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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 3


Do you remember my experience with Tega? Lol.

Remember the gift I bought her? This is where I learnt that. Lol.

Bimbo. She held me, she was loosing balance.

She asked that I put the song on repeat. Her eyes had dimmed out.

My eyes had become chinese eyes. So close were we dancing that my erect rod was brushing against Bimbo. Since no objections, I moved behind her. The easiest place to begin. I am slightly taller than her.
With alcohol in my veins, standing behind her, myrod erect brushing between Bimbo’s yansh, my hands went round and brushed past her Tips. She only kept dancing. Now with full courage I moved in for the kill.
Rather, I moved to fall deeper into the web.
It must’ve been evening, the room was getting darker.
I leaned over and kissed her neck. By now I was handling her b0s0ms from the back. Suddenly, I felt a hand reaching for myrod. Slowly she was stroking it, I reached under her top, under the bra to the flesh. Smooth, round flesh. It felt round like an orange, yet the flesh was as velvet smooth as the skin on a green apple. I fondled her slowly as her Tips hardened.
I turned her round, folded up her top and bra. As my lips found her already hard Tips, she let out a low m0an. Yes!
I reached behind and loosened her bra. Removing the bra and top to reveal two Succulent Cones of Beauty. I guided her slowly as she took two patient steps backward and was on the bed. I reached for her zip and it was already unbuttoned. I pulled down the zip and almost immediately pulled down her jeans. What I saw was startling. Bimbo’s yansh is as huge as what you might call a huge batty! This is what nackson can die for. The yansh is like an oriel, protruding in a well rounded manner and folds underneath. A g@y would repent at the sight of this. Please, permit me to call it Ikebe. This was the fourth leg that marveled me. And this is where the addiction to Bimbo began.


I started to kiss her, first from her neck, down to each of the sweet cones. sU-Cking one and handling the other, her eyes were closed as she m0aned. By the time I kissed to her navel, her hands were rubbing my head and m0an!ng.
My head scatter.
s*x and alcohol is a vice. Please, don’t try it. Its a sweet sin.
As my fingers were reaching for Bimbo’s camel toe, she opened her legs willingly. Voluntarily.
I slid my middle finger her honeypot. It was already so wet. And warm.
I began to finger her. She was now m0an!ng louder. And started remove my shirt. After removing the buttons, she reach for my trouser and unzipped it, reached inside and brought out myrod.

Already hard. She began to handle it.

My fingers continued to work as I added my index finger. I curve the two fingers upward searching of that favorite spot. The walls of her honeywell were tender as I imagined the lips wrapping myrod in a heavenly embrace.
The effect of my fingers were beginning to get into her. Her waist started to moved relative to the activities of my fingers. Instantly, I knew Bimbo knows how to fvck! What I didn’t know is that alcohol brings out the beast in woman.
I stopped everything I was doing and positioned myself for penetration. As I slid my stiff erect rod into her fleshy warm and wet honey, she let out at m0an that sang into my ears.
“Uhhhhhhh…..” My head skata!
The sound loosened out the nuts in my head and tightened up the muscles of myrod. Surprisingly she was tighter than I thought. She was ‘good-girl-tight’. She felt sweet inside I swear! I stopped for a moment to savor that s£nsat!on money can’t buy!, then I slowly began to move in and out
IN – OUT – IN -OUT – IN—–
Bimbo began to adjust properly to take me in, she spread her legs wider.

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I pinned her two hands on the bed above her head and her m0ans filled the air.

she was getting wetter. And hotter. There was so much honey inside her that myrod felt like a warrior. I increased tempo a bit at steady intervals. I wasn’t banging her recklessly. Every stroke of myrod was purposely. I continued to bang Bimbo on my bed. The thoughts of that hot wet fleshy tight hole whets appetite for yanshing anytime. she m0aned
“Stagggg uhhhh ahhhhhh staaaaggg”
Oh Bimbo! Sweet Bimbo!
Here she was lying on my bed, legs apart letting me into a world of ecstasy. Welcoming me into her pink wet honey amidst m0ans of pleasure.

I b@nged her thoroughly. We were sweating profusely. It didn’t matter. I b@nged her in all corners, turned her raising her hole to the high heavens, I slid in again.
Banging her from behind.
Then it began. The next phase.
I thought I was the one yanshing her o, she began to move in such a way that I was still and she was yanshing me. Her two heavy round butt0ckz made me happy looking at them. See sweet no-holds-barred activities! After a while, she la!d me down and climbed. She started riding myrod. s£nsat!on was getting her wild as she threw her head back, handling her Tips and m0an!ng loudly. Then she bent over, kissing me and banging me as her heavy yansh slammed my thighs.

