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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 10


I bought a tin of peak milk and drank the whole tin. Ate some rice I concocted, and finish off the fruits.

It was morning.

Around 10 I walked to one iya basira that sold some local meals, though a little expensive. Pounded yam, amala, fufu, eba etc. I choose to eat the freshly pounded yam. With efo riro. That woman must be from ondo o cos the way they pound that yam can make a Nigerian illegal immigrant in the US run back home!

I ate some sweet heavy duty food cos I knew what sweet heavy duty batty in the name of Yetunde I had to handle. I took a bike back home and slept off almost immediately.

A knock on the door woke me up. I was sweating from that short nap.

When I opened my eyes, It took me a while to recollect where I was. I walked to the door and opened it. Seeing Yetunde at the door took me a while again to recollect my self.

Gaddamit! I was dazzled.

She came in walking in front. I closed the door behind, staring at what was rolling up and down in front of me.

I remembered that popular ‘Be Calm’ and in my head was ‘Be Calm And Know That She’s All Yours’.

So I calmed myself, knowing I will soon be pounding in and out of it.

She set the things she came with down and I took an apple while she was eating water melon.

Innocently, I said
“this water melon is very red o”
“As red as what?” She teased
Huh? My brain did a relay. Ahh!

What else could be that red than the inside of a pu***
Bad girl.

We didn’t get off to bleeping immediately. We talked a bit and while we were at that, she came behind me. I was sitting on the chair, she leaned on my back and wrapped her hands round me. Those heavy bobie felt like AC on my back. Cooool!


I closed my eyes to savour it, then she pecked my neck.

More like a wet kiss. fu-Ckkit! My system activated.
Then she turned round and we started kissing. Yetunde was a good kisser.

Let me tell you something, when a girl voluntarily french kisses you for a long time is a good sign.
But what I didn’t know about Yetunde is that it was the way to get her wet to pieces. The more we kissed, the hornier she became. She was m0an!ng already from the kiss. And I knew her p@nt must be wet already!

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Without much ado, I raised her gown and turned her back. She happily obeyed.

I placed her hands on the table and raised one of her legs on the chair. I spat on my palm and lubricated my stiff rod. It was time to slide.
There was no friction as I slid in she m0an aloud with pleasures
Her womanliness was soft, warm, wet and enjoyable. So sweet as it caressed my third leg. I raised my head up to the ceiling. That was how sweet a warm, soft womanliness could make you feel.

I began to bleep this girl o. Chei! Come hear m0an!ng. Very melodious! I guess my rod was the guiter playing the music.

As I b@nged her all her body responded. Her huge butt0ckz vibrated. Her big b0s0m went to and fro. Her body began to sweat. I was standing, she was half standing holding the table. I rammed and rammed her. Her womanliness was crying out some juice. Then she rested her entire chest flat on the table, pushing her arrse further out for me.

I continued to fvrk her sweet yansh. Everything about this girl was sweet. What baffles me most is that most ladies with such batty have stretchmarks. No, not this girl o. Smooth skin, no blemish. As big as the arsse was, there was no folds nor rumps.

I continued to bang her from behind. The well shaven entire pelvic region made me venture further. I spat on my palm again and rubbed my thumb with it. Gently, I lubricated the other…then slid my thumb in. She went wild. She was m0an!ng very loudly now. If you stood outside my window, you would clearly hear all. It had goten her hornier.

Her womanliness was getting wetter than wet. The wetness was thick, the fluid was thicker than water. This increased the s£nsat!on for both of us. She had lost it finally! She spanked her asse with a heavy slap.

“Ahhh! Sttaaaaaggg uhhhhhhhh!”
I continued. She m0aned
“Oohhhhhh Uuusssssshhh Asssshhhhhh”
I b@nged her she m0aned more until it started sounding like she wanted to cry
“Yeeeeehhhh Uuuussshhhhh Assshhhhh”

I swear womanliness is sweet. I had even started m0an!ng lowly myself.

