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My Distraction [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 9


My Distraction [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

The brief meeting came to an end and everyone dispersed as Leturah shot me a look that seemed to say “And now what”.

I couldn’t believe the CMD’s daughter fancied me.When she was done talking with her father, she walked up to me.

, she said, extending her hands.And i shook hands with her “Dr.Goodheart”, I replied.She held my hand for a while smiling mischievously. ”Like I said, you seem to be a smart guy…and a good one”, she said, letting my hand free.

I shrugged at her compliment, ”I guess my name affects me”, I replied smiling softly…I asked her why she had come for a check-up with me but she laughed and replied,”Let’s say I was trying to confirm your expertise”.

I think she had heard things about me.So I nodded my head in cognizance.

Leturah was the only child of Prof.Chiugo the CMD, and was a paediatrician.She had just come back from Geneva, Switzerland where she had been majoring in paediatrics, and decided to hook up with Briggs Memorial hospital within the city.She told me she preferred practicing far away from her father and of course she lived alone, though to the displeasure of her father who would do anything to please his little girl.

Talking about Briggs Memorial hospital, it was a state of the art facility.Better equipped, and with a better pay, since they were in partnership with Roche, a Swiss health care company in Geneva.I had always dreamt of working there after my residency training, but the ‘long legs’ weren’t available for me.Such a place was a top class to kick start a swelling career in medicine…Leturah excused herself and walked away, swaying her apple shaped ikebe as her b00bs bounced with each step she took.She was indeed magnificent.

It was later in the evening of that day I learnt that Leturah had come as a scout for Roche Healthcare to get some good hands to fill the vacancies at Briggs Memorial hospital.And that would be done with her father’s assistance.My heart elated at the opportunity, but there was a shortcoming on my side.I was a resident doctor and there were others who could be more qualified to fill the spaces.It was a 20 per cent chance for me.

I got home that day feeling tired and quite downcast concerning the fact that i was about loosing a golden opportunity.I went in to have a cold shower after which i glued to the TV set.Then an idea occurred to me.Leturah had given me her number on a platter of gold and that was for a reason.The lady liked me and wanted me to call her, probably so she could fix me up.No wonder she said I might need to call her later.I hadn’t saved her digits yet on my phone, so I went in to search for the piece of paper containing her number, and found it.I took in a deep breath and punched in the numbers and it rang.

“Hello sweet,”
 her voice came from the other end.Why was she calling me ‘sweet’? Probably she mistook me for someone else.

“Dr.Goodheart on the line”,
I said

“Yeah I know….Dr.Patrick gave me your number”,
 she replied.Then I began to stutter,

“Er-erm, I-er”
, and she giggled.

“I know you would call”
, she said, ”Ain’t so easy to resist a sexy woman with benefits, huh”. She was certain I would call and had been expecting it.I asked her about my chances of being on her list and she laughed into the phone.

“You’re just a resident doctor you know that” she said and i felt embarrassed.She had this way of belittling a person, and i guess she noticed the change in my countenance and she said softly, ” But we can fix something up”.There was hope.
“How?” I asked.

“Let’s go on a date…talk things over”,
 she said.The idea was fine by me, so we picked a Friday by 5:00pm, leaving my finger crossed.

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Friday finally came and as usual, there was not much to do at work, so I closed early.Leturah had said we would be going in her car and I didn’t mind that.The job was more important.I stood before the mirror checking myself out when my phone rang and I looked at it ‘LETURAH’ it said, and my watch said 5 o’clock.Then I knew she was within the vicinity where I lived.So I hurried out and met mummy Junior on my way out sitted in her car rummaging through some papers.And she smiled at me,

“Hmmm, doc you look sharp oo”, 
she said, ogling me. Where you dey go naa?”
I told her I had a function to attend and she replied, ”Hope sey you go come back early..I don dey miss you”.But I ignored her and walked on.I had a career to step up and Leturah was my only chance, so no frivolity would stop me.

Leturah was parked at just a stone throw from my residence.She saw me coming and beeped twice, signaling me to hurry up.When I got into her car, she was pleased to see me.

, she said, ”….no peck for me?”

