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Lies Of The Heart – Season 1 Episode 1 – Stories


At Urmi’s residence, A young and Beautiful small town girl Urmi lives with her parents, brother, sister-in-law, younger sister and grand-mother. Urmi’s marriage has been fixed with Samrat. Everybody prepares for Urmi’s pre-marital rituals. Urmi’s family is shown to be excited preparing for her wedding, and all geared up and excited, from the gents to the ladies. All are having fun and engage in friendly banter, while the marriage related teasing go on.

Granny too comes and gives the relatives some last minute advise, on getting the first ritual in the series of marriage. They are angry as one of the relative has forgotten the list at home only. A girl named Trisha, is to come today, whose picking up is being discussed. Urmi’s brother is reprimanded for going to the office on the day that his sister’s marriage rituals start. His wife comes in to give some cards to be distributed on the way, while bantering nonsensically. He hesitates, but his mother advises him to listen to his wife, as she is very mature, that she has selected Urmi’s husband, who happens to be her Buaji’s son.

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The wife again emphasises on how good a person Samrat is, a little sarcastically, that she got way beyong her reach, by landing such a good catch. All are irritataed but don’t say anything. They begin searching around for Urmi, and is told by granny that she must have gone to Shiv’s temple, that she goes every Saturday.

At the temple and on the road, Urmi is thankful to the lord for making all her dreams come true, and getting such a wonderful match. She says that she wants one more thing, that despite loving, she also gets respect from her husband, and together they create a new example of faith and trust. Her sister comes in and asks her to stop talking to the Lord now, as he too must be bored by now. She shows Urmi how the wishing tree is loaded with her wishes only. They also discuss Trisha’s arrival, and assume that her train must have come. She calls up Trisha, who says that she has entered Jhansi. She says that she has already taken an auto, and is reaching home, and asks Urmi also to return home to dress up for the ritual. Urmi complies and cancels the call.

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Meanwhile, Trisha’s auto breaks down, and she has to hanker for another auto. While she is bargaining with the other auto, she is confronted by some goons, who evetease her, and finally she is unable to control herself, and goes on to call the police, while the crowd sees it and is amused. The traffic comes to a jam particularly irritating a person in the car, who comes out to find what’s the commotion, after being told that a girl has held them all up. He gets down, and finding his way through the crowd asks what’s the drama and commotion all about.

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