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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 5


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

The following week saw mummy Junior frequently hitting on me.At times she would cook and bring some food to my apartment.She was really a good cook I must say, and was getting naughtier and dirtier with me each passing day.And it was on a week day, when I didn’t go out, that we did the naughtiest of things.She had come to return my polo shirt on that particular day, while I was seated in my veranda reading an erøtic magazine when she walked in.

“I dey greet oo”,
 she said in her usual manner, her lovely scent filling my nostrils.And I looked up at her. ” Mummy Junior goodafternoon”, I answered her and was now studying her.I noticed she had a new hair do and was looking very pretty, coupled with her smooth baby face.

“Why you dey look me like that?” 
she asked

“You look prettier today,”
 I replied “I like your hair style”

And she rubbed her hair with her hand, smiling girlishly. ”Doc you don come again oo”,she said, ”I sey make I come return your polo”.And her eyes caught a glimpse of the pictures on the magazine.And she took it from me and began flipping through the pages. ”I talk am sey na big nyash and bobbie wey you dey like”, she said as she continued flipping through.And her eyes got to a picture of a lady giving a guy a Mouth Job and she stopped, examining the picture. ”E be like sey you dey like dis thing?” she asked indicating at the picture.

“Of course”,
 I replied. ”Most guys like a Mouth Job”

Then she shrugged and said, ”Me neva do am before oo”

“Really?”, I asked and she nodded, smiling.

“But I go like try am shaa”, 
she said with a mischievous grin on her face.Instantly my c0ck grew bold.And she noticed it.

Then she asked, ”You go fit teach me?”.Before I could answer, she went down on her knees, between my thighs and reached for my zipper.She was such a wild woman.

“Mummy Junior we are outside”, 
I said, feeling uncomfortable.And her eyes scanned the whole area, while her hands were fiddling with my fly “Nobody dey here, no dey fear”, she said and succeeded in getting my hard s—t out and hesitated a little before circling her mouth round it.I winced in pleasure as she began to sU-Ck my d!ck, concentrating on the ‘cap’.She s—-d so hard on my d!ck.Infact she was a natural.And I began to doubt she hadn’t done it before.I made her head bob up and down my s—t, while my eyes hovered around.Soon we heard Junior call from their flat “Mummy” and she got up swiftly, looking quite shocked.

“Doc abeg make I go see why dis boy dey call me”, she said and was about to leave, with my shirt still in her head, then she turned back. ”Where I go keep dis your cloth for you?”, she asked.And I told her to hang it in my wardrobe, then she quickly bolted inside to hang the cloth.My d!ck was already throbbing from her oral assault, and needed attention.So I walked in behind her and followed her to my room.She had her back to me, with a hanger and my shirt in her hands when I stepped inside my room.I didn’t fail to notice the voluptuousness of her ikebe through the one piece wrapper on her waist.Then I grabbed her from behind (she was startled) and sq££zed her b00bs.She tried to nudge me off but I tweaked her puffy nippIes and she succumbed.In a flash of events, I loosened her wrapper and and my right hand traveled infront to tickle her big c–t, making her wince as my shirt and hanger fell from her hands.
“Shai Doc….Junior dey call me”,
 she pleaded.But I ignored her and mauled her b—–s with one hand and the other playing with her pusse as she began grinding her hips on my s—t.She was now so aroused and she turned round to face me and her tongue shot into my mouth, ravishing my lips and leaving me breathless.Her hand slid down to my rigid s—t and began to massage hard.Then she unlocked her soft lips from mine and pushed me to the bed, ”Na f–k you dey find abi?” she asked, peeling my shorts down. ”I go give you f–k”,she said and mounted me gradually, spearing her pusse with my d!ck, her big a-s caressing my g—n.

