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(My mum smiled at me)

David’s mum:
 my child I don’t have any reason to hate my husband, the father of my children, although it is hard for me to accept it but we will get over this as a family.

Me: (I was so glad that mum is ok with this) thank you mom

David’s mum: (she smiled as she wrapped her arms around me In a hug, I left her and turned to David who just looked at me as if I just finished acting a play)

Me: David please

David: tumi you’ve tried but I still want to see my father (he said to me coldly, as if none of my words affected him, he just turn to dad) I need to see my father

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David’s dad: ok son, I will make arrangements with the doctor to have to go to Abuja (so his dad was in Abuja) but son I just have to tell you that your father is not a man that you can call your father

David: I don’t care (he said and my dad nodded, the doctor came in and told all of us to leave as David needed to rest, I left the room and walked out of the hospital and all in my mind was that I had lost David, maybe he is this way because of the news or is he also adding my past to his reaction, or doesn’t he love me anymore. At least we aren’t siblings but it seems that that does not change a thing, I sat outside of the hospital all lost in my thoughts, I was so lost in it that my phone bleeped and I came back to my senses with fear before I looked at my phone,it was a message from an unknown number, I opened it and it read) come back inside I want to speak with you (at first I was thinking about who could have sent the message then I remembered that the only person who will send such message is David, I stood up sighed and went back into the hospital premises, I saw my dad speaking with the doctor and i went towards David’s ward, as I got to the door of his room, I quickly prayed that David will speak about us getting back together before i opened the door and saw him sitting up on his bed and he was watching something in a laptop, I walked to his side and stood there for some minutesa

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