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(david was attended to by the doctor, he still looked weak and in pains and he didn’t speak to anyone, the doctor told me to excuse them and i left along with david’s dad, oh how glad was i that david was awake but i was more relieved that david and i aren’t siblings although i do not know the full story as they stopped talking as soon as david awoke.)

david’s dad: child you must be hungry as you haven’t eaten a thing since (oh yes i just remembered that my stomach has been growling for some time now like an hungry lion)

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me: no i am not hungry (i said although god knows and my tummy knows how hungry i am but i will not eat until david eats with me, boy have i missed him so much and yet despite all that has happened between us, it only made our love stronger and god has always destined all these to be)

david’s dad: tumininu i know that you heard everything that i and the doctor said (wow i was just thinking in my mind about how to tell him that i overheard him but he just made it easier for me by confessing)

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me: does mum know about this (i asked as he shooked his head, i was forming an angry person but deep down oh was i so happy that there is hope for i and david but i just have to form and be angry so he would tell it to everyone else mostly mum, dami and the twins)

david’s dad: i have held this secrets for 25 years and it will crush your mother’s heart if i tell her that the sons that she raised for twenty five years aren’t her sons, she will never forgive me and even if she does daniel and david will not (he said sadly)

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me: its better that you tell the truth it mustn’t come from me, it has come from you. tell them all

david’s dad: cant we just keep this a secret child (what is this man saying, i that have been looking for hope for my love and i get one and will i now bury it up, no way!)

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