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Buried Under The Rocks Of Lies – Season 1 Episode 29 – Stories



David’s mum: what are you talking about tumi

Me: (I just stood there still shocked at my own behaviour, how could I have just blabbered about something as huge and important as this, I looked at David who starred back at me as if I was performing some kind of trick. My father then spoke out, though it looked like he was pushed to say it out, I had agreed that it was better for the whole family to hear it all from the horse mouth but I just broke that when I went crazy for love, I have never in my life imagined that I will do such a thing for a man)

David’s dad: I can explain kemi (he said to my mother and everyone turned there attention to him including me) but before anything I will plead with you all to have mercy on me, and to know that the reason why I do all things is for the happiness of this family.(he said as I noticed that some tears were forming in his eyes under his glasses but he hid that) twenty five years ago Kemi when you went into Labour for our first child, I was told by the doctor that there was some complications with our baby and then when you gave birth and passed out without seeing your child, the doctor told me that the baby born had died even before he was pushed out, I was so devastated and I cried knowing how much you dreamt of that baby and how much you have longed for a child, coincidentally a woman in the same Labour room died and she gave birth to identical twin boys, the woman had no relation as she came to the hospital herself and I thought that the children will have no family member and so I thought that taking the children to be ours will make us happy and the children will have a family, I made a deal with the doctor and we switched the babies, he took the twin babies to your side Kemi and our dead son to the dead woman’s side until you woke up and found the boys beside u, I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t when I saw how much you loved the children

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David’s mum: so you kept these a secret from me for all these years ( she said to my dad as those tears that he was hiding poured out)

David’s dad: I am sorry but I want you to know that all I did was for you all to be happy

David’s mum: you kept a lie from us all, from I your wife (I went to her side and tried to calm her down)

David: so my real mother is dead(he said as we all turned to him, he just looked at us and yet I saw this spin mixed with anger that was in his face) where the neck is my father then.

David’s dad: son your dad is very much alive.

David: I want to see my dad (he said, I did not expect him to react that way to the story, I actually felt glad that we are not sibling and it’s know to all but I can see that David is not at all glad about these, in fact everyone is affected by this news)

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Me: (I went to David) David please

David: not now tumi (he shouted at me, being the very first time that he’ll shout at me that way, I was shocked, did he want to take out his anger in me)

David’s dad: son it’s not her fault

David: I don’t care whose fault it is (he said angry to my dad and suddenly a rush of anger came over me)

Me: David mind the way you speak to m father (I said angry to David and I had said it all before I realized what I said and David starred at me)

David: this is none of your business

Me: this is all of my business, you have been overreacting, everyone is affected (I had already begun this and I had to calm him down and get the old David back) don’t you even think about mum, she had raised you for as long as you can ever think off, she loved you and your twin brother also did dad. If you think you are the most hurt, what about mum just finding out after twenty five years that the sons that she raised took care of and loved aren’t her son’s and that her own child is dead, how do u think she feels (I noticed the David had calmed down and was listening to me with adapt attention, I will definitely settle what I started,I will not scatter my family and I will not lose the love of my life) David I know that you are definitely going to want to know more about your family but don’t forget the family that you have always know, that have always been your family (I said then turned to my mum) mum dad was yes wrong with what he did but at least he came around to tell the truth and because of what you did, Daniel and David grew up as your children (I walked to my mother and held her hands, she was weeping but I used my hands to wipe her face) forgive dad, think of all the good things that he has done over this,think of your moments together,think of us all the children you had and raised with him.
Please mum ( I said as I looked at my mum hoping that my words will enter into her heart and both her and dad will be okay, I turned back and saw Daniel staring at us, his eyes was also teary, dami was also emotional,I know that I can make this family come together and at the same time build back my love with David, I hope my words change their hearts for good, I look to God for his divine intervention, wish me luck guys)

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