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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 17


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

The following Sunday morning, I woke up feeling very hörny.Throughout the night I had been thinking about Mrs.Amanda’s lovely body.Her curvy hips, her full thighs, her pretty face, and my JT throbbed harder.I hadn’t resolved to call her so as not to fall in so cheap.Afterall I was the man here, and this was Africa.Men do the chyking.Moreover, her husband was a friend of my boss, Dr.Saha.Having an affair with her could get me into trouble.I know sey na big risk shaa.But I no dey sure sey I fit resist that ‘Angelina Jolie’ body wey she gather **sighs ** (the woman too set walahi).Anyway, very soon go know.No be me again?

Lying supine, I raised my head to look at my down below, and Mehn!…..the thing was a huge tent.My early morning bōner was as hard as Zuma rock.Recently, my libido had been heightened by the presence of those sexy nurses and their enormous backbump.Who wouldn’t feel the urge when in their midst? I bet even a Buddhist monk would break his oath of celibacy just to have a taste of their cherry.Then i smiled to myself, massaging my crotch, and gradually my mind drifted away…..

 2 days Ago ***
Nurse Becky had come very late to work that evening, owing to the heavy downpour.She was still on mufty and her clothes were totally drenched, say for her hair which was protected by a shower cap.She was on night duty with me that day.I was walking down the corridor, towards the Nurses’ Changing Room when I ran into her.And she gave me a smile which seemed to say, ‘i know i’m late’.

“You’re late Becky”, I said in a superior tone, and she made a face for me, ”It’s the rains, sir”, she pleaded and my eyes fell on her wet body.Her drenched clothes clasped tight to her body, revealing every contour inch by inch.And I could see her nippIes poking like missiles through her wet blouse as it plastered to her bossom.Her breats were round like big oranges.I could also make out the outline of her bra as she turned to leave, ”Excuse me doc, i need to change into my uniform”, she said walking away and I noticed her knee-length skirt was plastered like a fore skin to her round butt, revealing a distinct pant line which I guessed was a thong.Her a-s wobbled and jiggled with each step she took; and I marveled at its size, noticing for the first time how big it was.D–n! God bless Africa, or sorry God bless the women folk, or God bless…what am i even saying…whatever shaa.That a-s was tongue twisting me.Nurse Becky had the same a-s size with the matron, Madam Grace, and i could imagine that a-s twerking as she walked.

That same evening we performed an operation in the Operating Room (O.R), Dr.Saha, Dr.Ephraim (the anaesthetic doctor) and I.

While Nurse Becky was the only nurse with us.Throughout the operation, she kept me distracted by brushing her b—–s on me at intervals, pressing them on my body and nudging me with her hips (like it was accidental) as she glued close to me while we watched Dr.Saha’s perfect hands incise the patient.She was provoking the sexual man in me.I endured her endless tortures till the surgery was over, and she left the O.R. as if nothing happened.Two hours later, I had decided to go check on a patient when we met on the lonely stairway.We stood like telepaths staring into each other’s eyes when there was a sudden power outage, throwing the whole hospital into darkness (thanks to NEPA).And in those split seconds, I grabbed her big a-s with both hands and pulled her close to me as we kissed desperately.They were just split seconds, but in that ample time, I scored a lot of points as my hand swiftly slid under her pinafor, and I spanked and massaged her booty, devouring her lips as well, while my other hand moved to fõndle her b—-t.We were still in our debaucherous act when the hospital Generator-Set powered on, and the flourescents came up one after the other and we disengaged instantly as she continued climbing up the stairs without looking back.All I needed was a moment with the babe…….

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 Back To The Present ***
I rummaged for my phone by the bed post and scrolled through the contact list, and Nurse Becky’s number came into view.I dialled it.The phone didn’t ring for long before her voice came from the receiver’s end.

“Hello!…goodmorning sir”

“Hi Becky.How’re you?”

“I’m fine sir”

“Guess your night was good?”

She didn’t reply but giggled softly.I guessed she was surprised I had called her so early.There was no time to beat around the bush so I had to go straight to the point.

