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When I got back into the room, I changed sheets and turned the mattress.

Sade called that afternoon but I couldn’t bring myself to answer her call. Not even because of what I was now beginning to suspect, but Bimbo was so up in my head.

As the week rolled by, it became more evident that I was missing her badly.

Midweek, Sade came and we had s*x. It was different. Different from the love making we were used to. I screwed her dutty.

She noticed and mentioned so; that there was something different.

The love was draining.

Weekend came and I called Bimbo to come over but couldn’t convince her. She had an engagement.

Mehn! I nearly kolo at the thought of not having that sweet punny this weekend. That batty! Most of it all that freaks the hell outta my thoughts was her mannerism on bed while bleeping.

The way she m0ans alone was enough to make a brodah Pour. The way her body moves, the way she follows the rythmic movement of my thrusts.

I found myself playing the collection of dancehall music she had liked. Track5: Symbol -Shabba Ranks ranked 1st.

Since I couldn’t get the icing on my cake that weekend, I called Sade to come. Throughout saturday, I was busy screwing the living daylight out of Sade. Under me, I bleeped her till she m0aned louder than before. Turned and rolled than before, even scattered my sheets. I bleeped her Well till all her juice flowed out. The bed was wet from our sweat and the wetness got worse when she finally came. With a steel rod, many things can change in a woman. She turned and twisted, I screwed her doggy, fvcked her on the chair.


And even when she went bare-butt into the kitchen for a drink, I cornered her there. She held the kitchen sink while I came in from the back.

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Softly squeezing and handling her breasts from back
By now Sade was sure I had changed.

I had bought Red-Label. Johnnie Walker. High as heck. I didn’t seem to care.

The following weekend was explosive! Bimbo came to spend the weekend. She came around noon on saturday and left sunday night. She had come with a surprise, a bottle of cognac. I will talk less of the fragrance she wore this time. She simply reeked class.

Gaddammit! This girl rocks! I made sure to stock the kitchen with enough to eat, mostly junks and cereals. Then we screwed ourselves thoroughly. s*x cleared the highness after each round of drinking. And when my head got foggy, I drank hot tea to clear the head.

We got so close, she even told me her weak point. Simply rubbing the area at the back of her neck instantly begins to whet her thighs. It sends her into the clouds. And of course, rum was aphrodisiac for her. I would take off her blouse, leaving only bra as she liess face-down on the bed while I softly run my fingers around her back.

She even begins to m0an from just caressing her back alone.

We bleeped, ate, danced and played scrabble throughout. It was refreshing conversing with this girl.
And far from ostentatious a girl was she. She hadn’t come with the car this time. She said it was not her personal car, it was the utility car at home. She was only opportuned to have used it out the last time she came. Fair enough.
It continued this way for a while, until Sade found out. She had found out through her friend’s call list. She had probably wanted to use the phone to make a call when she saw my number. Her friend didn’t have a good defense for the number of times my number was dialed. Some phones have counters. An argument had ensued. But as it turned out, Sade was dating another guy. Anyways, the whole thing busted. The toll came heavy on me. Sade’s reaction to the whole thing didn’t say she felt hurt even in the slightest bit. I had thought someone in love would have been very heartbroken. Then I remembered Bimbo had hinted at it. No biggy. I had learnt something.

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The lightness with which she took told me I had been fooling myself in love all these while. She hadn’t been on same page with me. My suspicions confirmed, I simply moved on.
Bimbo & I didn’t really date per se. We just loved bleeping ourselves. One day we were high and had bleeped silly, she had then told me that first night they stayed over in my room. I had reminded her so much of her dad. A very caring dad he is, according to her tho’. Her dad was the one who made them breakfast to school, spread their bread with butter, made them tea and even plugged water for their bath while their mom was still sleeping. So it was nostalgic to be cared for like that. He has since been in the US for about seventeen years now. And she misses him ever so dearly. Hmmmm…. I see what the attraction was.

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Oddly, Bimbo never took money from me. Yet, she always came with a bottle of drink. Sometimes just rum, other times cream and once in a while, cognac. Of course I always prepare another bottle down. So we always had two bottles. No, we didn’t see every weekend.

For about seven months of bliss we had, she only asked for 3k sometime when ATM got her stranded. The next time she came, she dropped 3k on my table. Lol. Funny girl. The only other time, she had felt sick on one of those days and needed to go home so I got a taxi, I paid 2k for the T-fare and that was it.

Interestingly, she never went clubbing.

Her perfect weekend was staying indoors eating, drinking, and making love all day long. Sounds like going on vacation in a 5-star hotel in Paris.

Anyways, we started seeing less when she got a job in a finance house. And drifted even further apart when she moved to another state. And so, we haven’t seen in so long a time now.

As was in the end Sade was not there anymore, but ever so strong is the craving that someday again the spider will come along…

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