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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 13


I think she just had a lot of emotions pent up and maybe that’s her own way to let it out.

I got up and showered. She wasn’t hungry so I left her in the room. She had put on her p@nts and was walking around in only p@nts. Damnn! The sight of that huge butt0ckz made me excited again.

I went to a restaurant nearby and ate. I bought her fruits. And wine. I also bought milk for tea.

But as I walked back, I decided to chill somewhere to give her some time alone. I sat in a bar and took a bottle of big stout. Quietly, a retrospection of how me and Yetunde met. Funny stroke of fate. How we started fvcking and how her mannerisms on bed was. Yetunde gives all of herself during s*x.

She’s less conscious of distractions and concentrates on the mutual feelings. She wasn’t selfish at all. She gave herself so as she enjoyed it, I enjoyed it too..

Some two hours had past since I left. So I returned home to meet her listening to music.

She took the fruits and I finished the whole tin of milk.

I didn’t know when I slept off while I la!d down to rest. Another two hours before I woke up.

I was pressed. When I walked back into the room she asked if I had a shawl or a scarf. Absent minded, I told her I didn’t have any. What would I be doing with a scarf?

It would take another hour to be fully awaken.

She was watching a movie and was sipping something in a cup. She still had only p@nts on.

I was watching her as she was watching the movie. When she noticed she asked
“What is it?”

I didn’t know how to answer nor what to say.


I was speechless because looking at her seemed like I was looking at a greek goddess.

So I shrugged and simply said
“You’re my aphrodisiac.”

She looked at me in the eye without blinking for maybe about 10seconds. When the stare lingered I asked
She turned back to her movie. After few seconds she set down the cup of wine and walked over to me. As she walked, all I saw was a goddess.

Firm big b0s0m. Fairer and looking ripe. Hips wide and delicately curved. Skin velvety smooth.

Her red p@nt added some funny s£nsat!on to the sight. Yetunde was a true sight to behold!

She stood in front of me, cupped my chin in her hands and slowly, tenderly, with an unusual care, she kissed me.

After the kiss, she looked at me for about 3seconds and looked at my lips and wiped it clean with her palm.

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I didn’t know she was this romantic. She returned to her movie and having a clear view of her backyard roll as she walked felt exciting.

I picked up my phone and edited her name in my contacts to ‘Aphrodite’.

I went over and poured myself a cup of the 12% vol alc in wine. I joined her in the movie. When it ended, I said
“I have a movie for you”
I inserted the X-rated I had bought the other time. And left her. Out of the room.

She had been drinking before me so I think she had gotten a bit high.

I can’t remember how long later I went back into the room, but when I went in, she was just staring at the tv. I called her in a whisper
“Yetunde” no response
“Yetunde” still no answer
So I walked to here she sat, I reached down and touched her shoulder.

Once my hand touched her, she put a hand on my hand.

The X-rated must have gotten her in mood.

I planted a kiss at the back of her neck. I began to un-buckle my belt with one hand while smooching her with the other hand. Once my trousers were down and took off my shirt, I held her tightly and turned her round.

She faced me. I la!d her back down, and spread her legs. She was already wet. The wetness was showing on the lips of her Kitty-Cat. I parted her legs well and started to tickle her femalecore, lubricating it well with the wetness of her womanliness.

Yetunde was m0an!ng. That movie had really gotten into her. So I slid in the middle finger and she let out a m0an
My rod had gotten hard by this time. Very hard. I could see the veins on the rod. I’m sure 90% of the blood in my body had rushed to the center of attraction: my rod. It was so hard, it was even paining me.

I began to finger her. She was wet all over. So wet that it was dripping down my finger.

I continued to finger her, then I doubled the finger. She m0aned deeper
“Uhhhhh ahhhhhh”
She was becoming wetter as more of her womanliness juice flowed out. Then I knelt directly in front of her with my erect shaft, ready.

