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Mama d: I did all of this to make you suffer

David’s mum: you did a very bad thing, this is not only to make me suffer but this two children that love each other (she said with tears as she looked at me and David behind me) you could have just chosen to kill me than to do all this (she said bitterly but David’s father came to her)

David’s dad: it’s ok please (he said to his who then calmed down and walked to me and she placed her palms on my cheeks) I should have known that you were my daughter, I also loved you ever since David brought you and I have long been saddened over the lost of dami’s twin, and I always prayed to God that one day I will find my baby girl but I don’t know why God decided to do all these (she weeded as she looked at me, at that moment I kept on pushing away the thought of her being my mother, I can’t let it be)

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Mama d: forgive me mini, forgive me kemi for all I did to you (but this only angered me as I left David’s mum and rushed to her)

Me: you are a wicked woman and I pray that you never have peace because you don’t deserve it

Mama d: I am sorry mini, if I could only turn back the arms of time

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Me: but you can’t(I screamed at her as the inspector came to me and pulled me away from her, I turned back to where David was standing but he wasn’t there and suddenly fear gripped me) where is David? (I asked as we all headed a car drive out roughly and we all went out only to see david drive out of the house roughly)

David’s mum: somebody please stop him (she screamed out and before I knew what was happening my heart started to thunder in fear and my eyes began to spin, I did not understand what was going on so I held on tightly to something as my eyes started to spin faster and faster, bidemi ran to me and I headed her call my name until my grip on whatever I was holding slipped and I slumped down and my eyes closed shut, I could hear a lot of people calling my name but slowing their voices reduced and then flashes and images of the past went by in my mind and I could see nothing or hear anything until all went blank)

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