And I leaned to peck her smooth dimpled cheek, she smiled.She looked stunning, with a black sleeveless, mini-gown which drew up to her upper thighs (as she sat) leaving me with a growing hard-on, and a hardness to swallow.Then she revved the engine and we hit the road.

The dinner date with Leturah was awesome.We talked about a lot of things like her family, her career and how lucky she was to be a paediatrician at a young age.We laughed about that one especially.Then came the issue of Briggs Memorial, and she stopped talking and her eyes fixed on me.I shot her a despairing look.

 I asked

“I like you doc”,
 she said, ”A lot for that matter.I could feel her eyes piercing into my psyche and she spoke up ,”I’m doing this for your sake…even my dad might not like it”, she said looking serious.This lady was helping me for a reason and I knew it…LUST!…or would I say Infatuation.I saw it in her eyes anytime she stared at me.I cleared my throat,
“Thanks Dr.Leturah for….”
 and she cut me short, placing her index finger on my lips, ”Call me Letty”, she said, her finger teasing my lower lip.A couple beside us gave us a lewd look and she withdrew her hand, giggling.

I looked at my watch and told her I was about leaving and she offered to drive me home.Once again i got into her car.We had driven for a while on the Freeway when she took a wrong turn and I looked at her inquisitively as she smiled without taking her eyes off the road.

“Sorry…change of plans”,
 she cooed. ”We’re going to my place”.

“But that wasn’t the agreement”, I said, quite upset.I hated it when a woman took decisions into her hands.Suddenly she pulled over, hitting the brakes and bringing the car to a quick halt.Then turned to look at me.


“Aren’t you gonna show some appreciation”
, she said in a soft voice and I knew what she meant.

“Atleast not tonight”, I said.

But she drew closer, ”I’m attracted to you, baby”, she purred, “and i want you…that’s why i’m doing all these”, and her left hand crawled up my thighs to my crotch, and she sq££zed lightly, I jerked.My d!ck was already engorged in her grasp and she sq££zed harder.

“I feel something big in there”
, she said in a rasped whisper, breathing hard.Her lips were slightly parted with desire, and all my sense were aroused to breaking point.She was irresistibly sexy.Then out of reflex, my hand grabbed her left b—-t and sq££zed, as our lips met in a wild tango.I s—-d her velvety tongue, tweaking her nippIe and causing her m0an to muffle in my mouth.She was still grabbing my crotch, squeezing it as I let my hand drop to her thighs, moving to her crevise and she parted her legs, allowing my finger slide into her wetness and………

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She winced aloud, licking my chin and breathed into my ears, ”You turn me on baby”, she m0aned, devouring my lips once again.We kept føndling each other’s body, engrossed with our desires when there was a knock on her window and we startled.A security man stood by the window talking, his words muffled by the glass.She turned and wound down the glass.

“Madam na person frontage be dis abeg”,
 the man said rudely.We were already in the GRA were Leturah lived, so she apologized and we zoomed off; with my d!ck stiff all the way.
It was all in a matter of minutes when we got to her house.And we got out of the car, groping at each other’s body.Our lips locked again as she wrapped a hand around my neck while the other hand fiddled with the key hole.She succeeded in unlocking the door and we bumped in, humming as we kissed.
“….the bedroom”,
 she whispered, and I scooped her into my arms, while she pointed the way forward.

Once we got to the bedroom, I sprawled her on the bed and she sat up and grabbed me, tugging my shirt off my body, then turned her back for me to unzip her dress.And I slowly peeled off her silky p@anties revealing her beautiful crotch.Leturah had a lovely body, with full round b—–s (34DD) and a wide hips which was supported by full fleshy thighs.Her light skin complimented everything.We were now nāked, rolling frantically on the bed like cubs in the heat of passion.Swiftly, she maneuvered to the 69 position and sank her dripping pusse into my face, bending down to gobble my d!ck at the same time.