“Ermm, Becky can you come to my place today?”
 I asked.

She paused for a while then responded:
“For what sir…hope there’s no problem?”

I stuttered, ”Erm-er, no actually its…..”

“What do you want sir?” she cut me off.

The question was just too direct.I was still thinking of what to say when she spoke again (emphasizing on each word):

“Doc, what-do-you-want?”

Honestly I couldn’t place the tone of her voice, whether she was angry at the way i had asked her to come see me, or she was playing up to something.And she giggled and said:

“You never can tell sir, your wishes could be granted”

That was when i said it plainly, ”Becky..been thinking about you, and…feel like f*cking you, honestly”. And she laughed sexily.

“Na im you dey chop your mouth since eh?…Randy doctor…Okay expect me by 4:00pm today”
, she affirmed.

I couldn’t believe it was that simple.The lady was seriously in need of the cucumber all this while.I got up to do my workouts, took a shower and did some other few stuffs, while looking at the time.It was now almost 4 o’ clock.Then my phone rang <>
I picked up….

“I don’t think i’ll be able to make it today”, she said and bla bla bla, before she ended the call.I was totally disappointed.Kai! konji don kill man pikin.I suspected the babe will disappoint me.Well, I got to endure (but e no easy oo).

I sat on the couch watching TV as my mind was absorbed by the movie on set.Minutes later, i heard my door bell beep, and I went to answer it.Guess what?…..

There she was….Nurse Becky, standing before my door.She was drop dead gorgeous, looking stunning with a lovely smile on her face and had her hair flowing as she wore a tight blouse which indicated she had no bra.And a pair of tight jeans that accentuated the m—-s of her bakassi.She spread her arms in an embrace.
“I just wanted to surprise you, hun”, she said walking in.And without fore warning, she jumped on me (i caught her instantly), wrapping her hands around my neck.I only managed to keep my balance, while she locked her legs around me and began to ravish my lips.My palms cupped her butt0ckz, squeezing and massaging them as her hand moved behind to shut the door.

Stumbling backwards, I moved and placed her on the couch, and began to kiss the nape of her neck, while our hands tore at each other’s button.Soon she rendered me töpless with her blouse now open.And I bent down, taking one of her erect nippIes in my mouth and she winced in pleasure “psssss” and m0aned softly as i s—-d her b—-t hungrily.She moved my head from one b—-t to another, enjoying the effect of my tongue.I circled the tip of my tongue around her areolas, drawing imaginary alphabets on them, and she gasped aloud, dimming her eyes.She began to breathe so hard, running her fingers through my hair as I s—-d on her b00bs.Then I rose to take off my shorts and my bazooka sprang out like a bullet, and she instantly sat up and grabbed it in her palm, massaging it with awe, ”Wow, it’s scary”, she rasped staring at the bulging veins on my d!ck.She then held the base and gradually swallowed it in her warm mouth… ”urrrghh”, I groaned deeply as her tongue swirled around the tip of my d!ck with expertise, and I held her head with both hands and began to f–k her mouth slowly.

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Becky wanted all of my d!ck in her mouth so she opened her mouth so wide, grabbing my butt0ckz and pressing and pulling me closer, while her mouth made gurgling sounds.She was deep thrõating the hello outta me.Then she took away her mouth, while coughing (the p—k choke am), spat on my s—t and began to wañk me with her palms and sU-Cking the tip of my cõck at the same time…. ”Pheeeew!” the feeling was awesome.

When she had worked my d!ck to a steel, she took off her blouse and I pushed her backwards to the couch, then began to pull down her jeans to reveal a lilac thong cladding her treasure base (thongs just had a way of driving me crazy.The thongs looked so alluring on her).Bending down, I used my teeth to teasingly peel off her p@anties and she giggled,”Such a naughty boy” she purred as I peeled it down her ankles (she kicked it away) and spread her smooth round thighs apart.Glaring at me was her ‘promised land’ which was velvety and wet.Instantly I bent down to taste her honeypot, and gently licked it and she m0aned “ooooh, Jesus” as she shut her eyes and began to gasp for air.

