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Details of Osinbajo’s meeting with President Buhari Revealed – Some Ministers Will Be Sacked


Details have started to emerge of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari in London with focus being on the ministers.

Osinbajo Goes Silent After Meeting With President Muhammed Buhari

The acting president had jetted out to London on Tuesday, July 11 to meet with the president and according to The Nation, the focus was on national development especially as it affects the cabinet.

According to a presidency source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the whole cabinet cannot be dissolved “because the nation cannot afford such a luxury now”. However, some ministers may be reshuffled.

It was also learnt that Osinbajo got approval for some appointment and key decisions.

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The source said: “There is likely shake-up of the cabinet in line with the new fast-pace focus of the Buhari administration.

Some of the ministers cannot cope with the portfolios assigned to them.

“Some ministers were also found to be behind the crisis of confidence between the Executive and the National Assembly.

“So, apart from dropping some, others may swap portfolios for efficiency. It is just some restructuring of the cabinet to ensure service delivery.”

“Obviously, there is disquiet in the cabinet on this latest development. I think the likely changes in the cabinet accounted for the delay in inaugurating two ministers-designate.

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“I cannot tell you when the changes will be effected but the cabinet shake-up came up as an item between the two leaders.”

It was also revealed that Osinbajo briefed Buhari concerning some of the threat of secession and he was given the commendation to continue to maintain the unity of the country.

“The President endorsed all the consultations and actions taken by the Acting President and asked him to continue to take steps to keep Nigeria indivisible. “The President was delighted that Osinbajo managed the threats to the nation’s unity with courage and maturity.”

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“Osinbajo secured approval to take some decisions and make some appointments.” “The President and the Acting President were together without any third party. And they had fruitful talks.

We should expect some actions soon,” the source added. A member of the federal executive council said Osinbajo briefed them concerning Buhari’s health.

“The Acting President told us that there was no cause for alarm. He said the President had been recuperating well. “We were all relieved because this first hand information was the most authentic we have got,” he said.



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