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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 14


Days had passed since that day. We kept talking on the phone. She had used pill.

A week later she played a game on me. That game guys detest…

“Stag, its supposed to have started yesterday. I didn’t see it”
I knew what she was talking about o, yet I played ignorant
“You didn’t see what?”
“My time of the month should have started yesterday”
Huh? Rough play.

That’s a joke no guy wants to hear.

“You’re pregnant?” I blurted out
“I don’t know o, I’m not sure”
After a brief moment pause
“I will need to do a test”
Now, I didn’t find that funny at all.

See gbege! Damn! But wait a minute, who’s own is it? I had to ask her. But I needed a subtle way to ask her such sensitive question.

“Did you guys decide on pregnancy before you get married?”
When she answered, I couldn’t believe what she said. She quietly said.

“I don’t do it with him”

Okay, I think she expected me to believe that. How could I believe that?

But I haven’t noticed Yetunde tell a lie yet.

The thought kept me awake longer than I would have at night. Next morning, we spoke again. She said she rather wanted to get a kit and check it herself than go do it at a lab.

Hours later, I got a text
I called her. She explained it may have been caused by the pill. That those pills alter the dates.

“Did you have to scare me if you knew this”
“I only wanted to confirm that you didn’t love me”

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You wanted to confirm that I did not love you?
Whenever did we start talking love?


“What’s love got to do with it?” I asked
She kept quiet. She became quiet.
Sometimes silence told an answer.

No, no, no! Yetunde, NO!!! Don’t tell me this
Are we not supposed to be NSA?
We were beginning to argue on this one until she said
“Stag do you think a girl hangs with you this way for months without liking you?”
It was then that what she had been trying to say hit me.

“But I thought it was clear to us this was makeshift” I said
“Stag? I can’t believe you. You actually consider this a makeshift love?”
Yetunde had gotten emotionally attached.
To be honest, I was happy to realize she loved me. She hasn’t said she loved me, but she’s been writing on the wall since.
But hadn’t she just agreed to get married? To another? Another realization immediately hit me… Another phase had started. I may have to give up all this so she can move on. Difficult as it may be.


That cute girl named Clara. Hmmm. I had not heard from her in a little while. I to call her.

“Hi. What’s up”
“The roof” she came straight at me.
“Don’t gimme that. How’re you doing?”
“Like you care to know”
“Then why else would I be asking”
“You that forgot me all these while”
“How could I have forgotten you?”
“You were distracted Stag”
“Distracted? By what?”
“I should be the one asking you naw. You didn’t seem to care about anything”
“Clara, you can’t say that.”
“When you didn’t concentrate”
“Concentrate on what?” I laughed.

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“Concentrate on what naw?” I repeated
“Oooh jor! Get serious jor”
“Okay okay. But you simply assumed I was distracted”
“Where are you”
Oh no! Not again
“Can you do without asking?” I sounded sarcastic but of course who doesn’t care wouldn’t be asking what u were doing.
“Oh! Its nothing really, just to know u’re someplace safe” she laughed
“Just to make me think you care abi?” I teased
She laughed hard
“You know I don’t care so you better don’t get it twisted.”

Like that and like that we kept on talking for many minutes until I heard the programmed voice telling me my credit was exhausted. I told her I had to go.

I dropped.

Couple of seconds later, she called. And then kept talking again for about another 10minutes. We bade byes and ended the call.

Almost immediately a text came in. It was Clara.

‘We’d talk when next you remember me’

I couldn’t reply cos I had exhausted my credit.

Somehow, she had let me in into her mind. No p. I think I can deal.

That week passed without much. Just calls and texts between Hera and Zeus. Lol. Hera said she’d come by on sunday evening. I just hope my eyes would not see her as Aphrodite that day o”.

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The next Saturday, Clara came. Somehow, I really can’t say I can tell exactly what happened between Clara and Rumie but it was becoming clear they don’t get along.

Rumie is a flat mate. There are three rooms. She stays in the first one closer to our mini gate. I stay in the middle one while Jay stays in the last one.

There is a mini gate separating our part of the house from the main building.

So, most times when people knock its Rumie who is closest to it that attends to people. And she never complains.

She’s actually a nice fellow. But Rumie has a partner. A girl. Bibi doesn’t stay with her but visits. And sometimes her visits is for days. I know what’s up with both of them cos I have heard m0ans. Many times. Jay knows too. The jolly good fella Jay never has a face off with anyone.

So I wondered what could have happened between Clara and Rumie. I asked Clara what’s up that I had noticed both of them were not getting along much.

“Why do we need to get along?”
In that reply alone, I saw a lot of venom. So I let it slide.

I didn’t ask Rumi though, I didn’t think there was any need to.

Well, while Rumie and Clara were cold to each other, someone was warming up to me… Bibi.

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