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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 15


Clara stayed quite longer than she normally would. And more relaxed too, than she normally would. We played, talked, and had a little something to eat. She had told me quite a lot about her. A lot more than I knew. And a little about her folks.

I think she was a really nice person.

Well, she got ready to go and asked for a comb to dress her hair properly. I found one for her. She got set and I saw her off.

It was saturday night and staying home was rather boring on this particular day. I called up a friend, Ken. He was with two other friends of ours enjoying the evening air. He urged me to come and play. Hmmm…

Play is a simple word but with these guys ‘Play’ was different. One we called Lexy can screw anything under a skirt.

Put an exhaust pipe under a skirt and he’d screw it silly.

I joined the party around 8 o’clock and by 10 we were either just tipsy cos I didn’t drink much or absolute high like Lexy and the other guy.

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Lexy and Ken talked about their escapades with women. I just listened and laughed.

Ken was a bit sane enough to drive home.
I stayed the night at his place.

Next morning was sunday and I remembered Yetunde had said she was coming. I called her and confirmed she still planned to come and at what time. She’d come between 12 and 1.

Around 11 that morning I left.

Back home, as I was opening the door I heard
“What’s up”
I recognized that voice. I turned, Bibi. She had net over her hair and was in a sort night dress that revealed quite much. Her Tips pushed against the dress. Her curves were very vivid. And yes, her laps were a symbol.

It was around noon, but again its sunday.
“We wanted to play scrabble yesterday night but you were not around” she continued.


“What’s up Bibi”
“Your girlfriends won’t let you rest abi?”
Ladies and the way they think. Would any of them believe I was hanging with friends? They’d only believe I was from a chick’s house.

Or anyone even believe Clara had come and stayed for that long and nothing had happened?
Women are naturally jealous of each other and I think its a healthy thing for them. Maybe not in excess though, but its a known fact. Even friends wish they had their own friends’ stuff.
“Very funny. Abeg help me beg them to leave me alone naw”
“How many of them do I know”
“I thought you knew them all” I meant this as a subtle message to her but she didn’t understand
“How would I know all of them when you’re too coded”
“How do you mean?”
“You should let me choose for you”
I laughed hard. Really very hard.

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By now, I had opened the door but standing at the doorway while we chatted
“And how do you know what I like”
“Its not hard to see naw”
Na wa o. This girl sef. Which one she dey, I no understand again o.

I went inside and saw she wasn’t following, so I called out
“Come and take the scrabble board”
She came in.

I took it out and handed it to her. We were still talking. She took it and turned to the door but stood. Well, with her back turned to me, I had a better view of many things. I later suspected it to be part of her plan. Whatever the plan was. But a move like that got me a little.

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One thing I could do is to hold her from the back, wrapping my hands round her tummy. Hmmm… And that asss?
But I didn’t.

As she stood there, we were still talking o.

Something about joining them or so. But I said I needed to rest. Of course I know I was expecting some natural spanish fly. So I told her I’d join in the evening.

I was looking at her big yansh as she was walking out, I heard the mini gate open. Then I heard the ‘hi-hi’ greetings.

A moment later, Yetunde walked in.

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