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Derinde: are you surprised to see me

Me: please derin let me go, I never offended you.

Derinde: you never offended me (she asked angrily)

Me: I never offended you derinde

Derinde: you did (she said angrily but I could see traces of tears I her eyes) you told me that between you and David there was nothing and for once I thought I could date such a good man like him and live a good live with him, but you (she pointed at me and I could see the anger in her eyes ) you went and had a relationship with him and now you are about to marry him but you were only friends before when I wanted to have him but you seized that opportunity and became his lover

Me: derinde I do love David but I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling then

Derinde: so you used the opportunity to understand what you were feeling at my own disposal

Me: derinde I and David were always made for each other

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Derinde: but I could have been right were you are, about to be wedded

Me: (in tears) derinde your own man will surely come for you

Derinde: but I don’t want any other man except for David (she shouted at me and I shifted back scared, derinde stood up and brought out a gun from her bag and pointed the gun to me)

Me: (I became greatly scared) pls..derinde…I beg of you… (I stammered out in fear)

Derinde: if I can’t have David then neither can you (she said as held the gun tightly and pointed it to my head)

Me: please derinde don’t kill me, you don’t have to do this

Derinde: you know what you are right, I don’t have to shoot (she said and heaved a sigh of peace as she retracted her gun) I will make sure that you die a horrible death, your body will be unrecognizable. That’s what I will do

Me: please derinde (I pleaded with tears)

Derinde: lion, jumbo take her (she said to the men as she walked out and they came to release me from the pole and led me out and into the same car, I continued pleading with derinde to have mercy on me and to spare my life but she ignored me as she drove the car until we got to the end of the road and all the men got down leaving me strapped and handcuffed to the car seat, derinde kept the car on and she came out) goodbye tumininu (she said and it was then that I figured out that she wanted the car to go off the road with me inside, she slowly removed her leg from the brake pedal and she left the car which began moving to the edge of the end of the road, I panicked and tried to get myself loose but it was of no use but I still continued to get myself loose and I did but then I looked forward and saw that the car had gotten to the fall and it moved forward and I was thrown forward and I hit myself on the front, my head hit the steering wheel in front, I became weak as I was bleeding from my head, I shared gunshots been fired and at the same time the car fell off the cliff but suddenly it stopped midway in the hair as if something caught it from falling, the gunshots reduced, as I tried to get up from where I was considering that I could hear cracking sounds of the glass that I was resting on, I quickly tried to get up which I did before the glass broke and I held on tightly to the drivers seat and the seat belt as I clunged and held tightly for my dear life)

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