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Hacker Takes Over Dencia’s Instagram, Leaks Her Nude Photo She Shared With A Footballer (See Full Details)


Dencia’s social media accounts have been hacked by an unknown person.

It all started with a post on her page by the hacker demanding money from the singer’s followers, claiming that they have explicit details of her alleged relationship with top names.

Here’s what the hacker posted first:

And when the singer’s followers lashed out at them, they taunted the incensed followers, threatening to post her explicit photo to prove that they mean business.

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And they did post a photo of the singer taking a nude selfie (we have cut off explicit portion from the photo):

The hacker also published details of the singer’s tax records. We couldn’t confirm the truthfulness of this, but the hacker claimed it is proof that actress Lisa Raye McCoy’s 2016 slander affected the Whitenicious empire.

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Recall that while promoting an ambitious movie, McCoy went on the radio station to slam Dencia’s beauty cream, claiming it causes skin cancer and dark knuckles/elbows. Dencia slammed the actress with a lawsuit and McCoy pleaded for an out-of-court resolution. It is unclear if Dencia finally forgave the actress, but now the hacker is unearthing that messy drama.

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All these leaks are pissing off Dencia’s fans, especially since the hacker seemingly is most-interested in sharing the singer’s legal battle with McCoy.

However, Dencia’s business page Whitenicious confirmed fan’s fears: her accounts, indeed, have been taken over by unknown persons. Luckily, they have been able to track the perpetrator through an IP address showing a London location.


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