I noticed her honeywell tightened, so I turned her round, and began to dig her well in gentle but hard strokes. At an interval of 2seconds. Come see madness!

After after a full minutes of these thrusts, she gripped and started pulling at my bedspread.

I was relentless. At a steady 2seconds interval I rammed her honeypot, she m0aned out
“Stag, yea uhhhhhh stag”
I continued, then pinned her down again
“Ahhhhhhh…..uhhhhh….staaaaag” she m0aned loudly. Definitely my neighbors would hear. But…

“Yessss staagggg… Uhhhhh staaaag…. please staaaggg”
Her hole tightened. What happened next was earth shattering as she broke freely from my pin-down and gripped my waist. She started moving to meet my thrusts midway and with a very loud cry that rent the air, gushed of water splashed out as her we’ll ejected myrod.

“Yesssss ssssstttttaaaaaaaaggggggggg”
The water gushed out in forced squirts. She had Pour.

“Uhhhh yeeesss yeesss” she still m0aned as the squirts subsided. The Pour had wet my bed.

We both la!d there ,exhausted. She was p@nting like she just ran 10,000km.

A moment later I was in the bathroom. A quick shower. But the sweat was least of my worries.

Three was needed.

Food. I still wanted to drink and reminisce.

The sweet memory of this round I just had in unforgettable!

And so the third thing I wanted was more s*x.

It was some minutes before 8pm. Bimbo was still lying on the bed. I had to go get food. I took up my ATM and went out. I went straight to keystone bank by the LG
Shop on Akowonjo road, took out some money, recharged my phone and made sure to call Sade before I go back home.

Thirty minutes later, I was on my way back with a bottle of Elliot and some junk food when I met Bimbo outside standing by a metallic Toyota corolla.

“What’s up?”
“Is this safe out on the street here?” She was asking pointing to the car
“And whose is it?”
“Can I leave it here if thieves don’t disturb?” She continued, ignoring my question.

Well, the compound isn’t very spacious and the people who stay in the main building had parked in the only place that can take a car.

“Yes, its okay there. Most people park in front of their houses without incidents”
“Okay. So what did you get…” The conversation went on. It was no rocket science, she came with it and it would have been very dumb of me to keep asking.

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Apparently, this one wasn’t ostentatious.

In a very subtle way she had just told me in another way, she was staying over.

Once in the room, her phone began to ring. It had been a call from her mom, Bimbo had lied about being in Ikotun and intended staying the night there. After the call, she had told me its her very close childhood friend of she goes to Ikotun to see. She also placed a call to the friend and told her her mom had just called, in case her mom called the friend.

Girls and their ways, who can know it?

As she spoke on phone I kept thinking of Sade and the trouble I and Bimbo had just caused.

Damn! Bimbo was a sight to behold from the back. Her wide hips, big meaty fleshy behind, now concealed under those jeans again.

Imaginary Genuwine rendered “In Those Jeans”… Is there any more room for me?
Like gravity pulling an object, Bimbo’s batty began to pull at me. I obliged.

I didn’t know when I stood behind her again, my hands held her waist. She held the phone to her ear with one hand, her other hand went behind her again, just as it had started before. It had started again…

Then I heard
“Lemme call you back. I gotto go” she ended the call and threw the phone on the bed.

From behind, I slid my hand to her cameltoe, and she slightly parted her laps to allow one of my fingers enter The Place.
My finger curved into her. She threw her head back, resting it on my chest, one hand brought out myrod and was rubbing it. Her other hand found and held me from the back of my neck.
I began to finger Bimbo as she let out soft m0ans. She was getting wetter and hotter.
I manipulated her to a point it was like her legs were shaking and she could not stand anymore, we reached for the bed. By now, I was hard. My rooster was stiff hard. But instead of lying down she reached for my trouser and pulled it down, then gently pushed me to the bed.
What would follow was jaw dropping…
Bimbo held myrod with both hands, and I simply knew what was coming so I tucked a pillow to support my back and relaxed. At this point, I wished for a gulp of rum.
At the first touch of Bimbo’s warm mouth over myrod, I let out a soft m0an
Bimbo drooled spit on my rooster and began to sU-Ck me. Slowly, s£nsu@lly, soft was her mouth and her tongue spoke a language only myrod understood. I was sliding into the 9th cloud. I threw my head back as my eyes rolled upwards into the eyelid. Anyone looking at me then will see only the white parts of my eyes like Rayden of MK cos the pupils of my eyes were…

