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My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 23


My Life In Ozoro Polytechnic [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 21

The house became so boring that we decided to go to any nearest bar, to catch fun before going to the petrol station to get fuel.

Chekwube didn’t buy the ideal because she is not the alcoholic type but I insisted by dragging her with me. We got to the bar and ordered for our brands, I took 3 bottles of Heineken with a bottle of Best creamy whine, while chekwube was busy downing just one bottle of Smirnoff ice.

 Eli, you have taken enough let’s leave this place (sipping small quantity of her Smirnoff ice with the straw)

 I’m not leaving this place until you finish that bottle and order for another

 Please let it be next time, am not comfortable here

ME: Fine let’s go but I’m not happy with you, I must confess (I stood up and went to the bar man to pay for our drinks)
After paying, I went back to Chekwube and she stood up holding my hands, as we walked out of the bar. We saw three guys entering the bar as we leave, they were staring at me but I pretended as if I didn’t take note of them. These guys were different from the first set that attacked me the other day, they look suspicious and dangerous.

Its just as if Chekwube knew such guys will enter the bar, what would have happened if they met us there. We left there for the petrol station and bought the fuel we will use that evening. Got home and started watching latest naija musical videos. We postponed our reading to 12mid night and concentrated on the videos we were watching.

– – – – – – – –

Its just as if its a longer day and a shorter night. After all the activities we engaged ourselves into, it was just 5:47pm. I became a bit hungry and pleaded with Chekwube to get me something to eat, she entered the kitchen to prepare something for me to eat. I collected one chilled VijuMilk from my small student refrigerator to settle with, as I wait for Chekwube patiently. All of a sudden my phone started ringing, I taught it was Rukky as I hastily reach for the phone, but it wasn’t Rukky but Lilian

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LILIAN: Handsome, can you hear me?

 Yes I can hear you (answering her with a dead voice)

LILIAN: Just do as I say okay?


 Batam and his boys are on their way to your house as am talking to you, his spies just called him that you are at home. So kindly pack any important thing you have within your possession and leave through any back route

ME: Oghene!!! migwùrè (shouting Gods name, i’m dead)

 Did you hear what I just said?

ME: Yes, but what are they coming to do?

LILIAN: Leave that question for another day and do as I have instructed, if you still love your life (she hanged up)
Chekwube came out with the food she prepared, but I asked her to take it back and carry her bags, that we are leaving right away. She insisted, saying we aren’t going anywhere, that if we must go out I have to eat because I’ve been complaining of hunger. I dragged her out after carrying her bags and few of my clothes and locked the door, she starting shouting at the top of her voice that i’m hurting her, I never cared as we dashed off.

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She was really upset with the manner at which I handled her but I didn’t have a rethink since I have my life and hers to save.

We ran to the back of the hostel where i pleaded to her, that she should climb the fence. She started asking questions I couldn’t answer that moment, ‘why can’t we pass through the gate?’ I promised her that I will answer all her questions as soon as we get to any hotel, but she insisted that we aren’t going to any hotel rather we will go to her house. I nodded my head in agreement, she jumped and hold the fence as I supported her by pushing her a_s_s so she can get a better grip of the fence, she successful fell to the other side. I threw the bags over and jumped through. We both pass through the bush and finally get to the road side, where we took a bike and went to chekwube’s house….

– – – – – – – – –

We barely settled down when Chekwube started asking her questions

 Why all that?

If I should explain it will take me days. Let’s just relax first (breathing hard and fast)

 You promised to tell me everything, so i insist you start telling me now

 I don’t know where to start

 Start from anywhere if possible from the middle

 You remember that girl at the canteen? (Clearing my throat)

 Which girl are you talking about?

 The one who asked you to excuse us the other day

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CHEKWUBE: Yea, I remembered her

 She use to be my friend and now she is after me

 What do you mean by after you?

ME: She sent people to hurt me, just because I’m no longer having her time

 Were you both dating?

 We weren’t dating, however she wants us to date which I can’t do because of Rukky

CHEKWUBE: That girl is very rude and i have to confront her

 Don’t even think of such, she is dangerous and got backup

 And so?

 Are you okay now, since I’ve told you everything?

CHEKWUBE: No I’m not okay at all, how come you know they are coming to your place

 Her friend called me to reveal everything

CHEKWUBE: Who is that her friend?

 Please its enough, just let me think of what to do next

 You don’t want to tell me??

 Fine, her name is Lilian. The girl who met us at ‘love garden’ yesterday

 Is that not the same girl that brought a message from your mother?

 Chekwube its Enough!…. Enough!!…. Enough!!!…. She didn’t bring any message from my mum…. (shouting at her)
I was so feed up with her questions and blocked my ears as I slept on her bed thinking of what to do next.

How I wish I can correct the mistake of meeting Favour. I’ve met so many girls in my life, ate their shawama freely and took off without anyone of them insisting to have me permanently. Why is this case different…

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