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Aunty Clara [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 30


Aunty Clara [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

“Dear Enitsua, I fell for you the first day I saw
you, I tried to stay away from you but I
couldn’t, the truth is that I don’t regret loving
you. Please don’t blame yourself for anything;
just like I don’t blame you for sleeping with
Wilma, after all we were not even in a
relationship. I just hope you will find it in your
heart to forgive me for all I have put you
through. Don’t bother coming to look for me
because you will only find my life less body
hanging from a rope, I just couldn’t take all
the Agony anymore, it was too much to bear.

Although I keep fumbling for the right words
all I want to say is that…I am H.I.V positive. I
am sorry”
 Tiffany was a H.I.V carrier and
both her parents had died from the disease.
Every Tuesday between 1-3pm Tiffany
escorted by her Grand mum would go to the
hospital to cue for retroviral drugs. Her father
never lived in the U.S nor did her mother die
of heart failure, she got the disease from him
owing to his strings of illicit affairs and so did
Tiffany. That is why Tiffany wouldn’t even let
me hold her for fear that I might end up
contacting the virus, but in the end I did more
than just hold her and now there was a 95%
possibility that I had contacted the virus so
did Clara and Wilma.

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With our clothes still on the floor, Clara ran
up to me to apologise some more while I
remained paralysed with my phone in my
hand, reflecting on how I had ruined my life.
While she came and spoke volumes to my
deaf ear, the door swung wide open and it

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was my father, he had come to pay me a
surprise visit in Abuja, but his excitement
changed to disbelief as he saw his son
Unclad with his equally unclad 29 year old
Aunty, just then I started to hear voices ‘we
no go gree o! we no go gree!’ 
and I woke up.

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I woke up in my hostel room, with my bed
soaked with my sweat, to my greatest
consternation it was already dark, wow I had
slept for over five hours, from the ensuing
circumstances I could Apprehend an unrest…

It was all a dream I hadn’t gone to Abuja, I
hadn’t committed inccest with my Aunty, I
hadn’t contacted H.I.V, I wasn’t going to be
charged or convicted for RRape and most of
all Tiffany did not exist, it was all dreamt up.

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