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CHUKS DIARY (Me And My Mother Inlaw) [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 6


I quickly wake up when i felt a soft thing in my d–k, aiiiish, that was my sugar mom.

Me: ma what re you doing here *in low tone*

Dav’s mom: since u couldn’t make it to the hotel, i have no other option than to come back. But when i got into ur room, i realised that ur d–k was hanging……

Me: and

Dav’s mum:
 so i have to help myself out…. Buh by the way, did you masturbated??

Me: no, why asking

Dav’s mom: ur d–k has the odour of sperm.

Me: *confused* oh, that, emmmmm, hope u locked the door.

Dav’s mom: answer my question

Me: now i remember, i had a dream. And in that dream, i was f—–g you.

Dav’s mom: like seriously *brighten face*

Me: yes

Dav’s Mon: so shall we?
Before i could say anything, her lips was already on my longitude d–k, she s—-d it as if her life depends on it.

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Dav’s mom: its been long i last tasted this.

I kept mute, thinking that she was about to stop, but my guess was wrong. She went ahead, giving out a loud m0an that could easily attract the attention of other family members. But it was already 2 am and everyone was sleeping already, so one body will hear her m0an. The m0an she m0ans, the more pressurize my body becomes. I couldn’t hold it any longer , i quickly insert my longitude d–k inside her p—y… ”Ahhhhhh” she gave out the loud m0an that almost separated my soul from my body.

Time checked

2:32am we were still f—–g, ”chineke, she no won release juice, me nko no won release milk. Haaa, i hope say this woman neva sU-Ck all milk with pipe” (inwardly)
i changed my position to doggy style thinking that she will quit, buh to my greatest dismay, she was still shout ” f–k me harder”
just when i was about to tell her that am tired, the juice in her poured out.

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Dav’s mom: pls stop, u win, this is great, how any inches is ur d–k..

Me: question

”pls don’t let that sperm to pour out”
 she said.

I was surprised when she licked the sperm that splashed on my body.

” tufiakwa , e be like say this woman naporn star in her youthful age” i said inwardly.

Dav’s mom: i will go to my room now to clean up. I may come back again for early morning banging.

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” plsss ooh, don’t even try it” i said to her, as she closes the door.

(new message)
500,000 hundred thousand naira have been deposited into ur account).
I was muted for some mins, thinking of what manner of miracle this could be..

Maybe someone mistaken transfered to my account” this was what i was thinking before another msg got into my phone.
……..that was just a little token.
More will come ur way if u continue to be a real man… Goodnite my love.
I looked at the sender’s number only to find out that it was no other person than my sugar mummy.

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