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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 6


She had been pissed because, according to her, when the metal detector beeped on her, she had opened her bag for them to see and one of them insisted that she brings the items in her bag out. Naturally, nobody will like the embarrassment.

“What movie are you waiting for” I asked her
“I just decided on Transformers” she replied.

Hmm… Her reply raised a curiosity. Was she here alone to ‘just decided’ on a movie? Or waiting for someone to join her? So I probed…

“Will your friend like Transformers?”
She just smiled. In that, I got what answers I sought.

She really has to be a movie lover to come watch Transformer alone. A girl interested in that kind of extreme action movie? When there were other movies that should naturally appeal to a lady?
“Which one you are watching” she asked
“Same” I replied. Reflex.

Lol. Me wey bin no get agenda.

I just got one.

We talked some more when suddenly, completely out of tune with what we were chatting about, she asked
“Why did you lie”
Without being told I knew it was about being my girlfriend
“Its easy to believe nau. We’re dressed alike. We’re both wearing blue tops and blue jeans”
For the first time she laughed.

“Funny. I just noticed” she said
“And besides the guy wasn’t polite about it. The seats are public. None of us came with any.”
“I guess so”
“When I told him someone was there, its courtesy that he shouldn’t push much. Telling me that he saw me when I came alone was plain funny. Could I not be meeting someone?”
Well, truth is that I wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t try to subtly I was lieing about anybody being there. The girl didn’t even leave her bag on the seat, which would have been the proper thing to do to indicate someone was there. This is where I had thought the guy would argue from instead he chose to toll the aggressive way, he should have just been calm about it.


I just didn’t feel any remorse for the guy. If he had simply asked why she didn’t put something there, would she not see her fault? I’m sure she would have to just plead with him, instead he went ballistic with accusations.

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Meanwhile, the guy was an angel. He arrived at the point of my need. Perfect timing. Lol. His awkward question about why I was defending her ‘…is she you girlfriend?” was the perfect thing I needed. He helped me break the ice.

And made the job a whole lot easier…

By now,n I was now chatting freely with her.
I saw the guy had gotten a seat somewhere.

Then she asked
“Why don’t you collect popcorn and coke? Its free if you have your ticket”
I immediately remembered I had not bought ticket.

“Wow, I should get it. It your turn to help me watch the seat”
I went for the ticket and went over for the popcorn. I took another drink. Not coke.

By the time I returned I saw she had put her bag on the stool on my behalf.


I thanked her and we continued chatting. We had 15 minutes more to the movie.

And surely I will not be sitting alone…

Minutes later, people started going through for the movie. We both approached for ticket verifications.

It so happened that that guy was in for the same movie. It was a queue of some sorts, in no particular order.

When I saw the guy, I stretched a handshake
“Sorry for the slight issue. She was truly there though she isn’t my girlfriend. The way you flared up caused my response”
He stretched his hand too and replied
“Ok, maybe I should have just let her”
All the while she still didn’t say anything. He checked in first. While he was gone she said
“You guys just have a way of sorting things out”
I laughed. “And ladies understand themselves more”
Before she could answer, the staff motioned for her ticket. They both greeted familiarly, it was formal. It looked to me that she was a regular at the movies.

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She checked in.

I checked in next.

We walked into booth 2. We sat somewhere around the middle. I suddenly realized I hadn’t asked her name.

“What’s the stranger’s name?” I asked
“Without telling yours?”
“I’m Stag”
“You don’t look your name”
I laughed.

“So what’s yours?”
“You can call me stranger”
“Wow. It would have been better if you just told me you won’t tell or give a wrong name”
“Can’t stranger be someone’s name?”
I just stopped asking. Something with me is that when it comes to dealing with ladies, I don’t persist. I just don’t force anything out. Neither asking for a name, number nor anything else.

Not even s*x. I have forfeited a lot of bleeping because some girl was acting up.

If I was a girl and a guy asked for my number, if I don’t want to give it, I’d just simply say something like ” I’m not really available to pick calls now. Don’t take it wrong.”


First, it occurred to me that if she didnt like me for some reason(s), she would have found a way to be less friendly and I’d simply back off.

The abrupt way I stopped asking was a clear message to her. I think she may have caught on to it.

The movie started. And it was really cool. After the movie, I gave her way to go out first in a gentlemanly way… No, I wasn’t being a gentleman, the real agenda was to walk behind her to see magical things.

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Lol And yes, I saw pure magic!

As we went down the stairs, her big yansh was rolling up and down.

Damn! There had to be an exception to this one. Forget that I was writing up there o, mehn, I had to persist o!

Dear reader, this is not the kind of asss you see everyday. Even ‘Nackson’ would bow for this yansh! It was a real spectacle to behold!!
My eyes were fixed on the sight, I didn’t even know when my tongue spoke
“If you won’t say a name, pls let me have your number”
What I heard next was that stereotype question ladies ask
“Why do you want my number?”
Question for the gods. Is this an interview?
Yet, I replied
“Because talking with you tells me you are an interesting person and I want to know you better”
“070…” She started without much ado. It surprised me that she gave her number without much stress.

Same girl that wouldn’t give her name? After she called it out, I asked
“So what do I save it as?”
“Okay” I said flatly.
By now we had walked out to the waiting area. The relative ease she gave the number made me suspicious, it could be a wrong number. I saved it and dialed it to be sure I wasn’t put on a long tin.
Her phone rang almost immediately. We bade byes and left.

I was walking to sabo bus-stop, it wasn’t yet 20minutes I left her, my phone beeped. A text message.

I checked for the sender. It was Stranger. Hmm
I opened the message to find out the text was only one word and it read…

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