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Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)… [Completed] – Season 1 Episode 23


Must Read: Diary Of A Sexx Addict (18+)

There was a beehive of activities at the centre. It was crowded with people, eating, drinking, dancing, shopping and lots more. There were agents meeting us at the walkway, trying to briefly advertise their particular stand.

“Hello”, they will beckon at you, “let me take you to a nice place where you can relax. We have ice cream, shawama, assorted drinks, pepersoup and so on”.

we settled at a joint Margaret seem to be familiar with. She made her order and few minutes later, we were served with three big fishes that I swore could swallow a new born comfortably.

The fishes were roasted and still intact. It could measure up to 50 meters long and 12 inches wide. I wondered how big the fish would have been if it was alive. They were served in large tray pans with local source, vegetable salad and roasted ripe plantains. They served us very chilled palm wine to wash it down. The palm wine was chilled to sub zero temperature, sweet, refreshing and fresh. I couldn’t help but request for more of it.

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Emon and Margaret were busy feeding each other with chunks of fish and plantain. They really have a lot of catch up to do, I thought to myself.


After the meal, we headed to a games section and played bowling. It was hard to concentrate with the amount of palm wine I consumed.

We headed back to the stadium for the Akon show.
Emon took us to one of the gates where I suspected she knew someone who could let us in without the stress of queuing and searching.

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It worked. We entered the stadium just in time to watch the salsa dancers from brazil perform.

It was a nice performance, although I wasn’t a salsa fan. I just watched the half Unclad girls in admiration, wondered what those a’r’r’s’es could be like if I f’u’ckked them. I wouldn’t mind keeping my d’ickk inside while she does some salsa hips movement on it.

Some other local artist and comedians performed.

Then the salsa dancers from trinidad and tobago caught my attention. They used sound tracks from some Nigerian songs and did nice salsa dance. The atmosphere was intense as this particular group charged up everywhere with their numerous drums, bands, tambourine and other musical instruments.

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Emon and Margaret were dancing closely with each other. Emon was all smiles and seems to be happy. I love the fact that she was happy.

Then Akon came on stage, it was electrifying!

Crowd cheered and cheered and tried to move towards the front stage. The security guys were having a hard time trying to control the crowd.

Whistles where blown, claps and screams!

Those hanging outside the stadium where trooping en masse to watch the live performance.

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