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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 20


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

The Toyota Highlander SUV reversed to meet
us where we stood at the hospital car park,
and we hopped into the back.Already the
weather was becoming gloomy, giving the
evidence of approaching rains.As we hit the
road, we sat silently listening to the music
emanating from the speakers, while I discreetly
roamed my eyes allover Dr.Sunil’s lovely
body.Her gown was far above her thighs
exposing their chubby softness as she sat by
my left looking outside the window.I also
admired the curve of her firm bossom which
looked succulent.This babe was truely made
by the Hindu gods, I thought.She looked so
out of this world.

We were now in a traffic jam amidst the
honking and blaring sounds of vehicles and
cursing drivers, and Dr.Sunil began to pespire
profusely (so was I).So I called on the driver:
“Mr.Abams abeg turn on the A.C”

“Okay sir”, he replied and clicked the buttons.

The car window at Dr.Sunil’s side was still
open, so I stretched my left hand towards it
(to take it up) and mistakenly brushed
Dr.Sunil’s b00bs (but she didn’t flinch) as I
pressed the window control button.She
seemed not be conscious of my elbow on her
bossom.And in that split second, my elbow
massaged the top of her b—–s lightly,
jolting her to consciousness and she leaned

“Sorry doc,”
 she apologized, ”I seem to discomfort you”.And she adjusted in her seat,
giving me enough room.By then the window
glass had already slid up.And I couldn’t

believe she had apologized.She thought her
seating position had caused the melodrama
and I laughed within myself.This babe neva
see anything.Shey na Naija she enter.I go
show her sey Naija guys no dey commot for
top 10. Kpata kpata na draw. She then looked
at me and smiled sheepishly, feeling
guilty.And in her unwarranted guilt, she tried
to make a conversation with me.

“So why do they call you Goodheart?”

“That’s because it’s my name.Don’t you like it?”

“Well…it sounds quite strange a name”.

“Does a name like Goodluck sound strange
 I asked and she cackled aloud, ”Oh yeah, that’s true anyway”, she purred, ”It’s just that
i’ve not heard the name ‘Goodheart’ before”

The driver had encountered a pot hole and
made a swift swerve, and the BB phone on
Dr.Sunil’s laps slipped off and fell on the car
floor around her feet.And I sat up, ”Eyy sorry”, I
said leaning and stretching my right hand
towards her feet as I rummaged under the
driver’s seat to retrieve the phone.My hand
had already grabbed the phone beneath the
seat, but I purposely delayed, allowing my left
cheek to touch her laps as I pretended to be
rummaging for her phone.

“Have you found it?”
 she asked quite tensed.

“Yes I have”
 I replied sitting erect and brushed my hand up her legs and thighs as I handed her the phone.She smiled in appreciation.Soon
we arrived the venue of the outreach program
which was held in a big school field belonging
to the host community.And we joined the
other doctors under the canopies as we
attended to patients (mostly the aged) who
stood in a queue.


It was 6:00pm when we rounded off as
Dr.Sunil and I got into Dr.Saha’s car and we
headed home.Along the way we didn’t say
much to each other since we were both tired
from the tasking outreach program.And at a
point the beautiful Indian doctor became
sleepy, bobbing her head with the movement
of the car till she leaned towards me, nestling
her head on my left shoulder.And I cuddled
her up (with my left hand) as she snuggled in
slumber.In her sleepiness, she placed her left
hand on my body, rubbing my chest while my
left hand caressed the top of her bossom
gently, trying not to wake her.Riding beside
Dr.Sunil was worth it since it gave me the
opportunity to tap small small current
**winks **

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The following day was a weekend, Saturday to
be precise.And I decided to do some laundry.I
was at the back of my apartment spreading
my clothes on the line when I heard the door
bell ring.I went in to answer the door only to
find Dr.Sunil standing at my door step, looking
like those Bollywood divas you see on TV.She
wore a purple Sari (Indian female attire) and a
golden ornament on her forehead which made
her very alluring.She smiled immediately I
opened the door.

“Today is Diwali”
, she said, ”Please celebrate with me”, and she handed me a box of cake.

Ofcourse that day was a 23rd
October.That was the day the Hindis
celebrated the Diwali festival in honuor of
Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of success and
wealth.They usually celebrated it by sharing
gifts and food items.And as a devout Hindu,
Dr.Sunil kept with the obligations of that
day.So i collected the box, thanked her and
went back into the house.

