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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 37


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

She grabbed onto my head so tight as my fingers began to work their way around her p@nty clad crotch. I could feel the Lacey material of her undies which was already drenched and slimy from her oozing wetness as she winced continuously, roaming her palms over my head. With expertise, I shifted the crotch area of her p@anties and inserted my two fingers at once and she bucked her knees, whimpering s£nsu@lly.

All of a sudden she stepped away from me and smiled seductively.

“We forgot the door”
 she said, walking towards the door.

In that brief movement to and fro the doorway, her bakassi kept bouncing and rolling with each step. Oh mehn…..Nurse Mercy was a killer.

I could pay a lot to watch her twerk that heavy backside of hers. When she had come back to me, she sat on the desk before me, with her legs wide open; and i could see her smooth large thighs streamlining into the crevice between her legs as her pink Lacey p@antiesadorned her already puffed p—y lips. I swallowed hard as my jaw dropped in bewilderment.

“Guess you like what you see doc?”
 she asked in the most sexy voice.

At that moment I became uncontrollable and pulled her closer (she gasped) by grabbing her thighs and peeled off her p@anties at lightening speed. She too was uncontrollable and amazed at my eagerness to devour her, and that turned her on the more as she m0aned out“Just take me doc, I’m all yours”. At that instant I dived for her big b—–s and fondled them ferociously, while she struggled to open the buttons of her uniform. Before you knew it, her bust was exposed, guarded by a thin black bra and I buried my face on her melons and began to kiss and sq££ze them.

My hands went behind to unhook the bra and her b00bs jiggled enticingly the moment they were free and she pulled my head down to her bossom as I took a nippIe in my mouth.

She squirmed the moment my tongue curled around her n—-e as I s—-d like a puppy.

My groaning and grunting sounds were audible as i enjoyed the chubby feeling of Nurse Mercy’s jug-like b—–s. She wheezed and puffed, caressing my head while my right hand slid down between her legs and my middle finger parted her labials, causing her to m0an“Mhhhmmm” as I began to finger f–k her (still devouring her bouncing melons).

With my thumb teasing her c–t, i pumped my finger continuously in and out her pusse, feeling her juice squish noisily as she cried deeply in her first o—-m which got her hips rotating sporadically and her inner thighs dampen slightly. She panted in ecstasy, biting her lips with her eyes looking dilated with passion.

“C’mon doc….give it to me hard (she was opening my fly)….just give it to me…”
 and she succeeded in getting my engorged c0ck out of my boxers and I hurriedly slid on a Ruff Ryder condom. Acting under pent up passion, she pulled me closer by my d!ck (thank God she didn’t cut it) and guided my device into her port for me to download her pleasures. She groaned deeply the moment I drove into her slimmy cuñt and she grabbed my shoulders rotating her hips once more like a Persian whõre.

At first I just moved my waist gently in circles, but the feeling of her pusse over my d!ck became so overwhelming that I began to t—-t in and out of her with such wild gusto and energy. Nurse Mercy threw her legs wider open, holding tight to my shoulders (with her head thrown backwards) as her lips blabbed out her pleasures.

It felt so good being between the thighs of the raunchy nurse more as I kept pummelling her love hole at point blank. Then I withdrew from her and went down on her, taking her c–t between my lips and causing her to buck her waist repeatedly.

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“Ooooh yeahhh….sU-Ck me baby” she gasped as I ate her soppy cuñt.

My lips French kissed her labials passionately and I could feel her breath ragging desperately (her b—–s heaving). I gently licked around the surface of her love hole, stopping at intervals to flick her engorged c–t with the tip of my tongue. “Ayyyyaaahh”she rasped out as I teased her c——s. By the they time I was done with eating her out, she was practically begging me to nail her to death. Well…..too bad this was not a Roman crucifixion, but atleast I would give her the Roman f–k. Just as those gladiators did in Spartacus. Maneuvering her into the d—-e position, I slid my bõner into her once more.

I swear, there was nothing as good as banging a large booty from behind. To crown it all, Nurse Mercy knew how to give a man a show of the rear view. As I began to drill her once more, she kept thrusting back and bouncing her voluptuous behind on my g—n while she m0aned rhythmically with my thrusts. She loved being kinky and she turned back to yell at me.

