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Must Read: Awkward Ways I Met Girls (18+) – Season 1 Episode 9


By now we were both on the bed, she layed and I was over her. With a stiff rod and a wet womanliness we were ready. She was clean shaven that I couldn’t see a strand. The lips of the womanliness were large. Big. I instantly felt hungry for them. sU-Cking her wet womanliness would get her crazy but something else got her crazier, myrod!

I parted her labia majora to reveal a very beautiful hole. It looked red, wet and welcoming.

Myrod was rock stiff, so I went down softly and slid in…

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh” yetunde’ m0an went up to the heavens.

I slid the whole of my shaft in to the end, everything locked in place. Then I started to roll my waist, the s£nsat!on went from her womanliness to all parts of her body as she softly m0aned
“Uhhhhhhhhhh stttaaaaaaaaagg”
Then with a steady slow rythm I began to go OUT-IN-OUT-IN as I began to bleep yetunde
I could sense the s£nsat!ons going through her cos as I bleeped her she got wetter till there was no friction at all. The nerve endings in her womanliness got all the beautiful feelings they were made to get. My rod was stiff and unforgiving. I fvcked her and she m0aned to my pleasure.

All of a sudden, the size of what was underneath flashed my mind. Dammit, I pulled out, turned her to face the bed and voila! The mass stared back at me. I loved it. The shape, the size, its owner. I liked everything about Yetunde and most of all, the lips of her wet hole handled my corck with care.

She positioned on all fours. My teacher was about to be taught some lessons. She had been a bad girl and I had to teach her some lessons. From the back. She looked ready, positioned and I had to use both hands to separate her huge bombom to reveal the goal post.

You see, the sound of yetunde’s m0an was like melodious music as she sang my name when I went in from behind


“Ssstttaaaaaaaggg” she m0aned
I began to bang her from behind. Dooggy is sweet o. Girls love it. But most of them pretend about fvrking doggiy style so you dont think ill of them.

I looked from sideways to look those two big oranges going back and forth as I rammed her.

Steady thrusts, at regular interval and with every stroke it seemed like something vibrated through her body. I fvcked her silly. She kept calling my name. m0an!ng my name. She was sweating.

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I hear about ladies faking heavenly feelings, I wonder how? With a good Bleep, no can fake it?
Sweat covered her as we were both enjoying our moment. I screwed her hole tight. Mehn! I was in another world. The only thing that mattered right now and here was me and yetunde. That was all that existed.

I was ssweating as she was. Both of us, butt nnaked and screwing blissfully. This feeling God ordained. Weed can’t give you this feeling, neither do I think heroine or any other drugs can.

Pure beauty! Pure ecstasy! Pure pleasures! Was all I was feeling. Like I was floating away in a cloud…

No! I abruptly stopped and withdrew my rod cos I had to save my mind from drifting away.

Yetunde’s Well was driving me mad…

I pulled out and was breathing heavily when yetunde started begging
“Oya naw, stag oya naw, don’t leave me like this naw, continue stag please, I will die o”
Lol. Don’t blame her, she must have lost many nuts from the screwing.

She can’t die na. Its the ecstasy of the moment.

I had screwed her silly. We must’ve been bleeping for about 45minutes, I too had lost many nuts in my head as the screwing had loosened them all.

I gently pushed her down and turned her on her side such that she faced the wall, and I positioned her top leg, the left one at angle 90. I slid two fingers in and began to fingerr her, she shut her eyes and when it was really getting into her, she started hitting the wall. My fingers found the area I was looking for. Right under her cameltoe. I caressed it lovingly, giving it some care and attention. Then my shaft lid back in. I hadn’t screwed another two minutes when I felt the walls of her punnie tighten. It was time.

I maintained the tempo and the angle that got her punnie to tighten. Another 30 seconds, they tightened again. This time tighter. Her m0an!ng changed
Short m0ans with heavy breathing, then she did something. She gave her bombom a heavy slap.