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Then she began to move her hips in circles and it felt wonderful.Her pusse seemed tighter with her on top; and she tightened it further as she ground her crotch on my g—n, almost making me scream out.Mummy Junior was an expert or rather sexpert.S-x with her always blew my mind.And till this day, I still wish to f–k her again.She moved clockwise, anticlockwise and would at times tweak my nippIes, sending vibes of shudders down my body.Then she lifted her blouse exposing her melons and told me to føndle them.As I did, the movement of her hips became rapid jerks and she raised the entrance of her pusse to the tip of my d!ck and f*cked my ‘cap’ alone with her pusse lips and then slid down totally, making me groan as she repeated the action over and over.She was f*cking me into oblivion.And I began to imagine how lucky her husband was to have her.Well, he was in far away Germany having his course, while I was here being f*cked by his wife.Mummy Junior’s labial assault on the tip of my d!ck jolted me back to reality and I knew I would be coming soon from the way she was f*cking me.When she noticed her labials on my ‘cap’ was having the desired effect, she began to move faster, with a satisfactory smile on her face, causing me to swallow in gulps of air and finding it hard to make a sound.She was killing me and she knew it.I think she was trying to punish me for making her ignore Junior.

Then I felt my seed coming up and I grabbed her butt0ckz hard groaning loud in my o—-m and she disengaged quickly, wanking my d!ck fast as jets of c-m shot in the air, spurt after spurt.I was still trying to catch my breath when she wiped the mouth of my d!ck and mounted me again.

“Mummy Junior wait”,
 I tried to withhold her but she covered my mouth with her right hand and began to ride me like a horse.

Mummy Junior was a killer in bed.She held my shoulder in place and pounded me harder and faster, making my body spasm each time she landed on my d!ck.I was going crazy as my legs began to twitch spasmodically and her a-s making swatting sounds as they bounced on my thighs.She meant no mercy as she leaned forward, grabbed my head and nestled one of her giant b00bs in my mouth, squeezing me to her bossom as she continued her massacre.I s—-d earnestly on her b—–s,playing with her nippIes between my lips and she m0aned,”uhhhhhhh” with her eyes tightly shut.Then she told me to spank her a-s while she f*cked me.And I grabbed those huge butts and spanked them continuously,feeling them wobble under my palms.She then became uncontrollable, pounding harder with all she had and almost pounding me into the bed.Then she sat up suddenly (still f*cking me) squeezing her bouncing b00bs and began to cry out, ”Oghene,Yeaa,Oghene…” as she was now in a frenzy, f*cking me at hyperspeed, devoiding my lungs of air as her o—-m approached and she tappered slowly, gyrating her hips rythmically and then stiffened, shuddering on the spot and whimpering as she came, while her pusse tightened around my d!ck and my load was coming.So I tried to push her away but she held me in place with her weight, still convulsing, and I shot my spunk into her, as her pusse milked me off my seed and we came down from our orgasmic bliss……

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She was still on top of me when I managed to catch my breath “Mummy Junior why did you let me come inside you?” I asked.

She looked at me, kissed me on the lips and said, ”You too dey fear…no worry I dey safe”and she lay back on me.Then Junior called again, and she hissed, ”Junior your wahala don too much”, she said softly, as she dismounted from me and drew her blouse down.She then picked up her wrapper, tied it round and said, ”Doc no put me for trouble oo” and she hurried away…Junior kept calling and she answered, ”Junior am coming you hear”, as she walked through my back yard.Then I lay back still breathing hard and relishing my post orgasmic flush with a smile on my face.Mummy Junior will put me in trouble, I thought within.

The next day, I recounted my experience in my new compound to my best pal and colleague, Patrick.And he was like “Seriously?”.Then he adviced me to be careful, that a discovery by Ebere could bring a big fight between she and her aunt.

On that evening I came back home with Patrick, and as we walked through the gate we heard voices raised in a heated argument.I didn’t know what to make of it till I heard the conversation……

 “……….just stop cooking for him”,she yelled ”

Aunty Vokeh: “Then na you good to cook for am abi?”

 “Look aunty l’m still single but you’re married and that makes me different.

Aunty Vokeh:
 “Abeg comot make I pass.Is it bad to cook for him?”

Ebere: “Aunty Vokeh, I swear if you dont stop cooking for him I will call your husband in Germany oo and I will tell him………”[/b]

I stood motionless then turned to look at Patrick, who stood transfixed staring back at me.

Aunty Vokeh:
 “Ebere don’t insult me oo…your mouth don dey sharp shey?”

 “Aunty, advice no be curse, you don old pass….”


