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Mad Lust [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 11


Mad Lust [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1


I saw the man pull tiwa and a horrible feeling engulfed me. I felt like I knew him, though I couldn’t see his face. I walked faster and tried to catch up with them, but I lost them. I turned in circles on the corridor but can’t figure out where they went to..
I was about giving up when I heard a scream..
nlmy heart beat faster and I wanted to die. I refused to accept the fact she was getting Forked! I chose to believe she’s getting hurt..
the scream became louder and I traced the source.

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I pulled open the door and to my intense relief, it was not locked. I looked straight at the bed and I was aghast. I now wish the door was locked. I could see a J0yst!ck plowing into my daughter’s c–t and something close to jealousy choked me.

They screamed louder and he screwed her harder. I stood there like a fool and I couldn’t do anything about it. I didn’t know the greatest shock of my life is yet to hit me. The man turned and I almost had a heart attack.
It was my man! My garage fantasy! My fall back man.. the only reason I maintained my confidence.. worse, he stared at me like he couldn’t even place my face. The anger on his face was awful.. He definitely didn’t appreciate the interruption.

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He pulled tiwa closer into the crook of his arms and wrapped her protectively.. ”who the Fork is this woman, baby..” God.

I felt my heart shatter more.

That’s the voice of my dreams.. the one that pulls me deeply into the abyss of lust and makes me Pour through the phone.

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“I don’t know her..” Tiwa said.

I whipped my head towards her in shock. “Yes?! ” She said defiantly. “Who are you?!”
I wanted to die!


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