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chaiiii………..samuel, you be first class maga.

Just as I was imagining my “mumurity”, I don’t know either to trace the address I found on facebook, or to set her up, kidnap her and molest her, so many evil things were just going through my mind, then a text message came in from bimpe which says ”baby, I am on my way to your place”.

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Gbagaun, my head sparked again, I started rehearsing how I will shout on her, I was reasoning if I should show her my discovery or not.

I don’t know what to do next, I was just restless. Walking up and down my up and down my room. About 30mins later. I heard the sound “ko ko ko” on my door.

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Who is that was my response to the knock, and a sweet voice came from outside saying its me bimpe. I frowned and open the door. Before I knew it, she dropped her luggage, hugged me and then planted a kiss on my lips. Before I knew what was happening, I have forgotten all my rehearsals

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