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Final Days In School [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 3


I was a bit perplexed seeing her with almost all her belonging…I couldn’t halp but to ask
Me: ah bea..u came **not the word I was planning to use**

Sandra: yea ….u invited me ..remember!
Me: yea sure…I mean ur welcome *i manage to say*

Sandra: thanks…I really appreciate we’re should I keep the bag??
Me: thatz the cloth shelf over there..
Sandra: ok

Soon I herd a knock on the door, before mhy door flung open again..** what is it wit people that don’t wait to b invited in before barging in someone room today** it was stev aka arisToTO 1…if someone is addicted to sex its this dude..I still wonder I I get to play along wth him

Steve: lucky owfa nw..exam just finish u just move

Me: mhy guy nor mined jor ….I just come huz com relax …the sun tomuch
Steve: mhy guy!!!! Shake me! Shack me! (Stretching is hand forward for a hand shake wit so much energy…) So u don finaly dhy learn work abi

Me: which work….I nor no watein u dhy align mhy guy(trying to pretend that I don’t know wat his talking about)

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Steve: u nor no urself….u run com huz com piss 4 dis babe waste ..u dhy pretend say u nor no$

Me: guy calm down now…she nor b anytng to me o…na person wa just need ….

Sandra: bros moni …..I b bros lucky hot frnd**
What kind of introduction is that…I mean who introduced them self like that**
Steve:….hahahahahaa I see am 4 ur eye say u bad ….abeg lucky nver to hold ground 4 d mata like dat..take am easy with am
Sandra: bros nor reason am..I go bring am up….abeg u no we’re I fit buy wisdom grass

Me: watein b wisdom grass
Steve: yes nw..I go go buy later…and I fit buy com 4 u…u still dhy d game (avoiding my question completely)
Sandr: yes boss..

Steve: mata I go run am com 4 u..and I go show u our shearatu cus lucky …cus dis mhy guy nor go let u run am 4 he barthrom
Sandra: no mata ….I go com.

All this covo was just going all…and all I could do was sit in my bed with the my hands on my head** jez wat hav I done*
Steve: lucky later nw…
Me: later mhy guy
Immediately steve left ..sandra went back to the kitchen doing heaven’s knows what..soon an aroma started resurrecting my dead appetite ….I walked to d kitchen to meet her drinking lacassara apple drink….thou I suspected dat drink was not pure…

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Wat are u drinking..and wat are u cooking
Sandra: I am cooking and drinking lacassara as u can see.( She said smiling as if she just won a jack pot)

Me: hmmm…y? Is late already u no…the time is almost 9

Sandra: then u wish to sleep with that empty stomach??? No I cnt stand that cus u will b needing all your strength tonight ( she said and wink)

I don’t need to appear weak or scared neither do I need to pretend that I don’t no wat shez doing….

Have nver been scered of girls…I mean I don’t have any reason to be… After all am blessed with a monster 8inc antena that I hardly used

She gave me a cup of laccasara drink I collected it I drank it up…..cus I knew it was not an ordinary the bitter taste confirmed mhy suspicion..

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Me: na so laccasara com dhy bitter
Sandra: I nor noo

She was about to walk away from me …I grabbed her by the arm… Watin dhy dat drink u give me

Sandra: na 500 milligrams of TM(tramadol)
Me: Jesus!!!! 500. E nor to many
Sandra: nor b only drink am boo..calm down
Just then mhy phone rang I wnt to pick it up..the caller was no other person than steve
Steve: abeg tell u babe make she com meet me now for 4 juction
Me: bros dhy don dark nw

The call ended.. I raised mhy head up to see sandra walking out of mhy room she must have herd wat steve said cus the phone was on speaker phone
AM doom! Was all I could say

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