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ACCIDENTAL BABY MAMA [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 31


ACCIDENTAL BABY MAMA [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

They were still engrossed in the beautiful orange sunset, when Dan suggested that they pack up.

Sophia enjoyed every moment, and the food was delicious, it had that little pepperish tang in it. She was thinking of buying more fruits before she left, as she helped him clean up.

Suddenly, he crouched down and shouted, Sophia ran to his side thinking something attacked him, infact she was searching the ground for a snake or an insect, when Dan held her left hand.

“Dan are you alright?” 
she said in alarm.

“No Sophia, there has been something on my mind that I have been dying to say, please grant me this as my last request.” he said, as he held his side and winced.

Sophia felt her heart pump faster, she had to get a doctor or a health personnel, Dan looked like he was going to pass out from his pain, Dan can’t die in her hands. But he held her firmly from moving.

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“Okay Dan, wait let me get help first now.”
 she said, as she tried to help him up.

“No hear me out.” he insisted.

Sophia got pissed off and worried stubborn man, he was still in pain, and he was arguing just like her father, what did he have to say now.

 she said angrily still with worry etched on her face.

In a flash he was kneeling on one knee and he held a blue velvet box, Sophia felt like she should drop dead. She was shivering, how could he pull that stunt so quickly.



“Sophia Amaka Benjamin, for the first time in my life I’ve known what love truly is, I’ve been beaten, scorned, abused by others because of it, You have mollified me, ensured every brain cell in me thought about you. You and I have been through thorns and thistles, I saw that shining gem in you, that innocence and beauty drew me and got me hooked, that woman willing to fight and sacrifice for the one she loved,when you left six years back. I was miserable, I tried to get over you, but then and now I’ve come to realise that there is no woman like you. And I’ll never leave your side. Would you make me happy and content by accepting me as your husband?”
 he said, giving her a mischievous but heartwarming smile.

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“Shut up Dan, you almost gave me an heart attack there, yes I’ll be your wife, wonder what took you so long?”
 she said as she grinned.

He slipped a small diamond band and Sophia looked at it, It was just gorgeous and perfect, she hated statement rings, they were too loud, this was just right.

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“I love it and I love you Dan, I’m glad you finally asked although you still owe me my ice cream for that long climb.”
 she said as they hugged and kissed.

“hmm, I’m beginning to feel jealous of the ice cream oh.” he said as he twirled her, while the chilly breeze blew around them.

“Sophia I love you, and I love the fact that you are the mother of my son, I for once can never regret that, I’m proud of who Chris is growing to be and proud of your efforts, I’ll never leave you till the end.”
 he whispered, as they descended the rocks with the basket.



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