My tongue instantly shot into her honey pot and she jerked her hips as her mouth tightened around my s—t.She wasn’t a good c0ck sU-Cker, but she gave a nice try, slurping on the cap of my d!ck continuously and m0an!ng along.I sq££zed her fleshly butt0ckz while sU-Cking on her labials, teasing her pusse with my tongue and lapping lavishly around her v—a, causing her mouth to leave my d!ck as she m0aned aloud, ”uhhmmm…yeah baby….”and she resumed her mouth job on me.I could taste her cuñt juice on my tongue as I proded deeper into her pusse, tickling her c–t and she began to grind her pusse on my face, and f*cking my tongue.I responded immediately by thrusting my tongue in and out, to her rhythm and she let go off my c0ck and m0aned louder, ”Ohhh…mmhh…oooh”, jerking her hips gently.Encouraged by her response, I moved my tongue to her butt crack and teased her (she shuddered) and s—-d her c–t steadily, causing her to jerk upright on my face as her whole weight sank my tongue once again into her K—y-cat and she squirmed, ” oooh…God”, f*cking my tongue steadily and gyrating her hips as she sq££zed her b—–s, m0an!ng aloud.

I licked her pusse voraciously as I ate her labials like they were chocolate, tracing my tongue round her cuñt.And she went into a frenzy, jerking rapidly on my face with her hand holding my head behind as she kept m0an!ng.I was eating her to ecstasy.Suddenly she disengaged from her position, with her breath whizzing and lay on her back, throwing her thighs wide apart, exposing her stuby c–t.

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“Ride me baby”,
 she m0aned, her gaze fixed on my throbbing d!ck.I didn’t need her to inform me before I could ride her, because that was what I had in mind all along.Before you could say ‘Jack’, I positioned between her legs while she lifted her thighs with her hands as I pierced her love hole, and she closed her eyes hissing “hsssst” and m0aned “ooooh” as I began to drill her snatch.

Leturah was so wet as I f*cked her, and her pusse began to make squishing sounds accompanied by slurps which were complemented by her soft m0ans while I f*cked her slowly, moving my waist from left to right and then in circles.She seemed to welcome my mild thrusts as she wriggled beneath me, tweaking her nippIes and sU-Cking her fingers.I was giving her a good f–k.

Then I bucked my waist higher, increasing my tempo with each successive t—-t and her hands left her b—–s and grabbed my shoulders, widening her eyes and mouth, overwhelmed by the sudden change in tempo as she gasped deeply.I pounded her hard and fast without stopping, and she gave a shriek and began to scream aloud, ”ohh…ohh…ohh” and I kept on banging hard, moving my waist to different directions from time to time.And she dug her nails into my shoulder, as her lips began to quiver frantically.Then I felt her hips buck backwards and she arched her back, thrashing her hands desperately on the bed with her face to one side, and eyes tightly shut as she cried out, ”Yeesss…right there…f–k me…right there” and I b@nged on, encouraged by her demands, moving my waist at ‘hyperspeed’, riding her all the way and was lost in realms of passion.Till i felt her begin to shudder, whimpering and spasming at the same time, m0an!ng out incoherent words as her o—-m racked her body.And she gave a melodious tune “hmmmm” as she came so hard, her body convulsing….I tappered to a halt, rotating my d!ck within her depth as she breathed out, ”Oh God,oh God…give me more…more baby”, she whizzed.

I sat up smiling at her spasming body and maneuvered her to the d—-e style.She said she wanted more and I was going to give her more.I stuffed a pillow under her stomach and pressed her down to bed, making her wide hips jutt in the air.Gently I penetrated her (holding her hips) and began to t—-t again.Her a-s vibrated with each t—-t I gave and it felt so wonderful seeing her fair bums wobble at my command.I smiled in satisfaction and resumed pummeling harder, making her rotate her hips in unison with my assault.And she began to t—-t back, rising on both hands and threw her head backwards, enjoying the feeling of my s—t in her and started to yammer, ”Yeahh…that’s so good…that’s so good…”

My thrusts were begining to go ‘hyperspeed’ again as I positioned my s—t to hit her centre spot and pummeled harder, making her thrash her head back to the the bed.And i pressed her hips lower, swatting my tighs on her vibrating a-s and she grabbed the sheets, stuffing them into her mouth to muffle her cries as she screamed, ”oh shít, oh shít, oh shít”. I kept f*cking her in a wild marathon.Then I felt her pusse stiffen around my c0ck, sending vibes to my brain as I groaned like a bull.And her body began to tremor, ushering her into another spasming o—-m (she continued screaming) as we climaxed together with my seed spurting up her back…..We fell back to the bed, our bodies gleaming with sweat.

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