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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 15


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

That night my eyes hardly found sleep as i kept awake all through, listening for when all hell would break loose and hoping for the worst.But nothing of such ever occured, making the whole situation mysterious.Vokeh’s ikebe had finally landed me in trouble (chai!).The silence of the night kept me company as i stared vaguely at the ceiling playing back the scandalous event in my mind.Soon my eyes failed me and i snoozed into dreamland.

The first twilight saw me up the following morning and i got up and prepared for work.Uptil that morning, there was still no squabble concerning my sexcapade with mummy Juniour.On my way to work i met Ebere within the compound as she was also on her way to work.I accosted her and stood in her way.

“Ebere i’m sorry”
, i said and she pushed me aside and i ran after her.I lied to her that her aunt had s£duced me and she stopped abruptly, then turned to face. ”Seriously?”, she asked mockingly, then hissed and walked away.

By the evening of that day, she came to my house and i let her in expecting she had come to talk things out with me, instead she gave gave me a strict warning.

“Before this week ends”, 
she stated, I want you to leave my father’s compound, or else i’ll let the cat out of the bag”. I stood watching her speak and understood she now hated me, of which i didn’t blame her.I meant to talk but she raised her hands, silencing me and continued,
“As for aunty Vokeh, i’ve told her to leave this week.I’m just letting this case go because she’s my blood”.

Then she stepped closer and looked into my face and said, ”You’re the randiest doctor i’ve ever met in my life.Who knows if you’ve been f*cking my mother too”.

“Don’t say that Eby,” i said and she gave me a look of disdain and left.Just as she had stipulated, Vokeh left for Warri that week, not without sending me a text message telling me she loved me so much, while i left on the last day of the week to my new apartment.Before leaving, i called Ebere’s line severally but she didn’t pick and i knew whatever we had was definitely over.What a sad way to part.
My new residence was classy.A three bedroom flat with split unit air conditioner, and a spacious verandah.Leturah had ensured that my place was top notch and well furnished, as the other residents didn’t fail to notice the preferential treatment given to me (concerning my accomodation) by Leturah and Madam Grace, since they wielded a lot of influence in the hospital.But none of these two women knew i was f*cking the other, because i played my game with perfection.Soon the event between Ebere and i became history as i bonded with my new place of abode which housed so many experiences which i would talk of later.But for now, lets talk of a different story…..

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It had been a long time, almost 2 months, since i had a good f–k.My d!ck was seriously throbbing for attention but no available pusse (call me a s-x freak, na you sabi).And the stressful days were not helping matters, giving me no ‘play time’ as i found it hard to take my eyes off the huge backsides of those seductive nurses.If you must know, i was aiming at tasting all those punanis like i was on a mission 007 on the nurses.

Then came a day, a Friday to be precise (i love that Friday) which gave me an opportunity to quench the flames in my loins.

My boss had not been around on that particular week owing to some situations beyond his control, and had allowed me to make use of his office, since i was almost close to becoming a consultant like he was.I was really finding favour in his sight due to my expertise at the job.So resuming that morning, i took his seat, enjoying the confines of the comfy office before going on my call sessions.

While on duty, i had instructed Nurse Mercy (the saucy nurse) to get a report on a patient’s drug history on my table so i could go through them.But on getting to the office one hour later, i found out the reports were yet to be tendered.I knew Nurse Mercy had purposely ignored my instructions just to spite me, and i was beginning to smell a power tussle between us (imagine!).So i decided to put an end to the lady’s insolence.Taking my seat, i beeped the receptionist over the intercom, ”This is Dr.Goodheart, tell Nurse Mercy to see me with immediate effect”, and i cut off.Minutes later, a knock came on the door.And i raised my head expectantly, ”Come in”, i said and a sulking Nurse Mercy stepped into the office.Apart from the frown on her face, i couldn’t help noticing that the topmost button of her uniform was undone and her whole cleavage was on display, giving an insight to what lay within those big racks of hers.I took my eyes off instantly and concentrated on the issue at hand.
“Where are the reports i requested for?”
 i asked sternly.

“Sir, i already turned them in yesterday”,
 she replied saucily.I was almost tempted to slap her.Why didn’t she tell me so earlier when i requested for it? i wondered.Was she trying to spite me or looking for an opportunity to get my attention? (owing to the fact she had come into my offfice with her whole cleavage on display).Then my eyes fell on her melon sized boobs before flashing back to her face.


“Nurse Mercy”
, i called her, ”Are you taking me for granted?” and she shrugged her shoulders, ”No sir, i’m sorry sir”, she said and apologized.

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“Then get me those reports immediately”,
 i snapped at her.

“They’re in the shelve”
, she replied pointing at the mahoghany shelve by my right.

