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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 14


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Plans were already being made for my relocation to the Resident’s Quarters at Briggs Memorial Hospital.That is to say i was about to cease being a close neighbour to Nurse Ebere (remember her right?).On a fateful evening when i got home after work, i told Ebere about the relocation and she didn’t take it well.

“Don’t you like my father’s compound, anymore?”
 she asked quite disappointed.I could feel the sadness welling in her voice, though she was trying so hard to suppress it.She was seated on the couch in her nurses uniform (since she was just coming back from work) looking sexy as usual, with her eyes transfixed on me.She couldn’t believe i was really leaving.I felt so abashed to see her looking very sad.She was too lovely to be sad.

“I’m really sorry it had to be this way”,
 i said. ”It’s more convenient for me moving over, or don’t you think so?” She made no reply to my question, but walked to me and sat on my laps, cupping my chin in her palms and kissed me before looking into my eyes.

“Don’t leave please”
, she begged, piercing my soul with her eyes like a confessor (legend of the seeker things naa) and i could now see a glimpse of tears in those eyes.Honestly i was touched.But why was she taking this too serious? Why the drama?

“I’m not trying to leave you, Eby”, i stated. And she suddenly dimmed her eyes now looking serious, ”Then what are you trying to do?” she asked.I meant to talk but eventually stuttered, not actually knowing the reason (till this day) and she instantly got off my laps and her voice escalated.

“Why not tell me you’re leaving me for one bítch”, 
she blasted, waving her hands hysterically.And i replied, ”That’s not it, Eby”

“Then what”, she asked again, ”Oh, you want to dump me right?…After f*cking me to your satisfaction, abi?”
I really didn’t know how to quell the developing crisis.The babe was misunderstanding me.Going to work from her compound was like 2 miles away, and my consultant was beginning to get pissed off at my lack of punctuality.But come to think of it.What was the ‘dumping’ issue all about? I thougt we were just having a f*ckfest with no strings attached.It wasn’t a relationship though.

“Eby, permit me to say this”,
 i stated. ”You’re getting it all wrong.And cut the unruly attitude, afterall we’re just friends”.And she creased her brows in disdain and fell silent for a second (oww oh! i should’t have said that).She then drew closer, her face looking stern.

“You’re so heartless Goodheart”,
 she spat furiously, pointing her right index finger into my chest with each word she spoke. ”You’re so heartless to hurt a woman who loves you”……..Oh my God.Did i just hear her say LOVE? Had she been in love with me all this while?

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She was now pumping her fists into my chest in frustration.Then i held them tight as she struggled with me.

“Look at me Eby”
, i said softly (and she stopped struggling to look at me), “Did i just hear you say you love me?” And she wrenched her arms free from my grasp.

“Of course i do doc”,
 she said whimpering. ”I cook your meals, wash your clothes, give you my body and now my heart, and you’re about leaving me for some high brow ashewo!” she was now yelling and i was also beginning to get tensed.How was i to know she was in love with me?.She kept on yelling, ”I’ve been gracing your bed all this while, yet you go s——g one stupid ashewo alongside me and….”

“Could you just cut that crap”, i yelled back. ”I’m not leaving you for or because of someone else.Moreover i didn’t know this was now more than a f*ckfest to you”, and**THWACK!!**

She gave me a dirty slap which resounded with stars in my left eye.I was speechless.

“Now, that’s for seeing me as a whøre”,
 she said pointing her finger into my face. ”You’re such an idiot Goodheart”, and she picked her bag, sobbing and stormed out of my apartment.I licked the insides of my mouth to check for any sign of blood, because the slap was too hot **Even my mama (when she dey alive) no slap me like that.Chai! Ebere too dey vex** Throwing my curtains open, i walked into my bedroom, rubbing my cheek.
It was now in the night, let’s say between the hours of 7 and 8pm and i was at the kitchen trying to put my dinner together when i heard a knock on my door…..

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

The sound kept coming and i went to get the door, only to meet mummy Junior standing at the doorway.She was putting on a knee-length nightie with a micro sleeve, which revealed a large portion of her succulent b00bs.My eyes roamed around the compound for sign of anyone.


“What are you doing here by this time of the night?”
, i asked in a tensed voice and she made a face.

“Na so you go take welcome me?” she said pushing me aside and walked in.Then i closed the door and she turned to look at me.

“Why you too dey fear?” 
she asked
“I’m not afraid”, i replied, ”I’m just trying to be careful”.And she scoffed,[b] ”Hmmm…make i hear” as she walked towards me and began to roam her palms over my bare chest.