Her pusse was fleshy and soft as I nibbled her labials, tracing my tongue around them gently, and her hips began to gyrate, wriggling and writhing, and she sq££zed her b00bs in pleasure.My tongue….oh my tongue (too bad), it moved slowly around her labials and curled her c–t continuously and she grabbed my head, trying to push me away from her c–t as her body couldn’t handle the pleasure.She began to gasp like an asthmatic patient, then I closed my lips around the c–t and started to sU-Ck.She became overwhelmed with pleasure and tried to close her thighs, but I held them apart with one hand, eating her cuñt voraciously as my other hand shot upwards to tickle her nippIes.And she squealed aloud and cried out, ”oh, no…oh, no…nooo” (no for what? na she sabi) as I later began to tongue f–k her sporadically.Her cuñt was dripping wet by the time my tongue left her crevise.I noticed the sofa under her a-s was soaked with her juice.And her eyes was already dilated in pre-o—-m.Gradually I brought my d!ck before her entrance and gradually penetrated her (she m0aned softly) as she bucked her waist upwards and I began to fire down on her.

Becky’s kitten was so slippery and wet, making slurping sounds as my piston drilled her steadily.She held onto my torso with her left hand, while her other hand caressed my chest, tracing its muscles.And she gasped and m0aned, hummed and whimpered as I kept spooning her.I slowed down a bit, rotating my hips and teasing her c–t with my g—n and she m0aned aloud, ”ohh baby, babyyyy….ohhh” then I resumed my pace again, making her lock her legs around me.

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True to God, Becky tōto sweet wella.I no fit hold myself again as my waist just dey move like ceiling fan.Na so she dey scream, dey call my name, ”Doc, ohh doc, ohh doc…” on and on and on, till I felt my balls exploding and I shot my wad into her before slowing to a halt.In our haste I had forgotten to wear a condom.What if she got pregnant, I thought.As if she was reading my mind, she said: “Ohww keep f*cking me sweetie, i’m safe” and she started moving her waist under me, grabbing my butt0ckz and pressing me deeper.I let her tease me like that for a while till my semi-hard d!ck hardened once more and I resumed my pounding on her.

As I pounded her, her b—–s bounced and flailed carelessly and her head bobbed in different directions and she let go off my butt and held onto the couch for support.She was now in a frenzy and I began to t—-t in a steady rhythm, rotating my waist at intervals as she kept on m0an!ng and groaning.

Then she bucked her hips and pulled away, going on all fours, and pushed her big ikebe to me in the d—-e way.Her pusse was pouting open and I drove in instantly and she gasped,”haaaa” pressing her right cheek down to the sofa and clawing at it desperately as I began to pump her from behind.

My thighs were sweating and making splatterring sounds with her fleshy butt0ckz and she rotated her waist continuously, then began to undulate them while receiving my thrusts.I was now in cloud 9 but I could hear her cries of “ohh, babyyy, ayy, ohh, yeahh, ohhh” (from below) and that fuelled me on.I watched her butt0ckz vibrate and quiver and I grabbed the soft flesh, kneading and massaging it as I kept pummeling her over and over.Then she began to urge me on, ”Harder!…yesss….harder!” and I held her by the hips and gave it to her like she demanded, feeling my sweat blurring my eyes.
She rose on her two hands and began to t—-t back with all she had, making my thrusts go deeper as her juice started to form lather over my s—t, dripping down her thighs.I knew she was gaming up.So I raised my right leg and placed my foot on the sofa, and lifted her right leg, causing her to lean sideways and resting on her left elbow; then began hitting her at point blank continuously as her pusse swallowed my whole d!ck. Soon she began to shake like an epileptic patient and started to cry out, ”ayy…ayy…ayy…ayy”.And her whole body tremored spasmodically, but I didn’t stop.Suddenly she shuddered with a whimper“hooohhh” like a crying toddler as her body gave out her release.And she fell back to the couch breathing hard.We lay silent and cuddled up for a while, catching our breaths when she broke the silence.

“So doc, tell me….do you f–k every nurse you come across?”
 she asked.The question caught me off guard….Omo! see jamb queshun oo.

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