We change position and I took her to the bed, I needed to teach her a lesson. A lesson called ‘Missionary101′.


This is where I have a special interest.

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She la!d down on the bed. Her asss was huge enough for support so no need for a pillow.

After I positioned her how I want, I walked to the table for a cup of water. She was on the bed sweating and p@nting. I drank the water and returned but stood by the bed, looking at her.

Must have taken 30 seconds
“Oya now” Yetunde said with a little impatience. I climbed the bed and lowered between her legs. She spread them.

The Entrance…

I slid in and she breathed heavy. I started slowly but the way she calls my name when I fvrk her is an aphrodisiac. I started to pound Yetunde.

She clinged to me, holding me tight but the beast in me had been unleashed. I pounded her thoroughly. I concentrated at a particular spot.

A girl’s body speaks a language through m0an!ng. So if you are getting it right, you’d know from her m0ans. I continued screwing her and her m0ans continued
“Ohhhh Ahhhhh Ussshhhhhhh”
Suddenly, I remembered what my ex liked: she liked me to whisper in her ears. Maybe, something about the voice, really can’t tell. But I decided to try it here
So I m0aned slowly in her ears
Her neck jerked sideways and her m0an!ng changed as it became more emotionally charged.

Wow! I found a secret about her. So I locked my mouth to her ear and slowly, I m0aned directly in her ear
Suddenly, her womanliness tightened a bit. That phase had began.

As I m0aned into her ear at a controlled steady slow interval while pounding her with that raw energy of a beast
She gripped the bedsheets, moving her waist, turning side to side and suddenly pushed me off and ran to the bath. Supposedly, to pee. Lol. To pee or to Pour?

I followed her. Cos I didn’t want that phase to die off. Of course, she wasn’t peeing, I pulled her up and tood her back.
This time, I pinned her two hands firmly down to the bed while I slid in and pounded her with very heavy thrusts. Like a ‘no-nonsense’ teacher.
This time around, the only m0ans she made was my name
“Staaaaaggg” “Staaaaggg” “Stttaaaaagg”
I knew she was about to come again.

It became a royal rumble as she was turning wildly now and it took an effort to have her pinned down.

With a thundering shout, Yetunde’s punnie pushed me out and with a rush she got off the bed as her juice splashed out. I hadn’t come.
When she rested a bit, she get on the bed and asked me to come and kneel across her stomach. She took my dcck and placed it on her chest between the two bobie. She wrapped my dcck, covering the shaft with her b0s0m. I began to fvrk those big b0s0ms. The sweat made it easier but we had to lubricate it a bit more so she took it and sU-Cked a bit and then I started screwing those bobie till I came.

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By now I was as tired as hell. She cleaned up, I just la!d there.

I woke up to noise from the kitchen. I got up and walked to the kitchen to find her trying to fix something to eat. Kool.
When she returned and while we ate she said
“You don’t like it”
“Look what?”
“You don’t look like what you can do”
“Someone looking at you won’t know you’re so mean”
“Am I?”
“Be asking me”
“It was like I didn’t know you anymore.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment”
We laughed and started talking raw and dirty. Lol. Nothing serious.

Rest of the time, we kept kissing. Seemed like she really liked kissing.

She had said my head was swelling abi and I had replied “na u dey make am swell nah”.

“But stag, u be ashewo o. Who thot you that thing u did?”
“What thing? If you no be ashewo yourself why u nor stop me” I laughed
She hit me. And we laughed it off.

We decided to go watch a movie. At the movie, this time, she said we should go sit at the topmost roll. There wasn’t many people. Of course, we got kissing. Bad girl. She’d put her hand on my dcck and be rubbing it knowing fully well what the reaction would be. Anyways, we were just playing the whole day.

She left for home from there and I went back home.

We talked a bit later at night and bade byes.

Some minutes later, a text came in. From her.

“You make me feel nutty” I smiled.

That’s the point.

Ready to sleep. But instead of drifting off to sleep, my mind drifted to Clara.

To Be continued

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