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Must Read: The Cleaning Lady (18+) [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 19


Must Read: The Cleaning Lady (18+) [Completed] - Season 1 Episode 1

They sat in silence as the cab drove them from the restaurant. This wasn’t the way he had expected their first date to go. What happened to her to make her so moody? He kept glancing to her and she never turned to look at him. He tried taking her hand several times but each time she pulled her hand away. The whole thing was getting on his nerves and he decided he was going to get an explanation out of her tonight.

Thirty minutes later, the cab drove up to her friend’s house. He told the cab driver to give him a few minutes as he followed her to the gate.

“Sheila, talk to me. What’s gotten into you?” Kunle demanded.

Sheila stopped but didn’t respond.

“Look at me Sheila. I’m hurting here. What happened to you at that restaurant?”
Sheila sighed and closed her eyes. “God, I really love this guy” she thought, “but I really have to know.” She slowly turned to face him.

“Kunle, please tell me the truth. Do you really love me for me?”
“What do you mean by that? Of course I love you.”
“Are you sure? Do you love me or do you just love me for my body?”
“Baby, where is all of this coming from?”
“I don’t know, I just don’t know. I have a feeling you just want me for my looks and you may just use me and dump me after you satisfy your S#xual lust. At least that was what you said the other day. You wanted to know whether you were able to satisfy a woman.

Now that you know, how am I sure you are not asking me out just to have s*x with me?”
“Shelia, what else do you want me to tell you?

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How else do you want me to show how much I love you?”
“Why did you take me to that very expensive place, just for our first date? Are you just trying to impress me? Is that not what you men do to butter young women up?”
Kunle was beginning to get angry. “Sheila, you mean everything to me. What I have for you comes from deep in here” he pointed at his heart.

“I know it looks like I’m trying to impress you, but I felt that our first date deserves something special. I know the place is a bit intimidating, but nothing is too expensive for my little princess.” He caressed her cheek. “Don’t make it sound like I just want to use you and sleep with you only. You mean much more to me than all that.”
“Then why didn’t you wait?” she blurted out. “Why did you decide to ask me for s*x before we even went out on your first date? You butter me up, whisper in my ears, DAMN IT, YOU s£duceD ME!!!!! Made me fall in love with you, even without asking me out first?”
Kunle had had it. He stepped back in frustration. “Sheila, you know what? Omode nse e!!”
“What the heck do you mean?”
“I said you are acting like a kid. Acting real immature. I understand. You are still young. Maybe when you grow up, you will start acting more like a grownup.”
“Who the hell are you to talk to me like that?!!!” Sheila fired back, her eyes blazing with anger.
“It’s true. If with all I’ve done still cannot convince you about how much I care for you and you keep thinking I’m just using you for your body, then I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry I asked you to do all that on Saturday. I’m really sorry for leading you on. I don’t know what happened to you in that restaurant but whatever it is must have been something serious for you to change your mind like this.

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He paused. “You’re right. I should have waited. I shouldn’t have led you on, but what I have for you is not lust. Try to get that into your head. When you come back to your senses, you know where to find me.”
He turned and went back to the cab. Sheila watched as it drove away, bursting into tears.

Lara smiled as she thought of the next thing she wanted to do. She decided to give him a couple of days and at work on Friday, she planned on her next step.
Kunle was really angry at her, angry at himself.

He had been thinking all week. Why? Why is this always happening to him? He would give his heart to a girl, and all they do is shatter it at his feet. I think I will just take a break from women for now he thought. Give him some time off.

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing. He stared at the screen. It was that number again. Lara? Should he pick up? I don’t have time for this. He let it ring on for a while. The phone went silent and the call came in again. Sighing, he hit the receive button and pressed the phone to his ear.

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“Hello Lara.”
“Hello Kunle. Long time.”
“What do you want?”
“Come on. Is that how to greet someone?”
“Lara look I don’t have time for all this.”
“I just want to apologize to you for the way I treated you the other time.”
“Fine. Apology accepted. Have a nice day.”
“Come on Kunle don’t hang up. I really want to see you, apologize in person.”
“That will not be necessary.”
“Come on Kunle, don’t do this to me” she began to cry. “I…I really know I hurt you so bad, I’ve really missed you. I thought I wanted something else, but I later found out that what I wanted had been in my arms all the time, and I let it go. Please Kunle, I’M SORRY!!!” she bawled.
“Okay Lara. Calm down. I will try and find some time to come see you this weekend.”
“Thank you dear. I promise to make everything up to you. I will not let you go. I love you Kunle.”
“Yeah, yeah, talk to you later.”
“Aren’t you going to say you love me?”
“Lara, I have a bunch of papers to sort out before closing time. We will talk about that when I see you.”
“Okay. I will wait for you all day tomorrow.


Kunle hung up and sighed. What the heck is going on?!!!!
Lara smiled as she ended the call. Next stage of her plan to win her man back just completed.

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