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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 11


Following day, somehow I thought about Clara. Clara was beautiful. Very real kinda girl. No forming, no bluffs.

And she was a fashionista. That type that wore everything designers. Bag, shoes, wristwatch, etc. Maybe even designer p@nties. That, I wasn’t sure. Not yet.

But oddly, she didn’t arouse me the way I would like. She’s fine, no doubt. But there wasn’t that bite. That extras that gets you charged. She could very easily for a friend. Tight friends.

Sometime in the afternoon I called her. She sounded so pleasant and excited. We kept chatting and truthfully, I like her. She really didn’t have much problems except that I notice her being a bit possessive.

You know, those type of girls that want to know where you are at every point in time. If I called or she called, she never missed the question ‘where are you?’
I think, although maybe innocently.
No need comparing. Yetunde wasn’t as facially pretty as Clara was. But Yetunde had the s*x appeal Clara didn’t have. Maybe for some other guys, she has it. But I’m African. And African meat is very fleshy. Sweet. Makes a nicca drool. At the simple thoughts of sliding in, your rod instantly gets erect. The thoughts of handling that whole instant milk. Especially, Yetunde’s.
As I write sef, myrod had gotten stiff and I’m here wishing Yetunde was here to hold and rub it tenderly. The way she handled the rod tells me she loved my rod. Its not 18″. Yet makes a woman’s waist quake. Yetunde’s.

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She was that type that made a man cheat.
Wait a minute. Picture it. Ramming that huge arse from the back. Blissful!


The day when Clara visited. To be truthful, I wasn’t geared into action at all. So I didn’t make love to her.

Thing is: Yes, I love punnie but because I enjoy licking that one sweet thoroughly. And for that period, its only that one sweet I like. Yetunde gave me no cause to need another. Complete she was.

And that her red womanliness always just turns my head. Soft. Fleshy labia. s*xy** cameltoe. I hadn’t had enough of it yet.

So Clara and I just remained friends. Deep inside both of us, I think I had started getting her point…
Me and Yetunde continued our ‘No Strings Attached’ friendship. It had always crossed my mind to know her relationship status. Until the day came when I found out there she had just gotten…

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It was a weekday. Yetunde had called in the morning. I always keep her well fed with koboko. So, except she got unexpectedly Hot, she doesn’t really hurry me back home or that we see soonest. In times like that, we had developed a simple codes to encrypt messages. Only both of us understood. Even if a third party read it, it’ll just have no meaning. If she was very Hot and needs an urgent fix, she’d send a message that carries only “1” as content. That means it red alert Hot and very urgent. Lol.

“1-B” meant she was Hot but could wait. Etc. Lol.

If I wanted a good fvrk, I send same “1”.
I sent these messages more. Lol. What guy wouldn’t?

Anyways, on this day we had talked earlier in the day. So, I was surprised to receive a message from her…

I got curious. Well, I actually had a lot of paper work to do but I told my boss a client just sent a text on something so I needed to go see him. Off I went.

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I got home only to meet her already waiting for me. There’s a shop right next to mine where petty stuff is sold. She was whiling time away on a bottle of pepsi. The look on her face was different this time around.

We got in and broke the news to me that her boyfriend had just proposed to her.
What beat me was why she was looking gloomy about it. I thought ladies loved it so much. So I asked.

According to her, she didn’t like him as much. But she had accepted. She had actually noticed he would ask her to marry him and has done some thinking and decided to. But he wasn’t all she wanted.

Okay, so Yetunde had sent “1” to have my immediate attention. To come and be her guardian and counselor. Phew!
Ok, so why did you decide to marry him when you don’t love him that much?

One just never understand women enough.

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