By the evening of that day I took a stroll out
of the clumsiness of boredom.And on my way
home (walking back into the Resident’s
Quarters), I thought it wise to say thank you
to Dr.Sunil for the box of cake.So I walked
towards her apartment and pressed the door
bell.The doorbell rang thrice, before I heard
approaching footsteps from inside the house
and the door swung open.Dr.Sunil was putting
on a jean bum shorts and a black micro
sleeve top which exposed her firm b00bs, with
her spectacles hanging on her nose.

“Good day Dr.Sunil”
, I said

“Heeey, it’s you”,
 she giggled.

“Just wanted to say thank you for the cake”

“Awww, never mind dear….why don’t you come in”, she invited.I hesitated a bit, then shrugged before walking into the strange apartment.

I could perceive the sweet scent of incense as I
walked in, coupled with her lovely perfume.The
walls of her sitting room was designed in the
traditional motifs of Ragoli design (typical of
hindis) with tiny bells and flower to
commemorate the Diwali festival.Upon a
miniature table by the dining was a jade
statue of the goddess Lakshmi, with a golden
urn from which the incense billowed out.Mind
you, she was a devout Hindu and those stuffs
in her house were normal.So no need to let
down her religion.

“Please take a seat”
, she said before leaving the sitting room.I admired the large picture of Mahatma Ghandi on her wall and a smaller picture of a beautiful Indian woman who looked so much like her.Just that the woman was fatter.Soon Dr.Sunil came back to the sitting room with a bottle of Gulder (my
brand) and orange juice on a silver tray,
placing it before me and took a seat by my


“I got you bear because I know Nigerian men
drink like fish”
, she said, and I bursted into

“So tell me Dr.Sunil, who’s that on the wall?”

She looked up at the pink wall, adjusting her
glasses, ”Oh, that’s Mahatma Ghandi”

“No, I know Mahatma”, I said. ”I mean the woman in the picture”.

“Okay, that’s my mum”, she replied pouring herself a cup of juice.

”But she’s late now”, she
added.I almost choked on my beer.

“So sorry to hear that”, I told her. ”I lost my
mum too”.

“Seriously?” her dreamy eyes widened, almost giving me a heart attack. E just be like when mammy water dey look person.Then she shook her head in pity, ”Accept my sympathy”,she
said and we smiled at each other and sipped
our drinks.

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She stood up and walked to a black cabinet
beside the TV and I admired her spotless
smooth thighs and badt curve as my JT
stirred. ‘Easy boy’ I said to it mentally, then
she walked back to the couch, holding an
album which she handed to me, ”Feed your
she said and resumed with her drink.

I flipped the album open and she drew closer to
analyze the pictures.She explained every scene
in the album to me as we giggled and
chuckled, and became carried away in our
euphoria and I felt her warm b—-t (the right
one) pressing behind my armpit, but I
pretended not to notice as we kept looking
into the album.I could feel her nippIes
hardening against my flesh and I took the cue
to massage her right b—-t with the back of
my upper arm.And I felt her b—-t press
further to me.We were now so close as she
had her cheek close to mine (while we peered
into the album) and I could feel the lustful
heat emanating from her body.Then she
turned to look at me eye-to-eye.And before
you could say PUSSSY, our lips locked deeply
as our hands groped at each other’s body like
wild beasts, fõndling and caressing as we
hummed into each other’s mouth.
My right hand let go off the album which fell
to the floor and grabbed her soft b—-t,
causing her to squeal softly.I sq££zed and
caressed the b—-t, and she roamed her
hands all over my stiffened body.Then she
tugged at the hem of my polo shirt, pulling it
upwards as my hands tweaked her nippIes
simultaneously and she let go off my lips and
m0aned “ooooh”.

She succeeded in taking off
my shirt and I slid down her micro sleeves,
pulling down her top to her waist and attacked
her b—–s.She sq££zed me to her bossom,
enjoying my tongue on her nippIes as she
m0aned aloud, running her fingers through my

“Keep sU-Cking my títs”
, she rasped, ”I love the way you sU-Ck them”.

