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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 12


She said she had actually been very excited. But after that wave of excitement, the realization hit her. About to get married. She couldn’t believe she had just been proposed to.

She said she hasn’t broken the news yet. Infact, her bf would be wondering her middle finger isn’t on her dp yet.

We sat beside each other on the bed. She leaned sideways on me. So I adjusted and wrapped my hand round her shoulders. Innocently, I was only petting her o. But after a few minutes sitting like that, and rubbing her shoulder, I heard her breathe out heavily.

Sure I recognized it.

My mind had actually been wondering how I want to counsel her to be strong towards her decision. If she decided, then she should go ahead. I had wondered off. I hadn’t asked for this…
Almost at the moment I heard her breathe out, she put a hand up to my neck, with her neck still on my shoulder. My other hand held her and gently, I kissed her. Her mouth was warm. You know, like kissing one who’s been crying.
She responded to the kiss.

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She kissed me deeper. Then she got up and sat on my laps, facing me. She cupped my face and began to kiss me deeply. Carefully, she licked my lower lip, sU-Cked on it, then locked mouth. Her tongue began to explore my mouth and both tongues wrapped and caressed each other.
There was something passionate about this kiss. Like she was expressing some hidden emotions she couldn’t say. Then I began to loosen up her blouse.

I unhooked her bra and she pulled mine off too. I stood her up and pulled her skirt and her underwear together in one slid down.

Then she returned to the position…

The position is that I sat on the bed, and she sat on my laps facing me. This way, each of her two legs rested on each of my legs so I parted my legs, her legs parted.


I put my hands from underneath her and started to tickle her womanliness. As I did, she became wetter. And her juice flowed right out of her under. I didn’t slide any finger up her.

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After couple of minutes, she nearly went mad.

I tickled and fondled the outer lips of her womanliness. She began to m0an out
I knew it was entering her body well
“Sstttaaaaaaaaagggg” she m0aned longer.
“Uuuhhhhh Ssttaaaagg”
By now, my finger were well lubricated. I then rubbed my rod with my wet fingers and adjusted her to slid into her from under. And as I slid into her wet womanliness, her m0an went wild…

Her body vibrated as she flung her hair backward and threw her head back
She started to ride up and down my shaft. Slowly…
“Uuussssshhhh” it sounded sweet to her
I couldn’t even feel her weight.

All the juice from inside her flowed down my dcck, down to my balls.

She bleeped my rod so much til I stood up, put one of her legs on the bed while she stood on the other. I entered again and fire away. Sweet! I tell ya!

She just kept m0an!ng as she received me from the back door.

We were sweating and her hair had scattered. I rammed and screwed her well till we were both exhausted. We both la!d there.

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Hmm seriously screwing is a beautiful experience!
Sometime later, we got around to talking again.

She said she simply wants to raise a family decently. She’d tried as much as she can to turn blind eye to the guy. We were both nnaked while we chatted. And my fingers found the path between her again legs again. Then I heard
“Stag bang me hard pls” wow!

I wasn’t prepared for this. So I told her I would have to rest a bit for that kind of energy.

She said she didn’t mind but that she couldn’t go home. She’d loose her mind or just be acting nasty to people. She wanted to stay over. Damn! I’m dead o.

I guess Yetunde has finally decided to kill me.

So I decided to get the thrill out of it even if it would be the last…

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