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i woke up to a beep sound and i opened my eyes and saw a doctor beside my bed and i turned to the other side and saw bidemi

bidemi: she is awake doctor (she said to the doctor who immediately came to check me, he felt my heart pulse and check my eyes)

doctor: miss tumi welcome back to the world (he said as he romoved something from my face and it was then that i noticed that i was wearing a gas mask) can you breath (he asked and i nodded gently considering that i could breath air, but i was still wondering what i was doing in an hospital, the doctor injected something into my drip and said somethings to bidemi before he left the room)

bidemi: i am glad that you are awake tumi

me: what am i doing here (i said as i tried to remember what last happened, then all of a sudden i remembered everything) how is david? (i asked as i remembered that david had drove out roughly and my friend smiled slightly)

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bidemi: he is fine (she said and i felt a little bit relieved)

me: what about everyone else and what really happened to me

bidemi: you passed out and went into coma, we all rushed you to the hospital as we were all scared

me: how long did i go into coma

bidemi: it has been three days (she said as my eyes popped out shock, so it was true that someone could sleep for that long, i was so close to death, i could have died definitely something called me back to life and at that moment i began to believe that God actually existed)

me: but where is david now (i asked but i could see the change in her face but she quickly smiled to cover it up)

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bidemi: he…is…em (she began to stammer and at once i knew that she was lying and definately something was wrong)

 bidemi don’t lie to me, where is david? what happened to him (my heart beat faster and faster)

bidemi: tumi you are just recovering, believe me he is ok (she said but i could still tell that she was lying)

me: where is david, if you want me to be calm then i want to know where david is, i wanna see him

bidemi: ok (she said dejectedly as she stood up and walked outside and i saw her speaking to some nurses and they brought a wheel chair into the room with bidemi behind them) tumi i will take you to david ok, just promise me that you will be calm

me; i will be, i just wanna see him (i said to her as she nodded and the nurses helped me up from the bed and unto the wheelchair and they wheeled me out of my room and down the hall way until we got to a department “ICU” and i was wheeled into the room and i saw david’s dad and dami at the waiting room, dami looked worried but she smiled anyway to me, i began to think that something was terribly wrong, i was wheeled on until we got to a room and i saw david’s mum outside the room and i could see that there were tears in her eyes but she came to me)

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david’s mum: why didn’t you tell me that she was awake bidemi

bidemi: immediately she woke up she demanded to see david no matter what i said

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