I lowered and inserted only the cap and her m0an rent the air up to the ceiling
I held my stiff shaft and was using only the cap to fvck her. She was wet silly
Then I began to gently push the whole shaft in. She went berserk m0an!ng
“Ushhhhhh arsssssshhhhh”
I started to screw her well. Screwing her well well
“Arrhhhhhhhh urrrhhhhhhhh”
She continued to m0an
“Urrrhhhhhhhh Arrrrhhhhhhh”
This was missionary style. I pinned her both hands down above her head and started banging her.

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Chei! This girl’s womanliness was sooo wet and sweeet!

I looked at her face, with her eyes closed she looked so innocent beneath me. So cute.

I stopped, lowered and kissed her forehead gently. Then continued. I must confess I like Yetunde. Her company, the s*x,n everything!

She continued to m0an as I screwed the living juice out of her.

“Sstaaaagg” “oooouuhhh”
“Arrrsssssshh ussssssshhhhh”
I released her hand cos I needed to handle with her cl!t. I bleeped her and fondled her cl!t at same time.

She was m0an!ng and rubbing my head.

I continued to yansh her, screwing her good
“Oouhhhhh arrrhhhhh” she m0aned as she rubbed my head
I turned her sideways so she la!d on her side, put her left leg at an angle and fvck her hole the more. I turned her upper torso so her least b0s0m could be attended to. I sU-Cked it while I fvcked her
“Staaaaaag arrrssssshhhhhh yeeeeehhh”
I continued to screw her sideways before I turned her again face down. I put a pillow beneath at her cameltoe to lift her butt up at me.

I inserted my rod which was already covered with her womanliness juice, then I began to pound her.

She was screaming, though not so loud. She grabbed at her hair and relentlessly I pounded her thoroughly
Fvcking Yetunde was blissful. As I rammed into her with precision, her huge bombom vibrated alongside. After fvking her that way I turned her again so that she la!d on her left side while I positioned her right leg to allow a deep penetration.

By now her hair was scattered, we were both in covered in sweat. I fvcked and fvcked her.

I fvcked the alcohol out of her system. I fvcked Yetunde well. Yanshing every side of the womanliness.

And by the time I turned her again back into missionary position, I had fvcked her 360 degrees.
I was sweating profusely, and thirsty. I had been m0an!ng too. m0an!ng into her ears caressed her and I licked her ear. She jerked and twisted her neck. Immediately, her womanliness tightened round my rod.

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I got off her. I walked to the table for water. She was p@nting on the bed, sweating. And by the time I returned and looked at her.

She sat up and took my dcck in her hand and guided it into her mouth. The juice from her womanliness was all over my cocck and she took everything into her mouth and licked my shaft well, then began to sU-Ck me. Wow! She was good. I almost lost consciousness at that sweet blowjjob. Well delivered. Then she stopped and la!d back by herself. Spreading her legs, welcoming me, Stag.

The sight of that womanliness on my bed was arousing and a beast was unleashed.

Missionary style is sweet when a girl opens up the door, shows u the way in and allows u take over.

I put the pillow back under her to lift her backside. That red wet hole!
My hard rod slid in again and I began to bang Yetunde. She nearly lost control. Maybe she did.

While I was banging in and out, she was moving her waist to fvck me too, meeting my thrust midway.


Her womanliness est fantastique!

I bleeped her. Oh yes! Sweat covered but I continued to yansh that sweet red and wet womanliness. I screwed her hole until I couldn’t take it anymore. And with a roar like a king of the beasts, my cream poured out. Inside of her. I couldn’t withdraw. Even when my brain told me to withdraw, my cocck had his own brain at this moment. It was inside her I came.

I la!d beside her, exhausted. Indeed, Yetunde est fantastique!

On the bed I la!d inner to the wall, she la!d outer and faced the other way. Away from me. She was quiet like she had stuff on her mind. So I said
“The drug can clear, why being this quiet?”
“Aphrodite shouldn’t be tired o”
She laughed a bit and hit me with her elbow
“I should rename ur mtn line to Hera”
She laughed still.
She got up, walked nakedd to her phone, punched at it for a while and came back.
She asked me to dial her number
“What for?”
“Just dial it”
It did.
When her phone started ringing, she turned it to show me the number calling…


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