Hmmmm…this was a very naughty student teacher being punished. Her bombom were taking lashed from my hard cane. My my rod had started jerking and I knew the white cream was forming and ready to Pour. She slapped her asss again. I got the message, so I helped her.

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As I gave slapped that huge sweet ikebe, her punnie pushed my rod from inside of her as squirts of water Pour splashed out of her.

It splashed everywhere. I had burst-a-nut.

But I could hold all this beautiful experience inside as it had started Approaching…it rushed out! I had Pour. On her laps…. I got up for tissue paper and cleaned it. She didn’t even responde at all.

She didn’t rise from the bed at all. She was exhausted. Sweaty. I was happy I did a good job.

Every guy is looking for a job, but don’t bother on how to do a good job. I looked her eyes closed lying on the bed with no expression across her face. A blank face, as if she had fainted.

I brought her a cup of water and tapped her. For where? I found out she had drifted off into a mild sleep…

bleeping and sweating for close to an hour and thirty minutes is no mean fit. We were both tired.

Good pounding is good. That way sef, you’d loose more calories than hitting gym. I climbed on the bed and la!d beside her. Well, the Pour hadn’t concentrated on any one part of the bed so no need in waking her to turn the bed. The sweat on our bodies was more sef.

I la!d savouring the moment, and didn’t know when I drifted off…

In what looked like thirty minutes or an hour later, I felt something wet on my body. Slowly, I drifted back into consciousness only to find Yetunde wasn’t done with me yet.
Yes, the wetness I felt was from Yetunde’s mouth. She was sU-Cking my dcck. What a way to wake a guy up!
I slowly opened my eyes to the s£nsat!on of a perfect bllow-job. As my rod started rising, my eyes started closing. I was loving this! And damn, she was good. She’d pour some spit on my cap and thoroughly lick it with such care and tenderness. Then she’d lick it all the way down, and then began to sU-Ck it. I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cry. All I was just saying was
“Oh sh*t! Oh! Oh! Ahhhh!”
She sU-Cked me and sU-Cked me. Ahh! Yetunde mi! Yetunde showed me another part of her with this sU-Cking. I was loving this girl. Who said s*x isn’t love must be confused.

She kept sU-Cking me, it got to a point I gripped my bedsheet tight cos it felt like I was going to explode.

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She was good at it. I didn’t feel her teeth on my cuck at all. It felt warm and wet and soft like a womanliness. A lady who knows how to give a good bj is privileged. Because the mouth is a spare womanliness! The mouth and punnie are one of a kind. They are both meant to eat, to receive food. Both have two lips, both get wet and warm, both get whet with appetite, etc.

Anyways, I got a very lovely bj, as it got to a point I was rubbing her head and occasionally sat up and kiss her forehead. Yeah, she deserved to be kissed on the forehead for a good job. When I was about to come I stopped it. I wanted to Bleep again. I did. Just once more. We showered together and I restrained from just tapping that asss. You know, just acting up because I’d love nothing more than having a feel until we were back in the room, she asked
“How do you like my asss, you’ve never commented”
Hmmm… Its true, I hadn’t commented cos most girls with huge batty don’t like people commenting about it, it embarrasses some of them, especially when a stark stranger does so.
I just smiled when she asked if I liked her batty
“I’d like to hear you talk about it.”
“Will it make you Hot again?”
She laughed
“Nutty boy”
Our gist had now gone deeper, now she tells me about her friends and family. Lol.

Good s*x has beenn unlocking many doors since the days of Adam!

She was freer. I guess she felt relaxed and safe with me. A question had been on my mind so I asked it
“Why did you ask what my ex-gf liked about me? You didn’t ask what my current gf likes about me”
“Ehen, tell me a little more about your ex. I want to know less about your current. Some lines shouldn’t cross. The little I know about her the better. Just don’t tell me about her”
Hmmm… I guess she had a point tho.

“Fair enough.”

She had dressed up and was putting her earrings back on when she said she had to go, she had some chores waiting for her at home.
She left.

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