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Aunty Clara [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 29


Aunty Clara [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Having enough of the mouth action i went
straight into her in the missionary position, in
and out at an unbelievable speed, in seconds
we precipitated together while m0an!ng at the
top of our voices. We had about 3
consecutive rounds after that before we la!d
down to rest.

After everything, it was ironical that having
s*x with Clara wasn’t at all what I had
expected, it wasn’t as mind blowing as the
dream I had about her, and though i had felt
it would erase the memory of Tiffany and
make me feel better, it instead made me feel
worse. Clara opened up to me that she had
wanted me from the day she saw me at the
Airport, she said I had grown into a dashing
young man, we talked for several minutes
then she asked me if I will forgive her and I
asked her for what she replied “for lying to
I looked at her waiting for her to say
more and she said “for lying that I am just
your family friend, Enitsua I am your Aunty”

she said she knew that if she had told me the
truth when I had asked her i wouldn’t have
agreed to sleep with her. I was devastated at
this revelation and I pulled away from her in
confusion, I had just committed Inbreeding
with my Aunty, I had thrown away all my
teachings, I had discarded my religious values
and ended up in bed with my own blood
relation, I jumped up immediately to put on
my clothes while Clara still Unclad stood up
to console me, and then there was a message
tone on my phone. It was a message from
Tiffany, it read:

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