“Spank me baby, spank and f–k me”

(I spanked THWACK!!)

“Yeahhh…spank that a-s!”

(I spanked again)

“Spank me you f—-r!…..just spank and spank and…..ohhhh Gawd!”
 she cried out as I increased the intensity of my t—-t, holding her by the waist. I placed my right leg on my chair and deepened my Penetration into her. That seemed to overwhelm her as she pressed her right cheek to the desk and b@nged her fist desperately, offsetting some of Dr. Saha’s plaques on the desk

Soon I felt her scratching the desk’s surface with her fists clenching, as her whole body began to tremor in approaching o—-m. She whimpered tearfully “Mhhm….mhhmm…”and those s£nsu@l sounds from her were enough to get me blasting away at hyper speed as I approached my c—-x too and we both orgasmed simultaneously with her crying out my name “Oh Goodheaaaaart!” while i groaned like a bull, as I filled the rubber sheath with a spunky load of my wad.

The feeling of Nurse Mercy’s pusse was just so good that I couldn’t withdraw out of her, and I just stood behind her panting like a stallion (my d!ck still in her) while she heaved erect on her elbows.

“That was so good baby”
 I thought I heard her mutter, because I could hardly hear her as I was still revelling in the aftermath of post orgasmic flush.

Still standing behind her, Nurse Mercy turned to sit on the desk, facing me. She threw her arms around me and looked lovingly into my eyes while I slipped off the condom and began to buckle my belt.

“You sabi f–k oo” she said biting my lips softly.

I couldn’t help chuckling at what the lewd nurse had just said. I knew she was making the statement because of the way I had pounded her oversized bakassi.

“Guess you enjoyed it?”
 I asked

“Ah ah”
, she purred “Enjoyed is an understatement. I was seeing stars”
I laughed out loud and she joined me then stopped abruptly to stare into my face. “Help me with my p@anties”, she said, and I bent down to pick her lacey p@anties from the chair and handed it over to her. “Put it on me” she said again, ”After all na you remove am” and she lifted her legs upwards for me. I laughed softly as I gently began to slide on her undies up her legs till I got to her thighs, and she sat up giving me enough room to take the p@anties up to her a-s. It didn’t surprise me that her butt0ckz swallowed up the strings of the undies because I knew she was a merchandise.

“I love that booty baby” I said spanking her nyash with both hands and felt it wobble under my palm.

“Baaad boy” she purred bringing down the hem of her pinafor. “I have to leave now”

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Having said that, Nurse Mercy walked round the desk on her way to the door and I stood watching her sway her hips till she left the office.

It was around 7pm that I got home on that day and met Dr. Sunil seated on her balcony with her earpiece plugged into both ears. She didn’t noticed me walk into the quarters as she was carried away by the music blaring into her head. She startled the moment I came close to her and she pulled out the ear piece and smiled at me.

“Goodevening dearie” she greeted.

“Hi Sunil”
 I replied. “You closed early today”

“Yeah…had to come back early to await his arrival”

“Whose arrival?”
“Karam of course”
 she hissed. ”The guy will becoming anytime from now. We have lot to sort out”

“Then I better get going before one Indian man breaks my head” I said walking away, but she hopped down and ran after me.

“So you are ready to give me up to Karam huh?” she queried.

Which kind queshun this sunita dey ask me sef. Abi na for my mouth im wan hear sey fowl dey get nyash? Na wa oo. Anyway trust me naa, I always know wet in to answer her. So i stopped and turned to face her.

“Do you want me to break your mother’s dying wish?”
 I asked. “Her wish for you to marry your bethroted?”

Omo you go fear naa. See queshun to queshun….typical naija style. The babe no know wetin to answer sef. Na so she just stand speechless dey look me like fish head as I shrug come turn dey go back inside house. Name she wan give jamb queshun abi??

I knew my reply to her would stare a lot of memories and emotions in her concerning her mother’s dying wish. From our discussions so far, I have came to learn that Sunil loved her mum so much and would do anything to please her. But come to think of it. It was not as if I was rejecting the beautiful Hindi doctor….no. I was just trying to do the right thing because didn’t want to be the reason she was refusing to marry her bethroted. I was still brooding over the issue (and loosening my tie) when my phone rang. It was a strange numbe and I picked instantly

 came a sad but familiar voice.

