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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 6


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

Weeks rolled by and mummy Junior was still not in talking terms with me.She was still angry i had yelled at her for Ebere’s sake.Lucky enough she was yet to divulge our deep secret and I didn’t try to push further so as not to push her to the extreme.I was observing her.She began to greet me formally, absent the compliments.And when i tried to be friendly, she just ignores me or walks away.This went on for a long time and began to piss me off.She could go to hell for all I cared, I thought.

But one morning I woke up feeling very hørny.The konji hold me wella.And my d!ck was throbbing hard.Ebere and I haven’t had s-x since that incident as we were trying to be careful for fear of her aunty Vokeh.And Lillian, the fair pretty gossip, had travelled to see her sick father for over a week.I felt like having a good f–k.To make matters worse, as I was leaving that morning, I saw mummy Junior outside.She looked sexier than ever.Her hair was in braids and she wore a thin fitted night gown which revealed her contours, and her b00bs were struggling for freedom.I swallowed hard.She noticed I was staring at her and she gave a faint smile (to herself) and walked passed me, back into the house.Her ikebe rolling and dropping, her b00bs bouncing.I swear her husband was lucky! To prevent further arousal, I left immediately.

While at work I could scarcely concentrate on anything.The image of that voluptuous backside kept flashing in my head and giving me hard-ons at intervals.I closed much earlier that day and came back home to find the compound really quiet.The neighbors weren’t around (as expected) and Ebere and her parents were yet to be back.That left only mummy Junior at home.

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My d!ck nodded.I went inside my house to arrange my stuffs and summoned the courage to go check on mummy Junior.

I knocked on the door and I heard her voice from inside, ”I dey come oo”, she said, and I stood waiting, hoping she wouldn’t tongue lash me.

Then the door flung open and she saw me, her face creased.

She had just a piece of wrapper tied around her body.

“Ehen? Na Wetin? 
she asked, hissed “mtcheeeew” and walked back inside, leaving me at the doorway.

Atleast she didn’t bang the door at me as expected.I felt relieved.So I followed her back inside, ”Are you still angry?” I asked her as she sat down.She looked at me sternly and said, ”Why I no go para?…Abeg my kids dey sleep I no wan hala here oo” and she hissed again.I assumed she might escalate again and was still mad at me.And i thought within, Konji don deal with me.So I shrugged and turned to leave then she spoke up, ”See your head”, she said, ”You no know when woman dey pull your leg”.I stopped in my way and turned back to look at her and she was smiling.

That was a positive sign I knew.So I walked back to her and squatted before her, placing my hands on her round thighs.Her seductive fragrance hitting my nose.

“Doc you fall my hand, big time”, she said.


“Sorry naa”, 
I replied.

So she said, ”I know sey na konji dey catch you”,and she poked my nose.

I laughed, then tickled her and she gave one big wild laughter, her voluptuous body shaking and causing her wrapper to loosen a bit around her bossom.I could now see a great portion of her b00bs.Then she threw her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her and the wrapper completely left her bossom, I gaped.

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“You know sey I like you”, she said, ”And I know sey you go come back”

“How?” I asked.

And she replied, ”No man wey enter here (she pointed her crotch) wey no go come back”.

Wow, this woman was raw and that was what I loved about her.

Before she could say anything else, I took a nippIe in my mouth, and s—-d lavishly and she winced “psssst” tickling my ears.

I moved from one b—-t to the other, føndling and squeezing hard, causing m0ans [b] “ooooh” to leave her lips.Her body was yearning for me and she was hørny too.

Then I stopped.

“What of your kids?”
 I asked.

“Dem dey sleep”,
 she m0aned, pushing her b00bs into my face and I s—-d away.I lashed at her nippIes, sU-Cking and devouring her big melons like a hungry kitten, nibbling them at intervals and she pressed me further.

I now took her nippIes between my teeth, teasing them to rigidity and she gasped as her hand roamed around my body.

Then she gradually pushed my head down her body and I used my tongue to tease her sexy body, till she held me in place between her smooth thighs.Her pusse was gleaming wet.

So I lapped swiftly at her c–t and she jerked, her b00bs heaving.

My tongue worked its way round her labials, tracing an ‘O’ round it tickling her c–t along, and she pressed my head deeper, m0an!ng, ”Doc, i like the way you sU-Ck me” her breath rasping.So I resumed full assault on her wet cuñt.I ate her thoroughly as I s—-d her labials and c–t, tongue f*cking her along.She began to wriggle like a worm at the mercy of my tongue, her hands føndling her b—–s.

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I was taking her to cloud 9.Then she closed her thighs round my head and spasmed sporadically, before opening them up again.

When she had had enough of my tongue f*cking, she pushed me to the floor and mounted me but I maneuvered her and so we kept rolling to and fro, groping and tearing at our bodies like s-x starved dogs.Soon she had taken my clothes off and lay on her back, spreading her pusse with her fingers.I loved it when she did that.

So gradually I penetrated her moist caucus and began f*cking her to oblivion.She grabbed my a-s desperately and kept urging me on.And told me to sU-Ck her b—–s, while I f*cked her.And I did, and that seemed to drive her crazy and she threw her legs up as I b@ngedharder.Her lips began to quiver and her legs gyrated spasmodically, while she m0aned aloud, ”Yey, yey, yey, ohhh yey….”. Mummy Junior was wild in bed (and I feel like f*cking her again and again).She grabbed me tightly, her manicured nails digging into my back.

I was lucky she didn’t rip my skin apart.

My thrusts were getting faster and deeper, pummeling the very depths of her honey well and her juice was beginning to leak, making squishing sounds as I kept on nailing her snatch.We were so carried away by lust and passion, enjoying the heat of our ecstacy (as mummy Junior kept on screaming), when someone called from outside.

“Vokeh! Vokeh!!”

Startled, i suddenly tappered to a halt.

Mummy Junior scrambled underneath me, a look of shock on her face.

“Doc…na my sister!” she exclaimed.
I was trapped.

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