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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 8


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

“Oh yeahhh…yeesss…yeesss!” Lillian cried out as I f*cked her to smitherings.She had enticed me to join her home to spend the weekend with her.It was a Saturday evening and we had been through a marathon s-x throughout the previous day.She pouted she had missed my d!ck in her, and that was true.Owing to the fact that Ebere and mummy Junior were showering me with enough straff, I hadn’t been giving Lillian’s pusse enough attention.

She kept on screaming, ”Yes baby…like that…oh yeahhh!” as I kept banging her with non-stop action.I maneuvered her to her side and penetrated her from behind, as she parted her legs, placing her right thigh on my right leg.My hands held her hips tight as I jerked my waist back and forth, proding her love hole as she m0aned softly, “uhhmmm” caressing her body.With my d!ck still pummeling her, I moved my hand to her b—–s and sq££zed hard, tweaking her nippIes and she gasped with her eyes tightly shut.She spread her legs wider and I t—-t deeper, hitting her at point blank and her wetness made slurping sounds.Lillian was such a s-x freak and she was enjoying every bit of my spooning.I kept revving her pusse in a circular rhythm and she whimpered, muffling her sounds with her fingers in her mouth as her m0ans became an orchestrated music filling my ears, and heightening my pleasure.I slipped my hand down to her c–t, tweaking it like a guitar as I thrusted harder and faster, making her b00bs bounce to my rhythm and she began to m0an aloud, ”Oh Jeez…yeesss…ohh yeahhh…”and her right hand moved behind to regulate my thrusts but I kept hammering hard.And she grasped the sheets, opening and closing her mouth without making words as my g—n slapped hard on her butt0ckz, filling the room with the sweet sound of s-x.

Then she bagan to t—-t back, using the sheet as a pivot and jerked her a-s like rotors; making her a-s cheeks massage the length of my s—t, causing me to spasm and slow down in ecstacy as she m0aned softly, ”ooooh”.I could feel my seed building up, but I didn’t want to come yet.So I stopped and let her f–k me.Lillian knew how to f–k a man.She rocked her hips back and forth, tightening her pusse around my d!ck, then gyrated her hips in circles.She was d–n good.

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When I had received enough of her teasing, I grabbed her hips once more and withdrew my s—t up to its tip, then drove in hard Wham! and she jerked, her eyes shot open as she cried out “owwww”.I repeated the action severally, making her spasm at each t—-t, with me pummeling her hard and steady as she grabbed my hand to her b—–s and began to mumble, receiving my thrusts with series of whimpers.

I b@nged her so hard like I was to win a medal, causing her thighs to vibrate at each t—-t.Then she began to jerk spasmodically, arching her back as her hips gyrated, pressing my palm to her b—–s and throwing her head backwards as she gave her cry of release…I withdrew from her and she turned and gobbled my d!ck in her mouth, working the tip slurpingly till my waist jerked forward and I shot my seed into her lovely sweaty face, and I fell back to the bed, heaving.She looked at me smiling with my geez smacked over her face.

I resumed the next week feeling refreshed and satisfied.Lillian had taken the stress of the previous week out of me.While Ebere still wondered where I had been throughout the weekend and I told her I had been with my buddy, Patrick.Of course Patrick covered my tracks.And as for mummy Junior, the hørny woman kept ringing my line but I never answered.Though she still afforded to drop a Love Text, saying how much she missed me.Her expressions of love to me was beginning to keep me on the edge and made me begin to regret having an affair with her.And even if never wanted to f–k her, my ‘Scooby’ won’t stay at a place.But rather jerk erect at the sight of her ikebe.She was almost getting me in trouble with her mind blowing s-x.So I prayed for her stay to expire so she could go back to Warri with her husband.Atleast to keep her far away from me.Maybe the distance would create an Out-of-Mind situation for us.


The hospital lobby bubbled that morning with activity as usual.Swarming with staffs and patients, either coming in or going out.I walked to the receptionist to inquire for a patients card, and looked back to see an angelic beauty walk into the waiting room.A tall and leggy lady she was, with a fair skin and a wicked curve.I could notice her full rounded thighs from her black mini skirt.She wore a white tank top, revealing the outline off her thin bra.Whooo! She was d–n sexy.
The lady walked passed me, swaying her hips enticingly before going to take a seat at the waiting area, with the other patients.What could have brought such a beauty to the hospital, I wondered.Probably she came to see a sick relative, for she was too beautiful to fall sick.I smiled..The receptionist noticed me staring and nudged my hand, ”Doc you too like better thing”, he said.I only shook my head, speechless and collected the patients card I came for and left, still stealing glances at her.And suddenly she caught me staring and looked intently at me.I could swear I saw her give a faint smile, and she looked away.

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My desk was quite messy when I got into my cubicle.Lillian had distracted me the previous Friday making me abandon it that way before going for the weekend.I took my seat and began to put things in order.Little had I finished, when I noticed someone walk in; and I looked up to find the angelic beauty standing right in my cubicle, before my desk.My mouth ran dry of saliva instantly as I could feel my heart thump rapidly.

 she said in a soft voice.

I jerked back to reality and offered her a seat.

“How may I help you?”
 I asked, my voice fading.

She said she had come to check her Blood Pressure because she had been feeling dizzy and nauseaus.So I asked her to take the seat closer beside me for easier check-up.Taking my Steth and Sphyg, I turned left to wrap up her arms and noticed her mini skirt drawn up, revealing her fleshly succulent thighs.I swallowed hard.

She pretended (or so I think) not to notice my plight and offered me her right arm to cuff up.And I went down to business, my eyes ogling her thighs from time to time.They were lovely.

When I was through with her, she got up to return to her seat (infront of my desk) and asked, ”Hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable?” her hand referring to her thighs.

“No dear”, I replied, forming hardcore.
And she took her seat and giggled.

“I saw you staring at me at the lobby”, 
she said.

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“Erm-me, no I wasn’t”, I tried to lie, but my countenance betrayed me.And I looked away from her.She sat quietly, observing me as I prepared her report and she said, ”You seem like a nice guy” she crossed her sexy legs still staring at me, ”Can we be friends?”

I raised my head to look at her.She was having an effect on me and she knew it.And for all I care, she could be a set up from a detractor to mar my growing career.And I wasn’t going to fall for it.But I had to be polite about it.

“So sorry my job ethics doesn’t allow such”,
 I said, trying to sound official.
She scoffed, ” So much for job ethics”, she sounded sarcastic, and I shot her an angry look.

“I’m sorry if I sounded rude”, she said, ”But I think I know your job ethics than you do”

I looked at her sternly. What could she know about my ethics? Then she opened her bag, brought out a writing pad and scribbled something on it, ”Here is my number”, she moved the paper towards me, ”You may need to call me….later”, she said and took her med report from me and left my cubicle, her scent dousing the air.I picked the paper and looked at it, ”08034…2…rubbish”, I said, tossing it aside.What made her think I would call her.She could be a trap from my detractors.I had heard of such stories, while still in medical school, how young doctors get ruined by such traps.I wont fall for this one.

By evening, Nurse Ebere passed me a message that the Chief Medical Director had called for a brief meeting with everyone at the common room.So I headed straight to the place to meet the others already gathered there, and Patrick signalling me to his position.The CMD walked in minutes later to address us.And following behind him was the angelic beauty.What was she doing here? I asked, my attention focused on her, making me miss the beginning of the speech.But I caught the last words which struck me hard as the CMD’s barritone voice rang out, ”……my daughter Leturah”, he said, holding the angelic beauty by her arms….OMG! she was the CMD’s daughter.I was dumbstruck.

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