My whole body was quaking, I was half m0an!ng, half laughing! A guy would understand that ecstatic world of pleasure. Sweet!
Bimbo handled me well, sU-Cking the living daylight out. When I could not take it again, in a flash I was inside her from the back. I can’t explain how I did it but I started banging Bimbo from the back. She was on all fours. I knelt behind her ramming her from the back. I couldn’t see her breasts hitting back and forth and I could imagine.

Bleeping Bimbo was one sweet hell of an experience. Wide hips, big meaty batty. Sweet!

She was m0an!ng seriously “sstaaaaagg ohh sstttaaaaaagg”
I continued to bleep that sweet Well, she m0aned on tenderly
“Uhhhhh aaahhhhhh uhhhhhh”
I b@nged Bimbo thoroughly. Hitting her with measured control, I forked her with a steel rod.

Filling up her hole as her punny lips wrapped myrod, juice flowed out of her Well as she m0aned
“Staaagg uhhhh aaaahhhh oooohhh”
The I gently pushed further down to the bed. As she la!d chest down on the bed,n I closed her legs. This made her Well tighten even further.

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I entered from back.

Her Well was well lubricated with punny juice as I bleeped her silly. More and more creamy juice was flowing out of that sweet warm lovehole
“Ooohhhh aaahhhh sstaaaagg” she m0aned.

Her p**sycat was too sweet, too wet, too warm to last too long. In and out, myrod bleep Bimbo’s wet Well with all the juice flowing out, I stiffened, jerked and after few more thrusts, my heavy load of Pour shot out!

She got up first. She went straight for the bottle of Elliot and poured into a glass cup, she took a gulp.

Poured another and handed it over to me.

Cream to rum, and on later days on to cognac. On and on we went on screwing and drinking. Our s*x drive had entered gear.

We later ate. And somehow we both slept off.

When it checked the time, it was 4:30am. I was feeling messed up! My stomach was tight. In fact, it was feeling hot.
I sat up and clutched my stomach. I was half awake, half sleeping. About 45 minutes later, Bimbo rolled and eventually sat up. She said if I drank too much and was feeling like that, I should drink something hot. Tea, beverage or coffee. She made me tea.
I started feeling relieved. We were already chatting that early in the morning. Lol.

Lying on the bed and playfully chatting, gist went from celebrities to fashion to international politics and Bimbo wowed me on international nuclear issues.

I brought out scrabble and we started playing.

She won. By a wide margin. Because she had a premium.

Sade had crossed my mind many times. s*x with Sade was nice but never this adventurous. It was just s*x and that’s all. Never this loud. I could experiment with this, not with that.

The climax of my thoughts was when I asked
“Sade will end it with me”
She looked at me, and looked away back to the scrabble
“You are naïve” she said.

What in the world could she mean?
“Do I screw like a juvenile?”
She laughed out loud
“Whoever thought you schooled you well”
After a brief moment, she asked
“How did you meet her”
I was about to tell her when she said
“You don’t need to tell me, I know. Don’t expect a girl to change.”

I was held to a shock at those words. Its not rocket science. I had met Sade at a house party and I liked the way she danced. We met and after a long while offorming, we began dating.

Ok, wait. Sade’s dance steps didn’t exactly say she was a ‘good girl’ per se.

The atmosphere I met her wasn’t the house party of a pastor. But somewhere I had failed the see the disconnect between the Sade I had met and the ultra ‘good girl’ Sade now exhibits.

No wonder! I should have known girlfriends know themselves better. Little wonder Bimbo isn’t bothered. Sade could do same. Else, I’m not the only.

But Bimbo wouldn’t say anything further.

I didn’t appear angry at realizing Sade may not have been all she posed.
Bimbo had actually said many things without saying anything. She didn’t know.

Anyways, we still drank and bleeped again that morning. In fact, twice. We were locked inside just eating, drinking and forking. A sunday well spent. And indeed, by the time Bimbo left I was well spent.

I had just been inducted to that world. s*x and alcohol.

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