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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 2


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

It had been quite a while I romped with Ebere.And I seldom saw her.I know she had had been busy.And I guess she was also trying to be careful.Our last ordeal was a close call.We were almost caught.But my mind kept flashing to that e—-c moment I had with her.

The thought of it kept my d!ck throbbing.The only times I saw her were early hours of the morning and she hardly said much to me.Probably not to blow our cover.I was becoming worried..Wasn’t she gonna fulfil her promise any longer?? Anyway,I decided to be patient,bidding my time.Afterall the patient dog gets the fattest bone,I thought.

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Work around the clinic went on as usual and I soaked myself so deep in my duties inorder to keep my mind from drifting to Ebere.I think it worked,though not for long.During one of the health workshops organized by the Chief Medical Director (CMD),I was called out to make a speech.To talk on how I and my team have achieved success so far in our duties..While I talked at the podium, I couldn’t help noticing Ebere sitting right there in the front row.I took my eyes off instantly, to prevent them from landing on her thighs.That would really kick me off balance in public.But once in a while my eyes would land on her face as she stared intently at me, listening with rapt attention,her eyes dimmed…

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Those eyes so seductive.But I was in control here ( or so I thought).I wouldn’t let those eyes get to me; not here not now.

I was about rounding off my speech when something weird happened.

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In my usual confidence,my eyes swept round the large auditorium,and I could see the satisfaction on the faces of every one and some noded in agreement at each point I made,then my eyes hovered further and I saw it……pink p@anties!!

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