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Healer [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 17


Healer [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1


“Are you sure you want to do this?”Her mother asked two days later when she went to visit. Her father, being a very hard to read man had placed himself at one end if theliving room, reading a newspaper as if it was none of his business. He had been the one to kick against the idea of Kendra’s marriage to Connor and she looked up at him in shame. He was the reason she didn’t visit them while she stayed with Alex.Alex.He had been released already after that stupiddeal she made with Connor few days ago.She nodded. Her mother sighed almost to the point of tears.“I knew it. What kind of husband is this?”Her mother said.

“When he had been coming and coming I should have known something wasn’t right.”She looked at her husband who had turned the next page of the newspaper to read.“Honey, you’re not saying anything. Do you want your daughter to die?”Her husband looked up at her, then passed a look at his daughter who lowered her head to her hands.“What do you want me to say? I said all I couldsay the day she insisted on marrying that excuse of a man. Look! Go to the store and you will see lots of your husband’s gifts whichare almost getting spoiled. All for what? So hecan keep destroying the life of my daughter with our eyes closed. I told you it wasn’t right but what did you say? That she’s our only daughter and we should support her happiness.

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”He looked at Kendra.“Are you happy now? What do you want me to do? I will not be disgraced because of you,Kendra.”Kendra was already crying and her mother turned to her father in tears too.“Daddy, please I’m sorry.”She said. He didn’t burge. The man was a hard but to crack and Kendra knew that he was very angry with her. Perhaps that’s one ofthe reasons she hasn’t found happiness in her marriage.

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“Daddy, I’m sorry.”She said again.“Don’t do this,Honey. She’s our only child. Your only child.”He turned sharply at her. “My only child will not bring me shame by leaving her husband’s house.”He looked at Kendra.“Go back to your husband’s house,Kendra. That’s what is required of you now.”She sniffed and went down on her knees, holding the leg of her father.“I know I erred. I should have listened to you. Ihave to do it for Alex. Please dad, I’m sorry.”She knew how much her father loved her evenwith her stubborn attitude while she was growing up. Her mother gave her father a pleading look. “I’m not asking you to take me into your home. I’m only asking you to forgive me,dad. Please I’m sorry.”He sighed and looked up at the ceiling as i

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