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Aunty Clara [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 27


Aunty Clara [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

It was becoming dark and Clara wanted to go and relax in the Jacuzzi, she beckoned on me to come along, as usual I was lost for words, when she saw the expression on my face she said ‘’Come on baby, it’s just a Jacuzzi, it’s not like we will be nakked’’ anytime she talked about the Jacuzzi i often taught it was like a bubble bath were you had to be unclad in the bath tub under the giant foam, how silly i was to think that way.

She led me to her room and I sat nervously on the bed while she undressed right in front of me. She was wearing a short blue gown; it was tight on her so I could see the impression of her pant and her blue bra strap, which was left uncovered by the sleeve of the gown. Clara tried to undo the zip at her back, but it seemed stiff, so she called me to undo it for her, I went to her, breathing hard and undid her zip with surprising ease and she giggled while I went back to sit on the bed.

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Clara pulled down her gown to her mid section, swaying her backside from left to right bringing down the gown each time, and then she crouched to take it off from under her leg giving me a full glare of her voluptuous b0s0ms but with her Tips still covered by her bra. It was as if Clara was giving me a strip tease.

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We both went into the Jacuzzi, and sat at opposite ends, Clara on her pant and bra and me on my boxers. The water was heated so the steam gave us blissful warmth, it seemed to relax every nerve in my body except of course the nerves around my penile organ, the bubbling water gliding on our bodies gave us a tickling s£nsat!on and we smiled at each other like children.

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By now I had been fully excited, but the water was turbulent so she could not see the monster between my legs which was beneath it. The image of Tiffany would momentarily sip into my mind but I would immediately blur it out, I was determined to move on, I wanted to regain my happiness, my eating had become inconsistent and it was telling on my body, I had to put an end to the sadness.

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