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“Anyway, i come tell you something”,
 she said.And i looked at her, ”What’s that?”, i replied.She looked up to me and smiled faintly, ”My husband go come back from abroad next week”, she said. ”Na im be sey me go soon dey go back Warri

 i asked without hiding my disappointment.

“You go miss me abi?”
 she asked tweaking my nippIes and i replied, ”Of course i will”.

Then i told her i too was about relocating to another apartment and she creased her eyebrows, ”You mean am?” she asked.

“Yes i mean it”, i repied.And she said, ”You dey sure sey no be because of another woman you dey change position?”

“No naa”, i replied, ”Na work matter cause am” and she shrugged, ”Okay oo…because una wey be doctors too dey f–k”. And i looked quizzically at her and she laughed aloud, shaking her b00bs and said, ”Doc talk true, shey you don get töto wey dey service you there, abi?” (For God’s sake the woman was so vulgar).

, i replied and she looked intently at me, ”My love”, she called me, wrapping her arms around my neck and crushing her b—–s on my chest.

“I want you to f–k me one last time, before i go”
, she said looking into my eyes.
I could feel her nippIes hardening on my chest with her hands caressing my head as her lips locked on mine and we delved into a passionate kiss, devouring each other’s lips.She moved her hands from my neck and took my hands, placing them on her bakassi, and returned her hands back to my neck, almost sU-Cking out my tongue.I kneaded and caressed her backbump trying to feel for a pant line, but didn’t.So i raised her nightie up to her waist and ran my hands all over her bare butt and she let go of my lips.

“You too like this my ikebe”
, she rasped and returned her lips to mine.We stood that way kissing and making hørny sounds before we stumbled backwards and she pushed me down to the sofa.She now stood akimbo before me and placed her left leg on the arm rest, giving me an ample view of her cuñt as she stared down at me, probably wondering how best to devour me.

I brought out my d!ck which was now nodding at the ceiling and slipped on a CD (which i got from my pocket).Then i raised my right hand between her thighs, aiming for her snatch and she knocked away my hand, giving me the ‘you’re a naughty boy’ look.And then advanced to mount me as she gradually impaled herself on my c0ck and m0aned softly.She instantly began to ride me slowly, m0an!ng aloud; and i brought down the micro sleeves of her nightgown and her big b—–s fell into sight.They were bouncing and jiggling with each movement she made and i sq££zed them softly, massaging her nippIes in a circular motion and she groaned deeply, ”urrrhh” and her pace began to increase gradually, f*cking me faster and banging her fat a-s on my thighs while she mumbled aloud “Yey God!…ahh,i don die…yey” as i kept thrusting upwards to meet her movement.

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We kept bleeping in that manner for some minutes and she pressed me to her giant racks, almost suffocating me.Then, like a cat, i swiftly maneuvered her down to the sofa, with me on top and immediately began to nail her hard, moving my waist like a spindle machine; and she wrapped her arms around my back for support, as if she was falling into an abyss, and threw her legs upwards screaming my name “Oh doc, yes doc, oh doc…”.

Then i moved my lips to her b—–s and s—-d hungrily on her large nippIes while i t—-t harder, and she whimpered aloud “oh doooooc” like she was going to cry, as her pusse oozed out her juice.

As i kept pounding her, a text message beeped in my phone on the couch beside us, but i didn’t halt, rather kept ramming mummy Junior’s pusse like a spansh bull.Little did we hear the front door open moments later and then came a loud scream, “JESUS!!”…And i turned back to see Ebere standing in awe with her hands over her mouth.

“Aunty Vokeh!”
 she exclaimed and stepped back in shock before running out of my house, leaving my door ajar.Without wasting time, her aunt, mummy Junior, scrambled beaneath me and heaved me off her body as she lifted back her sleeves and ran after her dazzled niece,

“Ebere wait, please wait”
, she pleaded hurrying after Ebere.While i still lay on the sofa, blinking in confusion.Things had finally gone messy, i thought…What a scandal! How do i get out of this? What would my landlady and ladlord say? Then my eyes went to the beaming phone beside me and i reached for it and opened the recent message, which i noticed was from Ebere and read through:


I Love you.

“Oh no!” i yelled aloud, throwing the phone down.She was coming over to say she was sorry, to make peace with me.Such a lovely lady.And now i’ve hurt her…Oh what a mess!

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