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Buried Under The Rocks Of Lies – Season 1 Episode 25 – Stories



David’s mum: he was involved in an accident, he drove off the road,he wanted to kill himself

Me: how long has he been like this

Bidemi: for three days just like you were and we are hoping that he will wake up soon

David’s mum: child you need to rest

Me: no!(I knew that they wanted me leave David, but I am not leaving him alone, I will stay with him until he wakes up, I do not care if we are brother and sister as this doesn’t change the way I feel towards him)

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David’s mum: tumi both of u matter to me, don’t you know how much pain that I feel when three of my four children are suffering, you and David and Daniel are hurting very much

Me: (I looked at her) I don’t want to be your child (I said as tears gathered in my eyes, I couldn’t just accept her as my mother, I even wished that I hadn’t knew the truth, I actually preferred the lies at least I will have less troubles to worry about)

David’s mum: please my daughter, I have longed so much for you

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Me: I am not your daughter please, I don’t want you to be my mother

David’s mum: it’s ok my child, I understand how hurt you are, (she said as she walked out and I moved closer to David and I held his hands as tears gathered in my eyes and I remember the first time we met and all out time together, why is Destiny playing with us, why is life so unfair to me despite all that I have been through, I still can’t be happy, I have always wished to know my parents but now I wished that I never knew them, no amount of words could describe how I felt and I know David must have felt the same way and then decided to kill himself, I sq££zed his palm lightly and i hopped in my mind that he will wake up and be alright, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and I looked back and saw Bidemi)

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