Ebere hadn’t completed the statement when mummy Junior slapped her and she screamed and bolted outside, crying and saw Patrick and I standing at the middle of the compound.She ignored us and left through the gate.So Dr.Patrick ran after her and I called mummy Junior outside.I was really angry with her.

“Why did you hit her?”
 I asked.

“Make I leave am to insult me shebi?” she replied.And I yelled at her, ”I’m so disappointed in you”, I continued “There are other ways to treat this issue…..”

“Free me abeg”, she cut me off.

“What if she tells her mum?”
 I asked “You know landlady would be upset that you cooked for me”. Then mummy Junior went beserk, ”Okay naa…so you support her to insult me ehn?”.She began to rant, ”Bcos you dey scatter her nyash”
I tried to calm her down as she was now yelling aloud,

“My thing and her own (she hit her crotch) which one sweet you pass….na im you support am join”.
She hissed and walked back inside still angry, cursing at me.

The incident really put me off.And I prayed my landlady or her husband won’t get to hear it.Mummy Junior could expose Ebere and I out of anger and jealousy.The following day was quite dull for me.Though Ebere promised not to tell her mum, both of us were scared of mummy Junior running her mouth.Nurse Lillian also noticed my mood and tried to bring me out of it (though I didn’t tell her anything because she was a gossip). Ebere left the hospital early that day, while Lillian still hovered around me demanding for s-x.Luckily for her we ran into each other around 6:30pm at the car park, on her way back from the labs and I from the cafeteria.She took advantage of the fact that the car park was dark and lonely, and made her amorous advances once again.She stood in my way and grabbed my crotch.

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“Stop this Lillian”,
 I said but she pushed me back to an ambulance and smacked my lips with kisses.

“I feel so hørny baby”, 
she said breathing hard as she caressed me.

Though I was trying to fight her off, my stubborn d!ck was hungry for her pusse.It was throbbing already.So my hands went behind her and began to sq££ze her petite a-s as she dug her tongue into my mouth.I kissed the nape of her neck, while my hand worked her buttons open and exposed those set of perky b—–s, bringing them out of her bra and began to sU-Ck them, and she sighed softly.I nuzzled her nippIes, teasing them with my teeth and tongue as my hand swayed down to her ctotch.And i shifted her p@anties, inserting my 2 fingers and she squirmed as her juice slurped on my fingers.Then i raised her pinafor up to her waist, turned her round with her back facing me and leaned her on the vehicle, and she wriggled her hips in anticipation.I immediately moved her p@anties to one side then massaged her wet pusse, tickling her c–t and she m0aned “hummmm” her fingers scratching the vehicle glass.Then I began to finger f–k her and she shut her eyes and pushed her butt0ckz backwards wanting more,”Just f–k me now baby”, she pleaded but I kept on digging her honey well with my fingers.When I was done, I tickled her c–t again between my thumb and index finger and her legs almost gave out as they shook and she cried softly,”Take me now doc…please, f–k me crazy” and without warning I drove into her from behind and she whimpered like she was going to cry.My eyes roamed the area as I began to drill her dripping cuñt.She was shuddering with each t—-t I took, jutting her fair nyash backwards and urging me to pummel her harder.Her pusse was slurping and squishing as I f*cked her hard and deep and she began to undulate her hips.At a point, I noticed her legs were giving away so I pressed her further down the hood of the ambulance and rammed her pusse like i’ve never done before, making her yammer carelessly,”Oh my God, keep f*cking…don’t stop,don’t stop…” and I kept on hammering as my thighs slapped on her now pink a-s.I took my hand infront and tickled her c–t (once again) between my thumb and finger, still f*cking her deep and her body quaked hard and she shrieked as o—-m racked her body, but I didn’t stop rather kept f*cking her all the way till she began to cry softly,”Uhh, you’ll kill me, you’ll kill me”.I only managed to hear those words because I was out of this world in the confines of her love hole.Then I felt my geez coming, so I grabbed her hips tightly and pumped some few strokes harder and her body quaked again as I withdrew and spilled my seed on her still vibrating a-s.I had just taken her on a wild s-x rodeo in a short time.She still leaned on the vehicle catching her breath,while I buttoned my fly. ”Are you still hørny?” I asked her but she didn’t reply.

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