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Buried Under The Rocks Of Lies – Season 1 Episode 28 – Stories


me: not a chance father. (i said this time really angry) if you wouldnt tell them then i will

david’s dad: please my daughter do not do that, i have been with your mother for so long, and we have been through so much, but she loves you all and the boys are are best possessions, she’ll de if she finds out

me: then let her die, at least she’ll die with the truth, you have buried us all under lies, now open it all, definitely there will be consequences (i said as i looked at my father) but dad believe me its worth it to tell the truth, we were almost destroyed by lies, do you want that to continue? (he shook his head, at that time the doctor came out )

doctor: tumi david wants to see you (as the man said that david wanted to see me my joy became full and i stood up happily but then i turned back to my father and gave him that look that he should tell the truth and i went inside the room, i saw david sitting upright on the bed, although he was still looking pale, he was much more lively and he soon noticed me and he smiled to me and i ran to him and i hugged him, oh how much have i missed him that tears began to form in my eyes, tears of joy i guessed)

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me: david why did you try to kill yourself

david: believe me tumi i just just wanted it all to be a dream and to end

me: but you didn’t think about me (i said this time tears flowed freely down my cheeks) what did you think will happen to me if you had died, did you think about that

david: no! (he said as he used his palm to wipe my tears) you are the reason why i am fighting to stay alive, i want to be with you, although (he said as he looked away from me)

me: but what david? (i asked as he looked at me)

david: i am sorry tumi that i fell in love with and made you fall in love with me

me: (i couldn’t believe what i was hearing was he saying was he giving up on us) what! (i exclaimed)

david: tumi we just have to accept this, that we are related

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me: but we are not (i yelled at him) we are not related

david: it doesn’t even matter anymore, we are not destined to be.

me: how can you say that are you giving up on our love

david: there can’t be such between s, we are brother and sister for gracious sake. you are my sister

me: david it doesn’t matter besides we are not related

david: tumi don’t try to go further, this cannot work, i just can’t live with these lies, we can’t date each other, although i love you but i’ll convert that love to a brotherly love (as he was speaking my heart just sunk in and i was shattered i never expected him to give up or to say all those things) tumi we are over, this thing between us can’t work

me: so you are breaking up with me

david: obviously

me: (i got so frustrated that i couldn’t control myself anymore and i began to blabber out everything) you know what go ahead and break up with me and for what we are not related, i am the the real oyetunji odetola, you are not my brother because mum and dad didn’t give birth to you and daniel, your own mother died while at birth and mum lost her own son, so you and i aren’t related at all (i spoke out )

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david’s mum: what! (she exclaimed from behind me, then realising what i said i looked at david and saw that he was dumbfounded, what did i just say oh god what have i done, i looked back and saw david’s mum and dami staring at me with shocked eyes and david’s dad stared at the floor, oh my god what did i just cause with my blabber mouth, oh dear god help me. you know when you are in the situation that i am you’ll be praying that the ground should swallow you up or that you should just disappear, that was exactly how i was feeling, how am i going to explain this and it will not scatter my family and hurt the man i love, guys pray for me that i don’t say the wrong thing)

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