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I looked at him trying to figure out what he wanted to get at, and why he is playing this game and am trying to figure out who this lady is, maybe she isnt his lover then I remembered that could bmie Daniel and Natasha considering that Daniel tries to look exactly like his brother and the lady unknown to me

Me: the lay is Natasha and that is Daniel

David: I thought that you will not figure that out (he said and in my mind I was so happy that it was his brother and not my David, he then closed the system and faced me) why did you overreact so much, you know I was actually thinking that you would not be able to differentiate still between me and my brother but I’m glad that you can Tumi I love you and I will never cheat on you (he said but I couldn’t believe yet that he said he loves me, was he warming back to me, has he forgiven me, was their still hope for our love)

Me: David did I hear you well, you love me

David: yes I do tumininu, I am so sorry for the way I acted to you, I was just so frustrated and confused but I didn’t mean it when I said I broke up with you

Me: so you mean we are still together

David: (he reached for my hands and began playing with my fingers, I knew definitely that he wanted to say something, he wanted to reply me and was searching for enough courage to do so) tumi (he finally said as he raised his eyes to meet mine) I was so hurt when you told me about your past and yes I was so angry but I would have completely stop loving you if you did not had told me

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Me: David I am really so sorry for keeping it all away from you (I said as tears gathered in my eyes) I never wanted to keep anything away from you but I feared that if you knew about my past you will hate me.

David: I would not hate you for your past because that happened before to you and it far gone, I only want to build our presence and look forward to a future with you

Me: I promise that I will never keep anything away from you again

David: (he smiles to me) that’s what I want to hear

Me: do you forgive me

David: I have forgiven you since the moment you told me the truth

Me: thanks so much David (I said as I smiled with joy,)

David: tumi you also have to forgive me for all the things I said out of anger to you, I am really sorry and I take it back but just forgiven

Me: (see him asking for forgiveness, who am I not to forgiven him when I want him so badly) I forgive you David

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David: thank you so much tumi

Me: are we back together (I asked hoping that he will say yes)

David: we were never apart Tumi besides you know how crazy I am about you

Me: (I smiled)

David: I love you so much tumi

Me: I love you also David (I said as he wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug)

David: promise me that we will not fight as we did

Me: I promise (he kissed my forehead)

David: I have missed you so much

Me: I also did

David : did you see how jealous you were (he said and we both laughed, we were back together and much more stronger, the next day David was allowed out of the hospital to go met his father in Abuja, he went with my dad while I stayed back with my mum, my twin sister and my friends, I resumed school, David kept me informed on meeting his father, he told me that his father was Mr akinwande and that his father was married to a woman that happened to be his second wife, since the first was his late mother, he also told me that his father was an ex convict of drugtrafficking and that his father was a gangster even after he married his second wife who had just one daughter for him but that daughter had run away from home when she was still young and hadn’t returned, David returned a week later to the hospital and he resumed his treatment and soon he was discharged from the hospital after regaining his complete health. My relationship with David became so strong that we became inseparable, few tweaks to my twenty first birthday, well since my real birth date was told to me and then inbound out that I was actually a year older that the age that’s had been claiming, Daniel was sentenced to two years in jail least I forget and John was sentenced also to two years, mama d was meanwhile sentenced to 25 years in jail for child prostitution, that really servers her right, at least all the evil doers have been given their justified punishment, the day of our birthday that is I and dami ‘s birthday my mum organised a large celebration because it was the first birthday that she will be with me. During the birthday party, let me say halfway through the party David appeared on the stage calling everyone’s attention before he walked were I was standing with dami and some guest and when he got to me he went down one knees and brought out a little box, I couldn’t believe it but David actually wanted to propose to me)

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