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Buried Under The Rocks Of Lies – Season 1 Episode 26 – Stories


Bidemi: let us pray for David

Me: (I never believed in prayers but now I just need to hold on to something, I need peace in my life so I nodded and Bidemi held my hands and told me to say amen to her prayers and I said it until she was through praying, she left me and I la!d beside David on the hospital bed and stared at his face until I feel asleep, I woke up later to some one speaking to David’s father, I did not open my eyes but I listened to what they said)

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Doctor: we have the results of the DNA test

David’s dad: what does it read

Doctor: why do you think that David and daniel aren’t your children

David’s dad: because my wife’s first child was a boy but that baby was born dead and in the same hospital another woman gave birth to twin boys but she died and I knew my wife will not handle losing a child, so I took the twin boys

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Doctor: how could you do that( I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I felt as if there were more truths to be told, then suddenly I felt David move his hand that I was holding and I thought as well that the doctor and David’s dad noticed as well as they stopped talking, but David did not move his hand again until he sq££zed my hands and I opened my eyes)

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Me: David(I called to him as he opened his eyes slowly)

David’s dad: he’s awake!(he exclaimed as the doctor came to him and checked him although he was been attended to by a doctor he still held my hand, I am so happy that he is awake)

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