“I said get them!”
 i yelled banging my fist on the desk.And she hesitated then hissed, before walking to the shelve, rolling her butt0ckz provocatively.The lady was annoying and i was soon going to show her who was the boss here.But the babe set die shaa.Her nyash na fire!

She was now standing at the shelve, rummaging through it, with her backside to me, which vibrated like jelly as she moved her legs, and i stared lustfully.D–n! she had the biggest a-s in the hospital.I ogled at her lovely legs which were claded in a white p@nty hose running from her calf up to her inner thighs, and my d!ck stitred hungrily.As if on its own accord, my right hand moved and spanked her a-s (and it vibrated) and she turned swiftly to face me as i stood up.

“Sir, what was that for?”
 she asked.
“That’s for being an insolent girl”, i replied and she made to strike me and i held her hand while my other hand shot to her b—–s and sq££zed.She looked so infuriated and attempted to wrench her arm free, so i pushed her back to the shelve and devoured her lips in a kiss, still massaging her b—–s.She managed to free her lips, panting, ”Ooow sir, stop….” and i devoured her lips again as my thumb and forefinger located her swollen nippIe through her cloth.This time she gave a soft m0an and returned my kisses as her tongue shot into my mouth, and i let go off her hand which now grabbed my shoulders, pulling me closer.The truth was the lady wanted me all along, but she wanted to make it look like i forced her.That was a nice sexual orientation i must say.

While i kissed her and sq££zed her large b00bs, my left hand went under her pinafor to locate her crotch.And i massaged her pusse through her thin p@anties.She was already soaked with her juice.Shifting her p@anties aside, i inserted my middle finger into her and she jerked and m0aned, ”ooooh” as i drilled her moist cuñt.My right hand tore her remaining buttons open and i brought out her right b—-t from her pouchy bra and tweaked her thumb size nippIe, letting soft m0ans escape her lips.

My middle finger was still teasing her punani as i slurped on her b—-t, licking and lapping on her nippIe and enjoying its pillow-like softness, when she rasped softly, ”Please f–k me”, but i pretended not to hear and continued teasing her.And she rasped louder, ”Oh sir, f–k me…please”.Instantly i withdrew my finger from her lovehole and turned her around facing the shelve and she jutted her heavy bakassi backward, eager to be ravished.I couldn’t wait to attack that a-s.
Rummaging my pocket, i brought out a condom which i tore open and slipped it over my d!ck but she became impatient and purred, ”Oh doc, hurry naww”.And i raised her pinafor to see a very big a-s which almost swallowed the strings of her white p@anties which had a gater attached from her p@nty hose (like a p–n star); and i shifted the strings of the p@anties to one side and penetrated her as i immediately began to blast her hard.

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Nurse Mercy was a real sexual blabber mouth as she began to blab aloud in ecstacy, ”ohh, yey, oww, ohh, ayy, ohh sir, yess sir..” and i kept pumping her hard, moving my waist from side to side as her soft a-s cheeks massaged my thighs.Soon the shelve began to shake as she held onto it (with her right hand) for support, while her left hand grabbed her freed b—-t as i continued banging her mercilessly, causing her head to bob to and fro.Then she began to m0an in different tunes, calling “daddy!” “mummy!” and begged me to keep‘killing’ her and continue f*cking her till she comes.

I was venting my 2 months drought of s-x on the lady.

We soon became uncontrollable as i held on tightly to her waist and giving it to her like a savage, while she held on to the shelve as a leverage, pumping back her a-s to me like a piston.Then i grabbed her hair from behind and began to talk dirty.

“Who’s your boss now?”
“Youu sirrrr”

I spanked her a-s, ”Who’s the man now?”

“Sir, it’s youuu”
I spanked again, ”U love being punished eh?”

“Oh yeah, doc….punish me, i’m an insolent bíiitch”. And her words fuelled me and i rammed faster, sweating hand heaving as i revelled in the euphoria of lust while watching her a-s vibrate in a frenzy (oh what a bad a-s).Then i hit my heights, feeling the sweet s£nsat!on overtaking my body while she grabbed the shelve so hard, tremoring in her o—-m as she shook uncontrollably and cried aloud, ”F*uuuuck meeee!” And that did the magic as her cries sent waves of excitement through my body and i came with deep groan, slowing to a tappering halt as her juice dripped down her thighs.And i collapsed atop her.We had just been though a simultanous o—-m.

I withdrew from her and sank back to the chair, taking off the filled condom as she took a serviette from the desk to wipe her thighs and drew down her dress, staring at me with a look of submission on her face.Then she brought out a file from the shelve, ”Here is the report, sir”, she said dropping the file on the desk.

“You can go now”, i said in satisfaction.

“Thank you,sir”, she replied, walking away and rolling her killer backside, making me hunger for more **winks**

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