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Healer [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 21


Healer [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

I thought it was stupid at first because you and I weren’t talking much but she went ahead and took pictures of you in your beaten state. I wanted to show you but I was waiting for you to recover well before I did it.”
She looked again. That was enough evidence. This was her lying unconscious almost dead with blood all over her and marks of beatings. She still had the scars although they were a bit faint.

“Now answer me,Kendra. Will you testify against Connor in court?”
Tears rolled down her eyes as she looked at him. She nodded.
“I’ll do it. God help me but I’ll do it.”
She jumped in him in a tight hug, crying and thanking him. Then she kissed him full on the mouth. Being a man, he didn’t object. He pulled her closer for more.


The court case was hectic and it took days and almost weeks. Connor had been shocked when he was informed that he was to appear in court for a hearing. He had threatened Alex and Kendra to frustrate them and he had been doing it quit well, until a day came and Nina, one of Kendra’s Maids in the house had appeared at Alex’s door to speak with Kendra. And the lady had offered to testify against her boss. She had been Kendra’s maid for three years and she had been the one to treat her wounds whenever she was beaten up so bad. Nina had been the one to tell the court the while story.

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“She’s my madam. I’ve worked for her for three years. I came in when she just married our master. And it didn’t take long for him to start hitting her. Some times he used his belt on her, He even has a long whip in his bedroom which he uses on her every time. We always heard the voice of our mistress up in the bedroom where he beats her sometimes to a coma. But no one would do anything, we were all scared of losing our jobs so we kept quiet. Until I’ll see him leave the house and then go up to her. She always has blood on her body. She’s a string lady. I’m surprised she hadn’t died since then.”.

Nina spoke with tears in her eyes and her gaze fully on Kendra who smiled her, giving her a silent thank you.

Nina’s testimony and the pictures were strong evidences against Connor. The divorce happened like a dream come true. Kendra was free.

Her relationship with Alex improved and she got happier than ever. She didn’t want to rush like she did with Connor so she it took her a year to finally say yes to Alex.
Two weeks after the divorce, The news carried it that Connor had been found dead on his bathroom floor in a pool if his own blood. He had taken a bullet through his head.

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Kendra felt sorry for him though he had made her the benefactor of his company. She still wished he had stayed alive to see her carrying her baby.

She smiled with Alex beside her in the scan room when the doctor showed her the baby in her womb. She looked up at Alex and he looked happy and impressed. She was seven months gone. Two more months to be called a mother, she couldn’t wait. She smiled at the screen, watching her son.
“Its okay, little one. I’m always here waiting for you.”

She said to the screen and smiled up at Alex. He bent and took her lips in his, kissing her hard while the female doctor grinned at them like an idiot.

She had seen Connor as her weakness and so he did all those things to her and she couldn’t fight back. But Alex was different. She was right when she said her mother would be great friends with Alex mother. Both women just couldn’t get enough of each other’s company.

Her life was finally in place.

She had seen hell at a very young age. And she had also started her Paradise at a very young age too. She knew that if she had waited she wouldn’t have seen hell and she would probably have met Alex earlier.
She opened a blog two months after her divorce, on broken women. She wrote two books on her life story which were already best selling. She went for shows and motivational talk on women affairs, because people wanted to hear her story. And her story had impacted a lot into the lives of billions of people. She wanted to pull a lot of women out of the pit they found themselves and encouraged others too.

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Alex wasn’t just her husband, he was her strength. And she did everything possible to be his strength as well. She trusted him, he would never hurt her. Even if he did, he never did it on purpose. Many people said there was a magic behind weddings and she never believed until now. She had met her husband at a wedding both first and second.

She smiled at herself two days after the scan as she stood at the balcony of her house with Alex and thought of the day they first met. Who would have known that he was an angel sent to help her And that day she had hated him like crazy. She laughed within her. He was her angel…her doctor…. Her HEALER…


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