“Hey…Ebere! But this isn’t your number”
 I said. She hissed weakly

“It’s my mum’s phone, I got no airtime”

“So how have you been Eby?” I asked

“Been trying to hold up….mum’s been falling sick since the last time we saw”
 she complained

“I guess it’s still the shock of your dad’s death”

“Yeah, it is”, she replied. ”Well…I called to tell you that the burial date has been fixed”

“And when is it?” I asked with interest

“This month’s, on the 27th”
 she replied.

We were still talking when i heard a voice calling her in the background

“I have to go now”
 she said and dropped the call.

I dropped the phone on the settee and went in to have my shower. While under the laminar flow of the water my mind went back to Dr. Saha, my wonderful boss. The hospital board had out a call through to his family informing them of the health status of their bread winner. And i believed his wife would be in the country anytime from that moment to visit her sick husband. I wished the next dawn would come with a glimpse of hope for the old surgeon whom I’ve always looked up to since my appearance at Briggs Memorial. When I was through with shower, I stepped out of the bathroom nãked (yes I can be a nudist at times) and went into the kitchen to fix a light dinner which I took to the sitting room and ate as I watched MTV base on TV. I had already slept off on the couch when I heard the door bell chime. Remembering I was still nãked, I jumped to my feet and dashed into the room to put on a boxer short and a house coat. After which I hastened to get the door. It was Dr. Sunil standing right in front of my doorstep.

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“What are you doing here by this time”
 I asked looking at the clock. It was 10:30 pm.

“Won’t you let me in?” she asked innocently.

“Okay…come in” I said reluctantly and she walked in majestically in her nightie, then turned to watch me bolt the door, before moving to take a seat. I walked to join her in the couch where we sat staring at each other as I expected her to say something. Finally she broke the silence.

“We made up”
 she said softly. ”Karam and I”

“Really?” I asked in surprise.

“Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?” she said. “A way out of your life”

In that moment I felt a pang of guilt as I lacked the words to defend myself. My eyes fell on her exposed thighs as the hem of her nightie was drawn up her thighs the way she sat. And each breath she took brought my attention to the undulating movement of her orange size b—-t.

“Look Sunil, it’s not the way….”

“I didn’t do it for you anyway” she cut me off as she played with her fingers like a little girl. “I did it for my mum…to honour her wish. If not for that, I wouldn’t let go off you”


“Yes. I can be very persistent when i want something”

“And you think persistence would work on me?”

She turned fully to face me and her nightie went further upon her tanned smooth thighs“Of course it would” she stated. “I know you like me….a lot… but it’s just that you’re afraid of commitment. And I wasn’t planning on forcing you to be committed”

“So you had hoped with time I would get committed to you, right?”

“Certainly…I know you well Goodheart” she said softly caressing ,my cheek. “And I know you enjoy being intimate with me”

“Hmmmm?” I heaved

“Yes I know”
 she whispered. “And I also know I’m turning you on now”

“Oh Sunil…stop that” I tried to avoid her eyes.

Like seriously I was so turned on by her gestures. Her nippIe were already noticeable as they poked the filmy material of her night gown. I tried as much as possible to control my erèction, but for where!……The thing kept rearing it’s head like an anaconda and I finally gave up as it grew so large to form a tent between my legs. Her eyes fell on it instantly.

“You see….”
 she rasped, her eyes fixed on my erèction, ”You want me”

That was when I made to put up my final wall of defence by getting up, and she held me down and grabbed my d!ck. I felt a shock wave run down my spine.

“Oh Sunil”
 I rasped

“Remember you once told me my pusse is one of the best you’ve ever had”,
 she rasped. I couldn’t answer (as I kept swallowing hard) so I nodded. Then she came close to whisper into my ear: “I want you to confirm once more (I gasped). I want you to f–k me again” she whispered. “At least one last time”

“What about Karam?” I rasped

“He’s gone honey…back to his hotel room”
 she purred and began to lick my ear.

That was all it took to get my hormones firing and I grabbed her as my right hand gently slid up her thighs and she parted her legs giving me access to her dripping cuñt.

“That’s it baby”
 she m0aned into my ear.

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