knows her husband is really a good man deep down because he has an alarm set on his phone that reminds him to read Psalm 23 every night. After reading that last part, we rolled our eyes so hard they popped out of our eye sockets and bounced off down the street.

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2. Nigerians online actually pushing for Evans to be freed.

The hash tag #FreeEvans started at on Twitter after some people began pushing for him to be released. Their logic? If certain politicians can get away with all the terrible things they do, then Evans should definitely be released too. Someone even started a Facebook page for the campaign which currently has over 200 likes. Some people sha.

3. Evans promising to become an anti-kidnapping ambassador if Nigerians forgive him.

First ehn, are anti-kidnapping ambassadors even a thing? We googled and there’s no such thing but Evans here promised to become one if Nigerians forgive him. In the same interview, he went on to discredit almost everything his wife said in her interview, saying that his wife did know about all his money but didn’t know he was a kidnapper because he told her that he was only into drugs. We’re not making this stuff up.

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4. The Nigerian police posing for pictures with Evans like he’s some kind of celebrity.

Nigerian actress, Kate Henshaw, was the first to point this out.


If these are police men… SHAME ON YOU!!
What is the meaning of this??@PoliceNG

And she had a point. The police posing for pictures with Evans like he just dropped the hottest album of 2017 sends a terrible message to young Nigerians. This sparked nationwide discussions about the tendency of Nigerians to celebrate criminals and glorify illegal activities as long as they’re profitable.

5. Evans suing the Nigerian IGP for illegal detention.

Yep. He actually did. He got a lawyer and sued the police, demanding to immediately be charged to court if they had a case against him and to be released if they didn’t. He even asked for N300 MILLION in damages.

6. Evans claiming that he had no idea about the law suit and that he had no hand in it.

If you’re utterly confused right now, we understand. We were too when we caught wind of this. Apparently Evans has said (in an interview with Channels Television) that he didn’t hire any lawyer to sue anybody and that the whole thing is just an attempt by “some people” to put him in more trouble. About this, we have one thing to say.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it.

Help us make sense of all this.

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