8 Ordinary Things Guys Can Do Right Now To Go From Ordinary Guy to Sexy Beast For The Womandem


1. Just hang with hot boys and learn their ways

Take lots of notes. Why do some guys just generally have women wanting to be with them, eh? How dem take dey do am? What do they say? How do they act? Take notes and shamelessly copy and tweak until you find your own smoothness, G.

2. Learn to use shock factor – but be careful!

Everyone – not just girls – likes someone who makes them gasp a little. Like ‘oh no you didn’t just say that!’ You just need to know how to toe the line between being hilariously irreverent and just a dirty boy. Nobody likes a dirty boy. When in doubt, don’t use the shock, sah.

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3. Master the art of telling a lit story

Most people will never tell you this, but being boring is among the TOP things women cannot stand in a guy. If you find a girl just chuckling blandly while you drone, bro, you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Read books – watch movies. Pay attention to how people who capture the attention of the room do it, and borrow a leaf from their books. Practice makes perfect of course – so I pity the first few victims (sorry, subjects) as you learn to become a generally fun fella to fux with.

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4. Shave everything shaveable


Except the beard – trim it and make it neat. Because women like bearded men doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a bird’s nest. That said, shave everything else – your chest hair, pubic hair, armpit hair. Be as the butt of babies, beloved!


Ashiness is a sin! Moisturize your face, your beard, your hands and feet, your buttocks!

6. Make sure all your clothes are your size eh

There is no need to be wearing clothes a few sizes too large or a few sizes too small eh. Have a good tailor on standby eh. The changes will be noticeable as soon as you start wearing clothes tailored to you!

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7. Borrow a few tricks from women’s skincare

I’d personally recommend face masks and face wipes. Apart from being good for the skin, using those things on your face make you feel like a King. Oh my gosh wow.

8. Maybe change your hairstyle?

Sometimes, honestly, the hairstyle you are ‘barbing’ is not the one for you. Maybe experiment for a bit until you become the Denzel of our lifetime.


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