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Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 21


Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)

She sounded angry but didn’t look it. She was calm and stared over my shoulders as she spoke.

“You want to sell me out on a platter of free s’e’x isn’t it”.


“Where is she hiding?” She asked.

“She isn’t hiding, she insisted on seeing you, I had to come out and meet you first and inform you of her intentions before allowing her to see you”. I tried to explain.

“Honestly, I wasn’t going to allow her see you if you didn’t approve of it”.

She looked at me for a long time. It was hard to tell what her emotions were. She looked calm and cool.

“You said you wanted five minutes with me before going back home. Is this why you wanted to see me?”, she asked.
“Not exactly. I wanted to first apologize to you for my stupid actions. I don’t think I can face ibieme nor your parents. You are the only one I can seek atonement with”.

“You don’t have to apologize, your apologies are not going to make any difference, are they?”, she asked.

“Not really, but I will have rest knowing you have forgiven me”.

“Forgive you? If I do forgive you, what of ibi?

Flox? What happens to them?”.

A car honked at us, and I realized we were standing at the entrance of the shopping centre.

We moved.

“Let’s go inside”, I pleaded.

” I prefer we go to the back” she answered and we moved to the back of the centre. It was also used as a parking lot.

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She handed me the bag as she said, “don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against you.

I was hurt not because of your actions with me, but because of the way my parents took it. It really pained them, and flox”.

Who cares about flox!

“Anyway, its all over now. You can have a safe trip tomorrow”.

“Thanks emon”, I said. “But you need to hear what Margaret has to say”.
I was expecting a harsh reaction from why, but she was calm and relaxed.

“Why should I hear anything she has to say?”
“Because she wants to make amends with you emon, she is dying slowly inside, she has been tormenting herself for months now because of her actions. She has admitted her wrong doing, and she wants forgiveness”.

She was silent. So I continued.

“If you could have the heart to come out and meet me even after that incidence, why can’t you just hear her out?”. I asked.

“She told you the story?”, she asked me.

“Yes, all of it. And she’s really sorry about it all”.

“She told you about the video?”.


“Did she also tell you how she went further to sleep with the same boyfriend she asked me to leave?”
Now I’m lost. I tried not to look startled. It was dark already and my face was not totally visible.

– That b.I.t.c”h used me! I will strangle her when I get hold of how. How could she? And here was I trying to play the devil’s advocate –
“I didn’t sleep with essien”.

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It was Margaret’s voice from one of the dark corners. That b’I’ surely knows how to sneak around like a cat.

“Emon, you have to believe me, I never slept with Essien”.

She made an appearance, she was approaching us gradually from behind. Her face was now visible. I could see tears in her eyes. She was walking slowly towards us, as if Emon might be startled and run away.

“Please emon, listen to what I have to say, I never slept with Essien”.

“Liar!”. I was startled at the anger in emon’s voice. The voice was thunderous as it echoed in my ears.

“Fifteen years of friendship and you think I will lie to you with tears in my eyes emon, look into my eyes, and believe me, I never slept with essien”.

I tried looking into her eyes to see if there was something else there emon was supposed to see that will make her believe Margaret, but I saw only tears. More tears than I could stand.

“I didn’t sleep with essien, and never intended for that video incidence to happen. It was all a mistake emmy, it was a mistake”.

Emon was actually listening to this. Its a good sign, at least, Margaret had audience with emon, something she’s never had for months.

Emon started speaking in their native language while Margaret replies. The tone of the conversation was harsh at first, but with time, emon’s tone started getting soft. I stayed and monitored the event just to make sure no one tears another’s throat. In between the native language, I could pick out words and few phrases like: selfish, stranded, love, get lost, sorry, mistake etc. I kept listening hard to know where the conversation is headed to.

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Suddenly, emon broke down and started crying, Margaret moved closer to her, held her in her arms and hugged her.

“Sorry babe, I’m really sorry”. Margaret said as she kissed her lightly on the forehead.

Ahah! So fast!

They held each other for a long time. Then emon broke loose. She looked better now, she was calm and could afford a smile. She looked at me and smiled again, looking down and moving her legs uneasily as if she was shy.

“Its ok babe, we’ll be alright”. Margaret held her hand and kissed her on the lips.

Wow, I need to venture into marriage counseling, I could make money from couples like these.

“Let’s go celebrate”, emon said. I’ve never seen her this free and easygoing.

“I don’t want to miss the Akon show”, I said.

“Akon will come on stage later in the night, after all those backyard musicians are through performing”. Margaret said.

Emon pulled her lightly on the ear and joked about her labeling upcoming artist as backyard musicians. Margaret screamed lightly and slapped her a’r’s.e and ran off. Emon pursued as both giggled away.


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