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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (+18) – Season 1 Episode 12 – Stories


until she finally knelt down before me and bury my enh inside her mouth. I started making sound . After 5mins, she stood up and kissed me. Then she said, “did I try?”, You really try, I replied. ‘Won’t you give me orals too? Said bimpe.

(I thought within 2 seconds that I dare not put my mouth into that public hole) “when we get to bed” I replied.

She resumed the shower and I dashed into my bedroom, raised up the mattress and removed a condom, wore it and return to bathroom,.

I stopped the shower, turned her back to me and entered from behind.(lol, I cant tell u all jor, ashewo oshi) I shifted back a bit, drew her closer and grabbed her b0s0ms while bleeping, I later leave the b0s0ms, spanked her and then held her hips. We bleeped for like 15minutes in the bathroom before she cum and I did the same. We left the bathroom and went to the bed. But sumthing is wrong somewhere.

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Bimpe is not tight in the Kitty-Cat and also, she neva smiled, she still looks sad after the bathroom game. On getting to the bedroom, we had another round. but it was so boring because bimpe makes it seem like a “forced one”. No glamour, no anxiety, then I knew something must be wrong between her and her “cousin”. 3minutes after the second round, bimpe said, “please don’t forget to go out early for that money in the morning please” and I want to sleep, good night.

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I replied also “good night”. But I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying about why bimpe is unhappy, who sent the message?, what happened?, few minutes later, bimpe called my name twice which didn’t respond. I pretend as if I was sleeping. She then rose up, picked her fone, went into the bathroom.

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I over head her saying “please I beg u for the sake of the love between us, pls forgive me”. Pls come online on facebook and let’s chat please”. She “tipped toe” back to the bed, called me again which I didn’t respond, then she started chating for another 45 minutes. I couldn’t stop her because I want to know what transpired between her and her caller. I decided to wait till I wake up before I find out…………

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