I devoured her right
b—-t, licking around her areola and nibbling
her stuby nippIe while my right hand sq££zed
and fõndled her left b—-t.She gasped and
gaped in ragged breaths as I sq££zed both of
her b—–s together and forced her nippIes
into my mouth at the same time; and she shut
her eyes deeply, swirling her tongue like a
serpent (which I don’t know if she was
one.You no fit trust these fine Indian women)
.Then I pulled out of her grasp and she stared
at me with those caramel colored eyes which
were enhanced by her half-moon goggles; and
she began to unbutton her bum shorts, while I
stood up and unzipped my jeans.Soon we
were stark nãked and I stood before her with
my erect d!ck nodding in her face.She cupped
my balls, massaged it and played clumsily
with my s—t, staring at it in awe.I guessed
she wasn’t a c0ckcucker from the way she
acted, so I pushed her down to the couch and
parted her legs, staring at her wet
kitten.Ofcourse I was a dedicated pusse eater.

I took my head between her thighs to give her
Head and she tried to fight me off, but I
persisted, holding her thighs apart and s—-d
her c–tõris instantly.She squealed like a
mouse,gasping desperately before she
succumbed to the pleasure overtaking her
body as she parted her thighs further,
breathing hard.I practically ate her wet cuñt,
digging my right middle finger into her as I
kept sU-Cking her femalecore.Sunil raised her
head and dashed it back to the sofa
repeatedly, mumbling in gibberish, ”sU-Ck, sU-Ck, sU-Ck….Oh sU-Ck it!” and she wrapped her left leg around my back, giving me deeper access into her.

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Then her hips began to gyrate.At first
I thought she was about to come, but she was
only being consumed by lustful passion as her
hips tappered to a frenzy and she raised her
head off the couch and screamed “oh
 and her breath ceased, then
wheezed as she grabbed my head (with both
hands), panting aloud and dashed her head
back to the sofa (with her glasses tilting off
her face).I was wrecking havoc on her **ha ha ha ** I pulled my lips away from her puss- puss, looking down at her as she wriggled on
the couch in pre-o—-m, closing and opening
her thighs repeatedly.And I watched her
bossom heave with each breath she took and
her stomach undulated in ragged
breaths.Leaning forward, she guided my s—t
into her and I began to ram into her.
Her waist rotated and bucked with each t—-t
I made, and I could feel her slurpy wetness
increasing.I moved my waist in rapid jerks,
digging my pr!ck into her as she kept raising
her waist to meet my thrusts, m0an!ng deeply

“oooh, ahhh, oooh, mmmhh”, 
with her hands caressing my chest and my back.We kept
looking into each other’s eyes as we f*cked
like minks.Then she wrapped her legs around
me, taking all of me inside her as she began
to cry out, ”Harder! ohh, Harder!”.

How do I move faster or harder when she was caging me with her legs.Probably she wanted to test my stamina.

So I heaved aloud and began to
pound her like pounded yam, panting and
hammering faster as my sinews were almost

I kept hitting Sunil hard, slowing at some
points to rim her pusse with my d!ck and
resume my pelvic assault on her.She m0aned
and groaned like an animal, receiving my hard
thrusts with whimpers and slight sobs.At a
point I saw films of tears in her lovely eyes as
she shot them open and gaped aloud because
I had located her G-spōt, hitting it at point
blank.I kept hitting her centre of gravity on
and on and on and her legs finally left my
waist (overpowered by my thrusts) and shot
upwards, shaking spasmodically as her thighs
vibrated as well.Then she began to cry
out, ”Please easy, you’re gonna kill me, easy, easy”, but I didn’t stop.Rather I increased my speed, working my hips in circles like a spindle machine and she began to slide off the couch.

Soon her head was off the couch,
pointing towards the ground as her glasses
fell off her face owing to the way I was
banging her.She kept screaming aloud with
her head upside down (you needed to see her
face like a whimpering baby) till I felt her
thigh muscles stiffen, and she wrapped her
legs around me again, whimpering and
shuddering violently as her o—-m
approached.And she clawed at me desperately
climaxing hard, ”Yes, yes, yes, i’m
 and her release
racked her body.I slowed down a bit, looking
into her face as she wheezed and panted,
caressing my head.

“Baby have you come?”
 she rasped and I
replied, ”No dear, we are just getting started!”

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